Captain Haddock

How Haddock are you?

I spent the better part of this morning creating this quiz. Start the New Year taking a quiz over your knowledge of Haddock’s insults. For those of you who wanted more insults in the movie, here are some you probably don’t even remember were in the books. Have fun and please don’t use Wikipedia until after you’ve finished the quiz.

Captain Haddock’s Insults Quiz

I’d love to see how well you did, leave a comment and let me know if it isn’t too embarassing.


  1. Caleb

    Oh man I got 20%, pretty awful. Definitly would make Haddock frown. Oh well at least I didn’t use Wikipedia and have Haddock call me a miserable molecule of mildew.

  2. Tintinrulz

    I love Captain Haddock’s creative swearing but it doesn’t mean I know the definitions of the words he uses! I got 40%. 🙁

  3. Trix

    40% Haddock. Must’ve got something right. I was just guessing all the answers! Some of the words he say always seem so ridiculous, you just think he made them up, and that they would have no definition! Good idea, Stephen!

    Oh yeah, I didn’t use Wikipedia!

  4. Tintinrulz

    I didn’t use Wikipedia either, although like most multiple choice tests, some of the other options were a little silly. 🙂

  5. 0%. I’m ruined! How unlucky do you have to be not to stumble on one right answer?
    I do understand the insults in Icelandic but boy, those English ones!

  6. I got 20. I made him frown. I guessed it all though, but one. I got Blackgaurd right, no idea where I heard that one before. In a book I read or something. I honestly thought he was just making all those words up, very interesting that they actually have meanings.

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