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I just realized…

I was sitting looking at Tintin stuff on the internet and suddenly realized that the fat lady in the phone booth that takes shelter from the rain never made it in the movie! I guess she wasn’t really needed if she wasn’t missed until now, and I’m not sure were it would have fit in since Tintin never needs to ”call the captain”, but I still kind of hope that it’s a deleted scene somewhere on the DVD. If not, I would really appreciate it Jackson and Horowitz if you would please include that section somewhere in Tintin 2…
I wonder if the scene was deliberately cut out because there is really only a couple females in the whole movie with a name, and while that is completely true to Herge’s works it still might have bothered some people for the only other girl in the whole movie that Tintin talks to after Mrs Finch to be a stereotypical fat lady with her dog ”Fifi”.
Anyway, I guarantee I will laugh hard if it makes it into the next script…


  1. Trix

    Yeah, I always liked that part from the book. Maybe they’ll do it in the next movie, because Tintin will be able to call the Captain….

  2. tintinophile691

    I personally liked the part in “The Crab with the Golden Claws” when the Captain’s bottles got shot by the Berbers. He then loses his temper and starts shouting his trademark insults while swinging the gun around and running towards them.

    Too bad that part never made it into the film…

  3. Mike Dutton

    Actually, I think she’s still there, albeit in a different role.

    Remember the old woman who Silk accidentally bumps into whilst trying to escape the Thompsons later in the film? If my memory serves me right, she looked just like the phonebooth lady…

  4. Mike Dutton

    On another note, I beat Tintin for the wii last night. It was a lot of fun, and its gameplay style reminded me a lot of the original Prince of Persia, which was pretty cool.

    One of the most interesting notes of the game is how it differs greatly from both the books, and the film, so anybody who plays the game before seeing the film will get their own story, and will not get any real spoilers.

    The most striking change is that Sakharine is not in the game at all, not even mentioned in dialogue. Allan is the main villain, after the treasure himself, which I actually think works better. The Bird Brothers are in the game, but they’re not his sidekicks, and are battling against Allan. So there is more than one party after the treasure. Ben Sallaad is after the treasure too, rather than the role he has in the film.

    The golden Crab appears in the games too, as a treasure, hidden throughout many of the stages in different quantities. Collecting them all unlocks special images in the bonus menu in the game. I still have yet to unlock them all myself!

    The ending is the most different too. Rather than discovering where the treasures are straight away, Tintin and Haddock take themselves to a special island that Sir Francis resided in. This isn’t a tropical island in Barbados either; in fact, it has a striking resemblance to Craig Dhui from The Black Island, so we’re getting yet another nod to a different book. Sadly, now that I’ve seen them do this, I really wish this plot twist had made its way into the movie. But hey, you can’t win ’em all.

    The chase through Marlinspike at the end is interesting too. You have to battle both Allan and the Bird Brothers, who have chased you to the treasure’s location. The Thompsons only appear at the very end, to arrest them.

    The game was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed playing it. For me, the opportunity to play a good video game starring Tintin, has been a dream come true, because of how annoying nearly all the past efforts have been, with the Tibet and Prisoner games being too hard, and the Playstation game too easy.

    I have no idea what their plans are for the second movie, but whatever they are, I certainly hope the next movie video game adaptation is just as thrilling.

  5. Stephen

    I still need to play it myself. Almost all the reviews online I’ve read’s biggest problem with the game was that it was too easy. But I don’t think that’ll be too much of an issue for me because I’m not that great at platform games to begin with 😀 Does anybody happen to own the game for the 3DS as well as wii/xbox/ps3/pc? Could you tell me if the story or levels themselves are any different or just the same game in 3D on a portable screen? Is it worth it? I doubt it’s in there, but it would be really cool to see mini clips from the film as unlockable bonus content in 3D. I don’t even know if the 3Ds are remotely compatible, but it would be pretty cool.
    As far as the phonebooth lady, I didn’t pay close enough attention 🙂 That’s EXACTLY why I need to see this on DVD. I’m glad the release is only 3 months away :-).

  6. Stephen

    @Tintinophile691: I agree, I miss that part of the story too. That was my favorite part of the crab with the golden claws 🙂 revenge…Revenge!…REVENGE!!!!!!
    Those that have complained the captain didn’t have enough insults in the movie have a valid point, I think. Hopefully next movie there will be more scenes with him angry. It would be funny to see him try to pull off the ”rich chateau owner” ‘s life, but eventually loses his temper and reveals the real haddock once again. Haddock was still the best character in the movie, in my opinion.

  7. adesh

    @Stephen and @Tintinophile. it was my fav part of crab story too ..!!!. I was really really looking forward to that scene. In fact part of it is on the cover of the book itself. When I had seen the international poster, it showed several camels ..sort of a caravan..which made me believe it has to have been shot (since the lt and his aides come to the rescue of tintin and captain) but was cut out to maintain proper momentum. Hopefully its on the dvd.

  8. Stephen

    I’m curious as to how developed any deleted scenes will be…it takes 5 hours to do each frame, so it would be a tremendous waste of time and money to spend hours and days on a scene thats not in the final cut. The only way we’ll see a delelted scene in nearly finished quality is if a scene got cut out after all was finished for one reason or another…I hope so 🙂
    We still have the actual faces of the actors, and at least the basic version of the characters that appears as the shot is being taken in the virtual Tintin world on the computers.

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