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The Adventures of Tintin Movie Review

For those of you who may have found this through google or some other way and are not a regular follower of this site, I can assure you that while you will find many, many reviews of ”The Adventures of Tintin” on the internet, you will find very few written by somebody who has been an avid Tintin fan for years to the extent that he has been following every last piece of information available about the progress of this movie since it was first announced almost five years ago that Spielberg was going to pick up his old project and finally make a Tintin movie. Here you will find two such reviews. One is Chris’ review, the guy who started this blog and wrote everything until his schedule got busy and allowed me to write posts. Shortly after the movie premiered over in Europe he wrote a great review for both the Tintin fan and the man who’s never heard of him until now alike. I recommend you check it out here

The other such review of course is mine. I’m probably the biggest American Tintin fan you’ll ever meet. For those of you clueless people out there, Tintin is a very well known comic the Belgian George Remi (pen name Herge) drew from the late 1920s to the 70s. Tintin is a reporter that always finds himself on incredible adventures with his faithful white fox terrier, Snowy. He’s never been popular in the USA, but just about every other country in the world has heard of him. If you think that’s an exaggeration, check out how well Tintin did in the box offices over seas. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie much more than I’ve ever looked forward to see any other movie in my life. Did it live up to my expectations? In a world where movie tickets are expensive, is it worth your cash? What if you’re not a Tintin fan? Will you enjoy it?

I hate spoilers as much as you do so need not worry about reading any here. First of all, if you are new to Tintin you will not be lost. The movie does a terrific job of introducing the movie’s main characters. If you are a fan, you will recognise all of them as the characters you know, not as some horribly distorted version of them Hollywood threw together. Everybody making this movie went to great lengths to make sure that the original stories and artwork were respected as much as possible. The movie actually combines two Tintin albums, ”The crab with the golden claws” and ”The Secret of the Unicorn (there’s also a little bit of ”Red Rackhams treasure” in there, but not much), but you’d never know they weren’t one fluent storyline if you’ve never read the books because they are so magnificently blended together. As a matter of fact, while there are certain things that surely only a Tintin fan will appreciate when they watch the film, there are some things only somebody who is not at all familiar with the storyline will experience fully. I had very few problems while I was watching the movie, but one of them was really my own fault: I know the story of ”The Secret of the Unicorn” like the back of my hand. As a result I already knew almost everything that Tintin discovers little by little throughout the film. At some points I thought that the mystery side of the movie had been a bit overdramatized and that Tintin was taking just a little too long to put all the pieces together (quite literally), but again, the answer to the mystery is obvious once you already know the secret. But even when I knew what was coming, I still thoroughly enjoyed the film. There are lots of hilarious lines in the film, many straight from the books but most just clever new lines the excellent writers came up with. Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that actors only did the voices in this film: every movement from their bodies and faces has captured by computer, and the animators then did an excellent job of putting ”digital makeup” on. Jamie Bell did a very good job as Tintin. Some people have complained in other reviews that the movie is so action packed there is little time for Tintin’s character to be really developed. But the truth is that we know very little about Tintin, and Jamie Bell did a great job at not answering those questions for us. We don’t know who his boss is or who his parents are. We don’t really care. What we do know is that once he sets his mind to do something, he heroicly keeps going against all odds no matter where in the world danger takes him. And the movie does a wonderful job at taking us on the adventure with him.Pretty much every frame of the movie is a piece of art…You could get a sense of what I’m talking about by checking out some of the movie stills or watching the trailers, but you really won’t understand just how great it looks until you see it in the movies. Especially the city of Brussels and the port in Morocco are bright,colorful and incredibly detailed. As far as the people go, they look wonderful to me. They still look like the cartoon characters from the comics, but when you see each individual hair on their heads and the sand and the sweat on their faces as they trod through the desert, you have to remind yourself it isn’t real and congrutalute Weta for their great job. The movie is in a number of formats, but I recommend you go see it in IMAX 3D like I did (if you can find one that doesn’t have all of it’s showtimes filled up with ”Mission Impossible 4”). Chris didn’t particularly like the 3D, but I’ve always been a big fan of IMAX 3D and really enjoyed certain sections when it looked like the dust Tintin’s flashlight was hitting or the woodchips that were exploding or even Captain Haddock’s nose were really in front of my face. Aside from a few moments when the camera pans so quickly a few things seem out of focus, this is a movie that the 3D really works well in, especially on the enormous screen. However I’d say that if you see it in 2D you shouldn’t feel like you’re missing too much because the 3D is more of a fun added bonus to the movie experience.

This is a movie you can take your kids to (they’ll LOVE Snowy), but it’s not just a movie for kids. I fear that many people will go to action packed Mission Impossible 4 and miss one of the best movies that came out this year. What really made the movie for me was Andy Serkis’ brilliant performance as Captain Haddock. Haddock is absolutely hilarious. When you’re not laughing at what he’s doing, you’re laughing at his lines, and when you’re not laughing at his lines you’re probably laughing at his face. He has a Scottish accent in the film (most of us didn’t see him that way in the books) but I fell in love with this version of Haddock immediately as Serkis brought it to life before my eyes. There were times when shots Haddock and a flashback of Sir Francis alternate with a fluency that could only really be acchieved using motion capture.The Thompsons also have a great part in the film, and the only thing I regret about their parts is that I wish they had appeared more in the movie! ”Tintin 2”, which has been officially confirmed, is said to give them a larger role. Daniel Craig did an awesome job as the villain Sakharine, and it’s funny to recognise James Bond playing a villain’s part. He is not the most evil of villains, but he certainly beats (in my mind anyway) the ”Bird Brothers” that were the somewhat pathetic villains in the original stories. I disliked to some degree how Allan, who was a main villain in ”The crab with the golden claws” became more of a wimpy sidekick to Sakharine, but it did work well in the story.

For Tintin Fans (the only spoilers here will be spoilers to non-Tintin fans)

If you are a Tintin fan worried that they’ve taken the stories and thrown in too many pointless action scenes, don’t worry about it. There were really very few sections that I didn’t instantly recognise from one of the books,even when the trailers sometimes make it seem like there are more, and they were anything but annoying. Actually I was very pleased that finally Tintin was doing something new because much of the fun for me in watching the movie was seeing what fun new things the writers could come up with for Tintin to do without insulting the fans. As I said before, the storyline was very familiar to me, and it was good to see some changes to it to make the movie more exciting. The scene in Bagghar with a brilliant cameo appearance of Castafiore and the chaos that follows is actually one of my favorite parts. If Herge could see it today, I think he’d laugh. And the other new scene at the end,a final clash between Haddock and the villain,is a great way to finish their side of the story. Never once do the new scenes seem to make the characters do something against their personality, and if they slow down the story at all it’s only so you can take a moment to enjoy yourself and laugh at what’s going on.
Tintin DOES use a gun (just like he does in the books) but as far as I could tell he never once killed anybody and hardly if ever wounds somebody. He shoots at motors or ropes to get what he wants or protect himself.
Any Tintin fan would be a fool not to go see this in theaters while they still can! Herge’s artwork is apparent from the first 3 seconds of the movie, and both the style and music of the intro feels like you’re watching the beginning of ”Catch me if you can” with about 14 million tributes to the different Tintin albums thrown in. It’s fun to watch moments throughout the movie that have elements thrown in from different books. There are more easter eggs in this movie that any I’ve ever seen, and if you have a good Tintin fan that can go with you to watch the movie you’ll enjoy yourself that much more, because you’ll both be the only people in the theater that know why you’re laughing at what’s on the screen. I won’t say what it is, but there’s a magnificent tribute to ”Explorers on the moon” that I really enjoyed. I can’t wait to own this movie on blu-ray and watch it with all the pizza and popcorn I couldn’t afford when I watched it in IMAX, this time with the remote control to pause the image and read newspaper clippings, compare character’s faces with the albums or look for more references.


You really have to see this movie. Europe loved it for good reasons. If you don’t know who Tintin is, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you DO know who Tintin is, you would make a grave error to not watch this because you are worried about ”what they’ve done to Tintin”. Don’t worry about it, trust me. No matter who you are, this is a must see. It’s the biggest installment in Tintin’s history since Alpha-Art was published.
If I could make a suggestion for the next film it would only be that the next story not revolve as much around a mystery and more around whether or not Tintin will be able to complete his clearly defined objective at all (i.e save Calculus from the Bordurians…hint hint…) I love that heroic side of Tintin that will do anything to save a friend, and I hope to see that developed more in the next film.

Go out America, and enjoy the film. Spielberg, Jackson, Weta, and the whole massive team in the credits, I applaud your hard work. The wait was worth it.



  1. Trix

    Great review Stephen! I’ve really been looking forward to it, and I am pleased you enjoyed it. Can’t wait for it to come out here.

    In the newspapers today there was, not one, but 2 articles about Tintin, one reviewing the movie, and one aimed more about Herge and the books he wrote. Good review (got 3 stars, which is ok). He (the reviewer) was quite impressed with the movie, with the actors and he was also very impressed with the screenwriters, as he said “for once the screenwriters have added something worthwhile to the original.” He also liked how they did the Motion Capture, I think he thought Spielberg and Jackson did a much better job using it, compared to The Polar Express.

    There was also a Tintin advertisement in there as well (took up a page) which had several 4 star ratings, and one 9.5/10 rating, which is brilliant, and it also means Tintin is definitely going to sell here. I have no doubt about it. I am really looking forward to seeing it! The only thing I am workingout is whether I can go and see it on Boxing Day or not?

  2. Trix

    Just want to say, have a good Christmas everyone, cos I won’t be back til Boxing Day, or after. Actually, it is Christmas Eve evening for me right now. So, have a great Christmas!


  3. Adesn

    Great review Stephen. I absolutely agree with your review.***** *Spoilers ***** I just have 3 negative points against the movie 1. I wish there was some hummable tintin theme like the indy theme. 2. I wish captains curses were made as a way to pack a punch instead of just saying casually. 3. Tintin gets pep talk from Captain. I think they were trying to show more human side of tintin. Apart from that I loved the movie. Saw it twice already.

  4. Great review! I’ve waited for your review for months now *Smirk* I wasn’t disappointed, nor was I in the movie. Best movie I’ve seen, I do believe. And I loved the, “Explorers on the Moon,” reference.
    I agree with you, if you know a Tintin fan, see it with them. My family doesn’t really know of him and I was the only one in the place giggling at the beginning, grinning through the credits, and laughing during Castafoire’s song.
    My one fear…can anyone tell me how well it is doing? I want so much to see it in the Imax but I cannot go till the 7th, any word if it will be in that long or does anyone know how I can check? I’ve seen no other reviews for it but ones done by fans and have heard nothing as to how well it is doing. Any information would be grand.
    But, thanks for the review! SOOO glad you liked it!

  5. Proman

    I don’t think that anything prepared me how stuggering this film ended up being. I genuinly think it’s a masterpiece and I canot wait to see it again.

    Glad you liked it too!

  6. thierry

    To Miss:

    Just saw the movie and loved it. went yesterday and like you i noticed a lot of reference to the other albums.

    Regarding Box Office, Tintin will not be the movie of the year, not even sure it will be very successful in the US. It was a smash hit international but that’s about it.

    Here is the Box Office in the US: Has you can see only $24 Millions in the first 6 days.

    Foreign box office is better: $240 M. Is it going to be enough for studios to produce another one? No idea, let’s hope so. Let’s hope that the US market pick up.


  7. Tintinrulz

    Here’s my movie review:

    Last night I finally saw “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn”. I’ve been waiting many years for this movie. While there were some things I would’ve changed, I really enjoyed it. The movie consisted of most of “The Secret of the Unicorn” album, over half of “The Crab with the Golden Claws” and the tiniest bit of “Red Rackham’s Treasure” (about 25% is original content).

    PROS: It’s Tintin in the flesh! (sort of). Herge! The movie shows the creators had huge love and respect for Herge and Tintin. Opening credits reminiscent of “Catch Me If You Can” credits – brilliant, amazing visuals that really capture Herge’s art style, great acting/voice-acting, attention to detail – lots of easter egg moments for the die-hard Tintin fans. Mostly true to Herge’s characters and the spirit of the adventures. Good script with some clever dialogue. Moments of quality humour, and impressive action. John William’s music.

    CONS: The last act of the movie while exciting and action-packed was a little too-over the top at times and was the weakest part of the script (not bad at all, it just sacrifices story for creative action scenes). John Williams music – it was great but more ‘fun’ than ‘suspenseful’. I prefer much of the music from the early 90’s Ellipse/Nelvana TV series. I would’ve liked to see more of Captain Haddock’s angry and creative swearing. The movie lacks some of the finesse and clever character humour found in Herge’s albums. Some villains were given less screen time.

    Overall, the first 2/3rds or so of the movie are brilliant, the last third is merely very good. Naturally, the movie is best when it doesn’t depart from the original stories. It’s great to finally see a Tintin movie that’s good!
    Highly recommended!


    *Tintin is rated PG for action violence. Suitable for older children.*

  8. Trix

    I have finally seen the movie! Here’s what I think:
    The good;
    I was impressed with the visuals, in general. The motion capture was definitely the best media, and it looked stunning throughout the whole film. There was also so much detail, which I just loved! The music was also really good. Normally I don’t pay attention to the music in many films, but in this one I did. It really stood out, but in a good way.
    All the characters were played well, but Sakharine was definitely the best. He made the ultimate villain. Craig did him so well, and I liked how he had the falcon to do his dirty work for him. It seemed very original, like something Herge would’ve done.
    I enjoyed the fighting, the pirates and the crane. The pirate scenes was so detailed, and so amazing that they made me speechless, and the crane fight is again, so original, and that made a good ending.

    The not-so-good;
    I think that Haddock could’ve done his swearing a bit more. He does it a few times, but when he does, he doesn’t keep going like he does in the books. I found that the humour that was there wasn’t very Herge like, and a bit strange. But when the Captain goes around on the plane propeller- I immediatly thought of the books, how he is always having those ridiculous mishaps!

    The movie is just brilliant. And for another good part, it is an actual really good book to movie translation. Most movies based on books take out the good parts from the books that you really look forward to seeing. I think that whatever they took away from the books in the translation to the big screen, they added something to replace it, that was just as good, or even better than the original. That is what surprised me the most.

    Overall, it was a great movie, wonderful storyline, and a movie that just about any Tintin fan would enjoy.

  9. Caleb

    Just came back from seeing the movie and it blew my mind!!! I went into the theatre with high expectations and I came out even more impressed. It was far more than what I expected it to be and I couldn’t believe how relentless the action was. Some people have complained about the story but I thought the storytelling was well done. I still cannot believe that I have finally seen this film I’ve been waiting so long for and now I have to wait until 2014 or 2015 to see the second.

    By the way here in Toronto the theatre was packed, I wished I had come a little earlier to get a better seat.

  10. Peter (the 2d fan)

    Some things said here are so idiotic that I’d really want to shake the people that said them…
    None of these sequences were original, neither the falcon, nor the ridiculous crane fight. It was as challenging as a video game you can’t lose, and assumed the audience is happy with it. and rightly so, as Trix and Caleb show. Now you even say it’s better than the original (which I have predicted earlier…). It’s not, it’s just affirming your worldviews and satisfying banal hopes for some eye candy. Of course you like that more than being asked to think.
    I guess I’m simply not receptive for that, but calling it better than the albums is completely ignorant and outraging, after everything said earlier.

  11. adesh

    I really really wish the captains curses would leave an impact on the audience as they leave on those who have read the books. I wanted blistering barnacles and thundering typhoons to be on everyone,s mind after they came back from the movie but all in all great experience as I have mentioned above. I can’t wait for the dvd now to enjoy the Easter eggs in detail. I am sure there must be more than we know

  12. thierry

    Let’s hope we get a second movie. Based on this article the cost was $135 Millions. So far the foreign box office is about $240 Millions + $31 Millions in US and Canada.

    Let’s hope the studios will be happy with the results and we get the follow up of this first Tintin.

  13. Tintinrulz

    Thierry, “Tintin” has only screened for a week in the US. There are still some countries to go and Box Office Mojo doesn’t record Asian box office amounts (for some reason).

  14. Peter (the 2d fan)

    You can say what you want and like the movie, but you’re again showing signs of cultural facism. I have the right to say that my opinion is different from yours.

    Not only didn’t I enjoy the movie, I’m more concered about the people who did enjoy it, as I’ve stated several times.

  15. lalunafelis

    NOOOO!! I want those statues!! T_T

    We still have Latin America, so box-office results aren’t final.

    And also: Peter, ad hominem and ad baculum techniques ain’t helping your cause. I’d rather you launch your hate campaign elsewhere, not here.

  16. Tintinrulz

    Peter, you’re concerned that others enjoyed the movie? I’m sorry, but that’s petty behaviour. I don’t like Twilight one bit but I let others enjoy it. Same goes for other things I deem to be rubbish or mediocre. People are allowed to enjoy things of questionable quality (of which, I might add) the new Tintin movie is not one of them.

  17. Mike Dutton


    You disagree? Well, you need to grow up.

    If people want to like the movie, you have no authority to tell them they’re wrong, and I’m sorry, but that’s all you’ve done. You need to grow up and get out more. Being “concerned” by people liking something you don’t is childish behaviour. Get over it.

  18. Peter (the 2d fan)

    er, you’re the one who doesn’t tolerate that people don’t like the movie. I’m simply justifying my views while you keep saying I mustn’t do that and at the same time have nothing to say against that?
    My point of view, simplified again:
    A Tintin movie without the slightest bit of empathy for human diversity and logical reasoning does not succeed in being a good Tintin movie and the only people who like it are the ones that don’t have that empathy either.

  19. Peter (the 2d fan)

    denique non omnes eadem mirantur amantque sed damnant quod non intellegunt.


    (I combined two famous quotes here)

  20. Mike Dutton

    I couldn’t give a rat’s behind whether you liked the film or not, Peter. What I can’t tolerate is people who don’t like it and can’t get over it, and have to insult everyone who did.

    All you’ve been doing for the past week is saying that people who like the film have mental problems, or a child’s mind. Just who are you to tell people what they are and what they’re not for liking something you don’t?

    It’s you who needs to get over yourself, and let people like what they want.

    There are people here who don’t like the movie, sure, but at least they say so and leave it at that, not like you, who has to bully and insult everyone who likes it for having no empathy, or intelligence. This is just an opinion of yours, and no opinion is fact. Oh, and before you repeat yourself, reading this “fact” on someone’s review does not make it a fact. It’s an opinion, and always is an opinion.

    You aren’t Tintin’s owner, you don’t have a right to call people idiots for liking the film, and don’t you dare deny you have, because for the past two weeks, that is all you have done.

    Just shut up and leave people alone to like what they want to like. Think about it for a minute will you? This vast majority of people saying that they had fun and enjoyed themselves with this film? Have you not thought for just one minute that it’s you who’s been missing something? Fine, you didn’t like it, but you have no right to insult everyone who did.

  21. Peter (the 2d fan)

    That’s again all not true, and I think you just reply to something I didn’t write but you like to think I did.

    “I couldn’t give a rat’s behind whether you liked the film or not, Peter. What I can’t tolerate is people who don’t like it and can’t get over it, and have to insult everyone who did.”
    Never did I insult anyone (and I even apologized in case it looked like that). And hey, now you’re openly admitting your intolerance for other people’s opinions. my concept of tolerance includes that you can say everything more than once, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

    “All you’ve been doing for the past week is saying that people who like the film have mental problems, or a child’s mind.”
    proof please, I’m sure I haven’t. I said this movie is made for morons and bemoan the fact that people gladly accept this.

    “There are people here who don’t like the movie, sure, but at least they say so and leave it at that, not like you, who has to bully and insult everyone who likes it for having no empathy, or intelligence. ”

    again, show me where I insulted someone (apart from Spielberg or adesh, which I regard as self defense). I did say that the movie lacks a specific form of empathy which was probably one of the most important aspects in Hergé’s life and work. because of its complete absence in the film, a comment along the lines of “it’s better than the original” is outraging in my opinion (see how I’m justifying everything I say to make it as easy as possible for you to follow?).

    “This is just an opinion of yours, and no opinion is fact.”

    That platitude could be from Spielberg. I’ll repeat myself again, and I guess you didn’t read my take on this last time so I urge you to read it now because I’m not willing to waste my time once more for this:
    You can also say that the moon is made of cheese in your opinion, but you’d still be wrong because there’s scientific evidence that it’s wrong. I criticize the movie because of too many unrealistic action sequences, inexpressive characters or the replacement of Haddock’s sophistication with this typical Hollywood manta (“stay true to yourself”), and no hint at Herge’s own ideology* which contradicts all of it.
    All my criticizement is based on the premise that these things are missing or existent in the movie, which they simply are or aren’t – and everyone can correct me if I’m wrong. These are the facts I base my opinion on, and I seriously don’t know how anyone can possibly get angry over that. I know what an opinion is, but it seems like you don’t. An opinion is not the same as a fact, but should be based on it (by the way, another nice observation by Mr Lezard: in Hergé’s albums, the protagonists are often shown GROUNDED – well, another thing you hopefully have understood now, Mike).

    “You aren’t Tintin’s owner, you don’t have a right to call people idiots for liking the film, and don’t you dare deny you have, because for the past two weeks, that is all you have done.”
    wrong and you know that, see comments above. I’ve written a few long comments on this site, which completely disprove this, even if you find an example where I actually insulted someone.

    “Just shut up and leave people alone to like what they want to like.”

    I can talk and you can talk. You need to tolerate people who don’t like the film. Do you see me telling people they mustn’t go watch? Maybe you got the wrong impression. I just say the film is bad and you probably regret it (moreover, you’ll help Spielberg produce another concoction so you can do something meaningful with the money instead). That’s a huge difference. If you want a society without opposition take a look at North Korea.
    have you never disagreed with the “vast majority”? Who are you to tell people to shut up when they don’t jump on the bandwagon like you do? do we need a few more world wars to prove how ridiculous it is to tolerate nothing aside from the majority’s views (especially when there’s still no argument for them)?
    What you’re doing here IS cultural facism. That’s not an insult, but the appropriate description of what you’re doing here and it’s based on your behaviour, a fact.

    *I just found this (and don’t worry, I didn’t write it)

  22. adesh

    Hey now!! why name drag me?

    Mike, my friend, for every 44 people who didn’t like the movie, there are still 128 who did.
    Out of the 44 too there are more than 50% who had many nice things to say about the movie
    So don’t worry, lets just all talk about the good things and lets all do away with the negativity. It only bothers us.

    Now when are starting to talk on the dvd?

  23. Peter (the 2d fan)

    cheap excuse because you’re too lazy and disrespectful to read, or afraid that your intellect is too low to counterargue (which would be understandable if you ask me). That was again not an insult, but derived from the fact that I took the time to reply and you didn’t but again only expressed your blind despite for my comment. If it’s wrong to take the movie (too?) seriously, what are you doing here the whole time, taking my opinion seriously and being so ultra-intolerant? You should be glad that I’m taking you seriously although you still give me no reason to do so. I’m still waiting for that ultimate counterargument why this was a good movie and all I supposedly did was telling lies and insulting people.
    I didn’t, you know that and can’t admit that anything I said made sense, but you still continue to do what you’re falsely accusing me of.

    (and your last two comments would really make you lose your last bit of accountability in every fair debate).

  24. Caleb

    @ Peter (the 2d fan)

    We know your a troll when you have to repeat why you don’t like the movie in 10 paragraphs. Just forget it. Do you think any of us are going to read your pathetic essays. We, the majority loved the film, you a very small minority hated it. Thats it we already know how you feel about the film.

  25. Peter (the 2d fan)

    Caleb, guess what, if I would have the same opinion as the majority I’d also follow the reasoning of people with another opinion instead of labelling them as trolls before having read what they have to say. That is called respect and tolerance, something you, Mike and adesh apparently aren’t capable of when one talks about the Tintin film like I do.

    And the fact that I’m the minority doesn’t make my points less valid, because all you, the allmighty majority have done, is telling me that I’m wrong because I’m the minority. Your reasoning is absurd, and you’d be less weepy if you had better arguments that wouldn’t make you such easy targets.

    Masses are easy to manipulate.

  26. Tintinrulz

    Yes, the scene where Captain Haddock gives Tintin a pep-talk was a bit odd. Tintin is rarely discouraged in the albums but it was probably an attempt to make Tintin slightly ‘human’. I don’t think the pep-talk was out of character either, if you consider that it sounded like the Captain was encouraging and reminding himself to fight the good fight and he saw something in Tintin of who he once was before he fell to the wiles of drink. Just my two cents.

  27. Trix

    Seriously, you’re starting to sound like a broken record. You keep bringing it up again and again. You hate the movie. But it doesn’t mean you have to bring everyone else who likes it into it. Gees. I thought we made it clear the first time. Obviously not. And if your trying to change our opinions, then good luck. You will definitely need it.

  28. lalunafelis


    FINALLY!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I’ve had enough about Captain Haddock’s pep talk being “OOC”, so “not the books”, so “fake”, “Hollywoodization” and so on. These people were too stuck in the mud about their image of the books that they failed to see what you just pointed out.

  29. Peter (the 2d fan)

    Trix, I wouldn’t need to repeat myself the whole time if you’d ever understand anything I said (and only this, not the fact that I dont like the movie):

    I don’t try to enlighten anyone, just to post my thoughts, and if you’re angry that I post them more than once, you’ll sooner or later have a problem in any other debate you’re part of. Stop getting so emotional about it and find real arguments, not irrational ones.

    And I already said it’s pointless to try to change anyone’s opinion when he lacks that form of empathy/interest and understanding, being so receptive for such self-affirmative messages as Haddock’s. You just aren’t able to counter like a reasonable human being, because you never learned it, because you’re too disrespectful, or because you think you’d “lose”. Need more psycho-analyzing?
    I also made clear I’m not saying you mustn’t go watch the movie.

    You’re the ones who still need to make clear why it’s so horrible to say that the movie is bad, or why my opinion should be censored.

  30. Lilla My

    “You’re the ones who still need to make clear why it’s so horrible to say that the movie is bad, or why my opinion should be censored.”

    We never said that. We think it’s ok to say “the movie is bad” as long as you can say why, which you can. What we DON’T like is when you go on and on and on and ON about it. WE GET IT, move on and stop complain about it everytime!

  31. Peter (the 2d fan)

    you know, I dont like how you go on and on and on about how good the movie is. Do you see me complaining about that?
    That is exactly the point of my previous post, and I AGAIN repeat it because you STILL don’t get it.

    same for all the other absurd posts that reflect this (summarized):

    (“I disagree” – “well, grow up”/ “I’m concerned about people who think they shouldn’t question themselves” – “launch your hate campaign elsewhere” / “You write too much” “Well nobody forces you to read it” “Shut up!” / “I havent read your post but it is so negative and wrong!!”/ “I guess the people Spielberg aimed at are easily satisfied with explosions, car chases and dull gags. He just abused the Tintin name for something completely idiotic.” “Don’t you dare to insult us now!!! The explosions were cool!!!” )

  32. Dentarthurdent

    As a massive Tintin fan who started reading them as a young child, owns all the books, and still reads them fairly regularly at 38 years of age, I have to say I was really disappointed with this film. Although I didn’t re-read ‘The Crab with the Golden Claws’ and ‘The Secret of the Unicorn’ specifically before seeing the film (they are not my favourite Tintin books), during the movie, I felt like maybe a quarter of the scenes were from the books, and the rest was made up by the script writers.

    Whatever you felt about the action scenes (some brilliant ones, but a few too many, most of which weren’t in the books, and some of which were not amazing, in my opinion), the humour (some bits I recognised from Tintin, but much of the rest didn’t seem very Herge-like to me) and anything else in the movie, I’m surprised at such gushing enthusiasm from Tintin fans about a movie in which the storyline was virtually unrecognisable. Many of the main scenes in the movie simply did not occur in the books at all, and the scenes which were in the books inevitably led somewhere quite different in the movie from where they did in the books.

    To me, it’s a real shame, the characters, subtle humour and irony, and overarching feel of the books were lost in a movie which focussed too much on action sequences, machine gun firing, and slapstick humour (and yes, I love the slapstick in the books, but it is part of a larger, more subtle humour not present in the film). I was really looking forward to the movie, especially after reading such good reviews, and maybe this was an ok standalone movie, but to me, it was nothing like a Tintin book, and I find that a shame. Doubt I will go and see any more, I will just continue to love reading the books, and try to push this one out of my mind.

  33. stephen Author

    I think the characters were portrayed very well, and while they may not have acted completely in character with how Herge would have made them act in the same situations, they were very close and at no point did I feel the Tintin name was abused. That’s my position. The um…”argument” going on here isn’t really getting anywhere except making people on both sides angry, which is not my intention in helping run this blog at all. If you liked the movie, I’m very happy for you. If it didn’t live up to your expectations, I’m sorry, have a happy new year anyway. If you get violent impulses while reading the comments people write, I’m sure there are less infuriating sites on the internet to read. If you love Tintin and love to peacefully talk about Tintin related issues going on with other fans, feel free to follow this site. I appreciate your comments and now even more so since the Tintin Movie has little more to offer to ”Google News”. The site is first and foremost dedicated to tintinology though, not just the movie. That just happens to be whats been the big deal the past years. Between now and Tintin 2 there will be plenty more going on in the world with Tintin, and if any of you hear anything interesting going on right now, or some interesting info on Herge or Tintin most of us dont know, or have some piece of Tintin fan art you think is decent enough to be posted, let me know.

  34. lalunafelis

    Stephen, it’s only this one person who’s on the negative side who’s deliberately causing animosity among those on the positive side. He’s causing all this negativity simply because he’s upset that we don’t think the same way that he does. You really can’t blame us if we get upset likewise.

    And also, I’m a fan artist, and I’ve done Tintin fan arts recently. However, I don’t think it’s to the tastes of some Tintin fans here, since I draw in anime/manga style. I draw Tintin in this style simply because I respect Herge’s art that much that aping his style won’t do the work justice.

  35. Peter (the 2d fan)

    “He’s causing all this negativity simply because he’s upset that we don’t think the same way that he does”

    Look, you’re again saying something that’s completely wrong and had you ever taken the time to read my posts I don’t see how you couldn’t understand that. It’s perfectly OK to like the movie, and it’s also OK not to like it.
    What annoys me, perhaps more than you, is that you think my intention was causing negativity or that I can’t stand people with a different opinion. All my previous comments show that this is just plain wrong.
    I can blame you for being intolerant towards any criticism of the film.

    I want a healthy debate. As Stephen said, this is a Tintinology site.

    (Don’t get me started on mangas, which I don’t regard as art. Color by numbers is rather difficult compared to that. Not that anyone of you gives a damn, but if you’re halfway talened and you spend some time to ‘ape Hergé’, you learn how to draw.)

  36. Lilla My

    Real manga is pretty hard to draw, since you have to know exact what you’re doing, but the ground for manga is easy. But so is pretty much every style of art. But I wont talk about art here, since it isn’t a art-blog 🙂

  37. Tintinrulz

    Dentarthurdent, about 2/3rds of the movie relate to the books but the story arc is quite different. So there’s more of the books in there than you think. It’s just that the last third of the movie is made up of mostly their own material.

  38. lalunafelis

    Bringing down an art style and badmouthing people who draw in them does even worse for you and your cause, Peter. As if you actually knew what you’re talking about.

    Lillia, it’s true that the ground for manga is easy, but actually pulling it off is another. That is a cause of a major disappointment for a lot of “hopefuls” who got disappointed that it isn’t easy as they thought. I actually worked long enough in both comics and animation to know about this. But I draw in my style because I love drawing in it, not because I want to become “famous” or anything.

    But enough about me. I really think the movie is a nice compromise of both original and book material. Besides, I’m sure that the fans would prefer something from the books rather than completely original material. That would make the movie a glorified movie fan-fiction, which this movie is definitely not.

  39. Dentarthurdent

    Thanks Tintinrulz, I went to have a look before posting and couldn’t find my copy of ‘Secret of the Unicorn’, not sure if I lent it to someone or what.. anyway.. Just in regards to above comments, hope I didn’t come across as angry at anyone for having a different viewpoint, I’m only disappointed for myself. I felt the same way about the Hitch-hikers Guide movie, again, huge fan of the book, really disappointed with the movie, although a lot of other fans loved it, maybe I’m just too fussy, lol

    I survived this many years with only the books, so sure I’ll be fine. 😀

  40. Tintinrulz

    Dentarthurdent, no worries, mate! It’s good to see that some people here who didn’t enjoy the movie (like you) can still discuss it maturely. I appreciate that. 🙂

  41. Peter (the 2d fan)

    My earlier comments got deleted for some reason ( I suppose 3 is too many? well, sorry but I didn’t spam intentionally. Last time I wrote 3 in a row they didn’t get removed though. And of course, none of all this was offensive).

    When I say that I don’t regard manga/anime as an artform, I don’t badmouth it or people who draw like that. You can be an artist and draw mangas, but you aren’t an artist because you draw mangas or know how to draw one. I disagree with the people who think that everyone is an artist, simply because only few people actually have a profound concept, an innovative technique and real talent at the same time. Manga is a technique, and I dare say, not a very innovative one. You know, that’s a cultural misconception just like German Nazi “art” or Soviet Russia’s “art” isn’t seen as art anymore because its only intention was to support an ideology while all works follow the same rules. I’m not saying that Mangas have some evil background ideology similar to the Nazis/Communists, but the only thing that makes people label different Japanese drawings as “manga” is their iconography, not the actual quality of the drawing (or the ideology, by the way.) There are pedophile mangas, nazi mangas and whatnot, but the sheer ability to follow some rules doesn’t make the people who draw them serious artists, just like a robot who can draw a perfect human face isn’t an artist, or a videocamera isn’t an artist.
    That’s like telling an agnostic he’s insulting God (well, I’m Catholic).

    You can draw as many mangas as you want though.

    Turns out I know what I’m talking about, since I happen to be an illustrator.

  42. Lilla My

    … And you suddenly had to write so much about that because…?
    As i said; I wont discuss it here, it’s not the right place.

    And for your information; I also work with art and study art.

  43. Peter (the 2d fan)

    It’s ironic that I justify my motives and the fact that I give a lengthy explanation at all whereas you didn’t even get the context, question the necessity of my comment, thinking it refers to yourself and complain about the length.
    You’re not forced to read. You, as a student, should know that.

  44. Lilla My

    I don’t read either, not anymore because you just keep repeating yourself, so I see no meaning in reading. But thanks anyway for pointing out the obvious 🙂

  45. LSLE

    I loved this movie! I laughed and cheered all the way through it. It’s been a long time since I was so happy and excited while watching a film. While Tintin and the captain were on the capsized boat (before the plane starts shooting at them) I saw ET in the clouds (on the left side of the movie screen). My husband thought it looked more like a skull, but it was definitely ET! Did anyone else see it?

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