Jamie Bell, Tintin Movie Trailers

I’ve got my ticket!

I almost lived out one of my worst nightmares…I looked online to find The Adventures of Tintin:The Imax Experience 3D and almost every theatre in my state wasn’t showing it. The few IMAX theatres that were showing anything are playing Mission Impossible 4…But at the last moment I found a place 30 minutes away that’s showing it on Thursday. I am SO excited. I’ve been waiting so terribly long, just like the rest of you. Honestly, it’s been a lot of fun to have something worth looking forward to. I would say I can’t wait to see the movie but…I can wait a little more.
I’m debating about whether or not to buy popcorn. Sure, I’ve waited years and years for this, but is any popcorn, no matter how good, worth ten bucks??? Wow…
By the way, here’s an awesome new TV spot. My favorite part is the beginning. Honestly, I never liked it much when Tintin said ”Great Snakes!”…but I absolutely love how Jamie Bell pulled it off.


  1. Epp!!! Our Imax better show it! Epp! I have to go look now. Epp! I want my ticket 8-D Oh, it must be grand to have a ticket! And see it at the Imax so soon. If ours is showing I won’t get to see it there for about two or three weeks.
    Agreed, Jamie Bell does the “Great Snakes!” thing well. And now I shall go off and hunt the previews and interviews, and beg someone to take me opening night.

  2. Tintin fan

    Producer Kathleen Kennedy Says ‘The Calculus Affair’ Eyed For ‘Tintin’ Sequel; ‘Prisoners Of The Sun’ Won’t Be Used For Third Movie

    “‘Prisoners of the Sun’ was a very, very early discussion, and it isn’t under discussion anymore,” she said. “We’ve still got Anthony Horowitz working on the second movie, and we don’t know what we’re doing with the third movie yet.”

    “We knew that we needed to introduce Tintin, we needed to introduce the relationship with Haddock, we knew [the dog] Snowy was going to be in it,” Kennedy said, “so now what we’re thinking [for the second film] is what new characters do we want to introduce? Well, we’ll probably introduce Calculus and bring him into the fold.”

    “We haven’t decided yet,” Kennedy cautioned about the story, “but that’s the direction we’re headed.”


  3. Archibald

    Hey Miss Jack Lewis Baillot !

    I couldn’t post on your blog, so I’m doing it here ! Hope you don’t mind 🙂

    The Thompsons do appear in “Tintin in the Congo”. Well, in the colored version they do. Not in the black and white version. They’re in the first page, first panel. One of them says something along the lines of “I’ve heard it’s a young reporter who leaves for Africa.”

    About Allan in “Cigars of the Pharaoh” now. Again, that’s a black and white / colored version thing. In the black and white story, there’s no Allan. It’s a random captain. But twenty years later, for the colored version, all the album was redrawn. That’s when Hergé chose to put Allan (and Tom, also seen in “The Crab with the Golden Claws”) in the book.
    And THAT also explains the Destination Moon book in the hands of the Sheik. Originally, it was “Tintin in America”.

    The Rastapopoulos affair : I don’t think he appears in “Tintin in America”. Some people do. He has the cigar and everything. But I doubt it. There is, in fact, no proof that it’s really him.
    Which leads me to bad translations from the original French : Tintin doesn’t say “And it’s not the first time we’ve met.” He says : “Ce n’est pas le premier venu.” Which really means “He’s not just anybody”.
    That’s also probably what happens in “The Seven Crystal Balls.” Tintin doesn’t say “You remember my friend Captain Haddock?”, he only says “My friend, Captain Haddock.”

    So there you go. I hope that explained strange things for you. And I hope you like the movie when you see it 🙂

  4. @Archibald. All I can say is, Americans are missing out more then I thought. That basically clears up everything. I had NO idea he had redone the albums. Though, I don’t really know a whole lot about the books, I’ve only just discovered them two or three years ago, sadly. But that is all very very interesting. Thanks for the comment 8-D
    And yes, very much looking forward to the movie. From what I heard it sounds like it is showing at midnight, is anyone going to a midnight showing? Or have I just heard wrong and there isn’t one?

  5. thierry

    In Portland, Oregon it shows at 12;05AM on some theaters. I’m going next Monday with my kids and 2 other couples. We are planning to see it in 3D.

    Very looking forward to it.

  6. Trix

    Well? Has anyone from the USA seen it yet? Can’t wait for the review/s. I am going to see if they have times for the Tintin movie now, for when it’s released next Monday.

  7. Trix

    I just went and looked at the times…what surprised me was that there were more sessions in 3D than the normal session. Is it the same anywhere else?

  8. adesh

    Trix – I am from USA and I did see the movie today and let me tell you Peter the 2 grade fan is indeed a troll. I had so much fun that it brought out the 10 year old child in me and yes it is not a literal page to screen translation but that is what the magic of it is about. If you ask one word to describe it – fun..nothing more nothing less ..pure tintin fun.
    Don’t go expecting anything and you will truly have a great time, I guarantee it.

  9. Proman

    Like many of you I have been following/contributing links to this site for a very long time. Today I have finally seen the film and here are my brief thoughts as I will return the movie later. (I will leave the fanboyishness and the spoilers out):

    Tintin isn’t merely a masterpiece, it is among the absolute best directed/executed films I have ever seen. I am not exaggerating. There is more detail, confidence and creativity in virtually any 30 second stretch of this film than in entire action franchises.

    I am not just talking about the setpieces, which are stunning, but about the montage/timing. Tintin is fucking sharp.

    It’s like Spielberg was saving ideas for action scenes for decades and is finally able to work with the techology that allows him uncompromised freedom (to seemingly wipe the floor with all the other so-called action directors). It is stunning to behold.

    I spend the first half grinning and the second part with my jaw literally dropped. How many things this film tries and even risks and how often it hits the bullseye. There is so many things that could have gone wrong here but it’s never less than inventive and damn classy. It is also seriously funny and breathtaking. I could go on and on.

    Ask yourself this question: when was the last time a movie dog had this much justifiable presence in a movie? Especially as a supposed sidekick/comic relief. There isn’t a scene in a movie where Snowy’s presence is wasted or not used to the max.

    If you like your movies dull and your 3D flying at you you will be dissapointed. Otherwise, anything negative you read in the press is written by the people who are scared by this film (as I imagine many would be).

    Avatar may have provided the tools but it did not create a template for the technology. In retrospect, it is amazing how much ground was still left uncovered. It may not make as much noise or nerarly as much money right now but Tintin is by far the bigger game changer. It doesn’t merely showcase what the technology can do but it also has the best digitial visual effects work in movie history. And it sounds amazing.

    Trailers do not do it justice, which, strangely makes the film very hard to spoil. All the more shameful that it is so hard to find in IMAX.

    I swear I can build an argument that Tintin is the best directed movie ever. How’s that for an endorsement?

  10. Trix

    Miss Jack, that review is excellent! I am really looking forward to it. What’s the bet I’ll spend half of the time just laughing through it?!

  11. Tintinrulz

    Archibald, that’s not a case of poor English translations but the fact that some earlier Tintin adventures were translated much later on and so English readers already knew of some of the characters and the translations acknowledged this. Chronologically it’s a bit odd but given that context it makes more sense.

  12. Peter

    oh, adesh are you obsessed with me again? I dont know why you said in your earlier post that I’d criticize the movie on “every forum” but i only commented here. if you don’t have any expectations for the movie because mentally you’re indeed a 10 year old, illiterate child or you never understood the rather deep aspects of the albums (which don’t even require you to be adult, actually), then it is fully understandable that you can’t stand any counter-arguments.

  13. adesh

    lol..looks like someone is going to be a cry baby again..instead of posting links from here and there..which of course anyone can do as a counter argument , please present your arguments on why everything was wrong with this picture.
    I have read all the articles before you linked them here and i do not want to read them as your argument because for every negative article i can post 4 positive ones..i want your opinion of why the movie is bad..I have seen it and I am with 75% here who like or rather love it..and yes i am a 10 yr old when i am enjoying tintin and if you cannot understand it, then who’s being naive?

  14. Peter

    oh, I’m not going to bore everyone once more and copy and paste it here, but I’ve expressed my opinion in about 10 long comments or more here:


    I’m really curious now what positive things you can say to give a proper answer to something you didn’t even read. All the positive reviews were written by people who liked the graphics, effects, the explosions or the gags. That’s like, you know, saying you like Goethe’s Werther solely because of the love story (and indeed, many people do that). Just because 75% of people share an opinion (according to the press, which is sometimes sponsored by the movie industry – but I don’t believe in big conspiracies) doesn’t mean they’re right – typical example: World War II. Nobody of my friends who watched it, liked it.

    Also, you again seem to misunderstand my intention. I’m worried about kids like you, who think Spielberg’s Tintin is the same as Hergé’s and don’t see the (dangerous) “ideologic” difference (while Spielberg forces his own worldview on Tintin and the viewers, Hergé wanted readers to think for themselves , by making it look as if Tintin could do the same). I’ve already replied to your earlier comment that attacked me because I was supposedly against it because it was 3d. I’m not. I’m already happy the movie wasn’t done in some ridiculous manga style – but unfortunately, the dialogues and the script aren’t much better

    Also, get it, you’re the crybaby who gets super-emotional as soon as someone chips away at Spielberg’s image. Nowhere have I said anything unrational, unlike you. and until you’re unable to do the same, I’m simply not going to reply and waste my time with you.

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