Tintin Movie News

Tintin continues to triumph in cinemas.

Tintin has recently expanded to the rest of Europe and the Middle East, and has once again been received with open arms. According to ”Box Office Mojo”, Tintin has brought in an extra 40.8 million dollars between the 45 territories, which added to what the movie had already received comes to about 125.3 million dollars over the past 2 weeks! After years and years of work, the results are literally paying off:

(…the movie opened to a…) solid second place start in Russia ($5.9 million). However, its top market was once again France, where it plummeted 64 percent to $7.8 million after its enormous opening last weekend. It held extremely well in Spain (easing 12 percent to $6.15 million), and it also added $3.6 million in Germany and $3.3 million in the United Kingdom. Finally, the movie was up 25 percent to $2.5 million in author Herge’s native Belgium. Next weekend, Tintin is set to expand in to a handful of smaller Asian markets like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

We have no reason to think the movie won’t continue to do well in the remaining countries. Today Europe, tomorrow the world! And finally, the USA in December…grumble grumble grumble….

Source: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/news/?id=3303&p=.htm


  1. Trix

    Consider yourself lucky if you live in the USA waiting for the movie. In Australia, we have to wait till Boxing Day! Talk about a bad release date…

  2. Tintinrulz

    Too right, Trix and Emily. I’m an Aussie too. There’s no need for such delays. Tintin is well-known here, definitely more so than in the United States. The wait is killing me.

  3. Trix

    Tintinrulz and Emily, I am definitely with you. And the books are a lot more popular here. They used to not cost much, but now they cost quite a bit. So they are very popular.

  4. Emily

    I can always be sure to find at least one Tintin book in any library down within our cold little state (I’m sure you know which one!) so I assume that many other children have grown up with the stories like myself and my brothers. It is definitely more widely known here than in the USA. Also, we are right next door to Jackson’s homeland. How could he allow us and NZ to be among the last to see his movie?

  5. Dave

    I’m an Aussie too and can’t wait. The funny thing is that the (stupid) movie industry wonders why people download movies and TV series here. With really late movie release dates and only a few TV channels that play the same thing over and over, Australia is a bit of a joke. I’m holding off on this movie though as it HAS to be seen on the big screen. Bring it on!

  6. Trix

    They also didn’t bring our release date forward. It’s been the 26th since the first release dates were out! And the Tintin books are way more popular here.

  7. lalunafelis

    FINALLY saw the standees and posters in our malls here in the Philippines (most of the cineplexes here are in malls). About time, since it’s slated for Nov. 30 here.

  8. Trix

    @ Caleb,

    That site is soooo cool! And the intro is so amazing! I can see somthing like that in 3D….. quite a good site. Very interesting.

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