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Beautiful New Tintin Poster

I think Tintin looks best in this one out of all his appreances in a poster so far. It’s so fun to look at! The contrast between the desert and the water has never worked better,either. Heads will turn when they see this poster…



  1. Pe-ads


    I may have to set it as my desktop wallpaper…

    By the way, I keep on seeing posters for Tintin on the sides of buses here in the UK, but they always whizz before I can get a picture of them. When one of them stops I’ll be sure to try and snap one on my phone and email it to you 🙂 It’s basically the one with Haddock and Tintin on the bike with the globe in the background.

  2. Aw, so, so so so so so nice! My favorite one so far. If I could put backgrounds on my laptop it would go there.

    Oh, tragic! We don’t have pictures of the movie on buses in the US…*Sigh* All the more reason for me to move to the UK. *Smirk*

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