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New trailer!!!

Trailers and TV spots are coming out almost daily! In fact, they ARE coming out daily! I can hardly keep up with them. Oh, it feels so great to see these guys after years of waiting for this!

And the best thing is, this trailer’s in English.

The trailer is essentially a translation of the Spanish trailer that came out a few days ago, but with a bit more footage only seen in this trailer so far. We finally get to see Sir Francis Haddock!

Apparently I’ve taken too many screenshots lately because my computer is literally telling me I don’t have permission to store any more…I’ll fix that soon. Anyway, some new French TV spots have come out I’ll post about soon as well. Once the advertisements die down, I’ll make a collection of the best select screenshots.

Video: MSN Exclusive: The Adventures of Tintin – trailer

The trailer gives a bit more information on the treasure they will be looking for: people have been searching for hundreds of years for this, and it could change history. We are definitely not talking about a dinky box of jewels. This could even be something supernatural, (one of the trakcs in the soundtrack is called ”Red Rackham’s curse”). I expect many purists won’t like this much. I think most of us like to think of the Tintin adventures as adventures that really COULD have happened (indeed, for some of us, it’s almost as if they DID happen with us) and for that reason flight 714 threw me off a bit when I first read it. And it makes the film feel even more like an Indiana Jones film. I am not really against it, but a lot of it depends on what the treasure is. I’m all for adding more power and value to the treasure…but if it comes to making Sakharine want try to ”rule the world”, we might be pushing the limits just a bit. In any case, even in the book, the story was never about the treasure itself, but more about the adventure of getting it. That’s what we really want to see.

By the way, I think since we see the ship sink and there are,after all, coordinates on the clues, it’s very possible that there might be, however brief, an actual voyage to find the lost ship. When Tintin says ”If we don’t find that ship before Sakharine, it’s all over!” he’s PROBABLY referring to a model, but he could be talking about the real thing…
Or maybe they’ll realize where the treasure is before they set out. We’ll see…

EXCELLENT find, lalunafelis!


  1. Proman

    I don’t know if you guys saw this message so I’ll repost it here:

    Tintin will play in the Rome Filme Festival!

    “The trailer for Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson’s 3-D The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn (Paramount, December 21, 2011) will go out on Friday, attached to Disney/DreamWorks’ Real Steel. The performance capture film will play The Rome International Film Festival with Jamie Bell on hand on October 27; Sony will open The Adventures of Tintin in many European countries, where Herge’s comic books are better known than they are stateside, on October 26 (Italy is October 28). The film will screen in the Official Selection (out of competition) and in the Alice section of the festival. ”


    More links:


    And the Official Site of the Festival:


  2. Jonny P

    Still in two minds about whether I’ll watch this to be honest. Very difficult to judge from the trailers which are obviously going to focus on the action sequences. The danger is that Spielberg has made a fifth instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise albeit featuring Tintin (or a character who looks like him).

    If this is simply a multi-million $ attempt to sell Tintin to the US market at the expense of the integrity of the books, then I’ll stay well away. But jury out for moment.

  3. brou

    The french website allocine ( http://www.allocine.fr/film/fichefilm_gen_cfilm=49757.html ), which takes its information from the distributors confirms a running time of 1h47min and has an official synopsis (here’s my translation) :
    “Because he buys the model of a boat named the Unicorn, Tintin, a young reporter, becomes involved in a fantastic adventure, searching for a fabulous secret. By investigating on a several-centuries-old enigma, he goes against the plans of the devilish Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine who is convinced that Tintin stole a treasure connected to a pirate named Red Rackham. With the help of his faithful little white dog Snowy, of captain Haddock, a bad tempered old seadog, and Dupond and Dupont, two clumsy policemen, Tintin will travel half-way around the globe and try to be faster and more clever than his enemies on a quest for a sunken ship that might be the key to an enormous fortune… and to a great curse. From the high sea to Africa’s deserts, Tintin and his friends will face many obstacles, risk their lives and prove that when you are ready to take every risk, nothing can stop you.”

  4. lalunafelis

    The problem with purism is that the end result of it is in the eyes of the purist, NO adaptation will ever do the source material justice. I NEVER take a purist stance, because that will only set me up for disappointment. Things will be added and taken away and that’s unavoidable.

    And it simply bugs me to no end that purists accuse Spielberg of “destroying” Tintin or turn him into an Indiana Jones clone just to appeal to Americans and/or to leech money off it. The first just smacks of elitism, the second plain cynical.

  5. Proman

    Johnny, I think it’s fair to say that if Spielberg/Jackson really wanted to generate money of a character, he could have picked an easier one to adapt or done a superhero film instead. Heck, they could have picked a much lazier way to do the film in the first place and not, you know, spend nearly 6 years on the project.

  6. Trix


    It’s Tintin. I mean there are going to be changes and happens with just about every book they put on the big screen! Watch it, cause it is Tintin and you’re a fan, right?

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