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New German TV Spot

I said I would do a screenshot post of the Spanish trailer, and I will, but my internet hasn´t worked all day until now. 3 weeks before the movie’s premiere is NOT a good time for my internet to die. But it works now! And there is yet another TV spot in German to watch! I love the German translations for ”Tintin and Snowy”

Honestly, I have NO idea what is up with the cows. I guess that will just be a mystery we´ll find out about when we see the movie! Not much else is new in this TV spot. However, I did notice that right as they pause Snowy´s name it looks like there are a bunch of yellow tins of crab from the crab with the golden claws! We also know from the videogame trailer that the crab symbol shows up on the back of the motorcycle with the sidecar. We don´t know how that will tie in with the story, but Omar Ben Salaad is probably still up to no good with those tins, however they´ve adapted the story.

Good find, Britto!


  1. Emily

    I actually read a report about a guy who went to New Zealand and viewed some snippets from the film. He wrote some details about the plane scene and Snowy’s chase scene, so I totally know what’s with the cows.

    Don’t know if I should spoil it, though. I’ll try and find the article.

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