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John Williams Soundtrack previews!

Just today I told somebody how I was torn…when the soundtrack comes out, will I listen to it before I see the movie or wait until I see it with the film? I didn’t want to know what was coming ahead of time too well or hear things out of context, but on the other hand I was dying to hear SOMETHING from the soundtrack! This provided a great balance between the two. Even if you are weary of spoilers, I recommend you check out this site with very short previews or each track. Check it out here

If you are worried about even reading the track list, I´ll give you a spoiler free summary of the soundtrack: if you are familiar with John Williams and his music you will instantly recognize his style here. All of his stuff has a certain sound to it uniquely Williams. At times listening to the previews it really sounded like Indiana Jones. At other times it sounded a little more fun than that. My friend, familiar with the extremely repetitive and (at least in our opinion) kind of annoying music from the TV series, said ”up until now, Tintin has never had epic music”. This music truly does match Tintin. The music in the trailers, while pretty cool, doesn’t do justice to the style of the movie. I think only with John Williams score can we really get the feel of the movie and complete the illusion that we are going back in time to Hergé’s day.

Excellent, long awaited find, Kalli!


  1. Mike Dutton

    Thank you Lalunafelis for that magnificent trailer!

    I love the soundtrack too. It’s only just sank in that John Williams is writing the score of this movie, and from what I’ve heard, it’s fantastic. Simply fantastic!

  2. Here’s a great tip. If you do View Source on the soundtrack page you’ll find links you can use to download the samples.
    They look like this: http://www.cinemamusica.de/file_download/252
    and run from /252 to /269..

    I just realized; You could also just copy this link of mine! And change the numbers after each download has started! Convenient to listen in your music player of choice!

    Oh, and great to watch the new Tintin trailer that lalunafelis linked to. Awesome.

  3. Kalli,

    I tried going to the source, etc, but it pops back at me a 403 error (permissions denied to access the server link), so the only song I can download is the one you linked to.

    Would you (or someone else) mind linking to them in a response here so that I (am perhaps others) can download them? It would be much appreciated! =)

  4. Mike Dutton

    Some really selfish article here: http://www.hollywood.com/news/Adventures_of_Tintin_UK_Trailer_Violence_in_Animated_Movies_Debate/7846799

    Basically, it’s about two guys arguing. One of them, a true jerk in every sense of the word, is criticising Spielberg for the Tintin movie. What for? The eyes? No. The changes? No. This time, it’s about… are you ready for this? Glorifying violence and weapons in a children’s movie!

    This idiot argues that if a film is animated, it’s strictly for kids, and he claims that Spielberg went out to make this movie for children, simply because it’s animated, and that Spielberg shouldn’t be showing guns and fighting in a kid’s film.

    It’s like the selfish moron has never read a single Tintin book. The other guy tries to defend the film, but this maniac is having none of it.

    Sorry for the unprofessional attitude I have in this statement, but as a cartoonist myself, I absolutely LOATHE people who dismiss comics or animation as simply a kid’s thing. There’s a whole lot more to it than that!

  5. Thierry

    @ Mike,

    I’m with you, pretending that animated, cartoons and comics are for child only is a stupid statement.

    I watch cartoons and read comics that I would not put in my 10 years old son hands (eyes). And I’m not talking about “Adult” stuff here.

    On another hand (end? not sure now I’m ESL is faulting me) I have a Foster boy that is turning 13 soon and I introduced him to the Tintin albums just after my 10 year old read them and he loves it, he can’t wait to see the movie.

    I’m happy I converted another American to the world of Tintin.

  6. Proman

    Mike, there is a silver lining to all of this:

    Guess that means that Tinin IS accepted as a real and proper animated film at this point haha!

    In any case, you are right, this was a uniqely painful read.

  7. Mike Dutton

    Even the commentators there are saying the guy is nuts.

    But one thing I’ve learned, after the new trailer, all those idiots having a go at the film for being CGI or being an altered adaptation are making an enormous U turn. That’s a bloody good sign if anything!

  8. Mike Dutton

    There is no way this film will be a PG, at least in the UK. I’m almost convinced it’ll be a 12A, once the BBFC have decided on a rating.

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