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Spanish Trailer!!!!

Finally! A piece of news from another country in a language I understand fluently! Yes!

The trailer reveals several things, but the biggest thing it did for me was remind me how happy I am that I get to see the movie in it’s original language and not the voices they chose in Spanish. They’re not…bad…but I prefer the English voices for sure.

I’ll do a screen shot post in the future, but at the moment my internet is going so slow I haven’t even been able to buffer the last 6 seconds of the video. Key things to notice is that Sakharine is driving the red jeep Meccano made that the Thompson’s drive in ”The Land of Black Gold”, and that they do indeed keep the scene, at least to some degree, where Tintin smashes through the wall in Marlinspike’s basement. I’ll give a full translation in my screenshot post, but actually Vlad did an excellent job if you can’t wait in a comment on the German video. Haddock was not raising his hands to surrender, but praising God for the ”divine sign” of a plane coming to rescue them. And then he gets shot at by one of the worst shots in Hollywood…


  1. Worst shots in Hollywood: They probably had newly installed double guns, one at each side, instead of one in the middle (mono). That saved our friends’ lives. The shooter aimed at the middle but shot in stereo. Yes. That’s probably it!

  2. Proman

    Can’t wait to hear those” stereo shots” in surround sound.

    I also want to say that I really, really liked the Spanish voice for Haddock. I actually came away thinking they did a great job casting the voices there.

  3. Mike Dutton

    Shouldn’t there be some English TV trailers by now? I mean, it only comes out in 22 days! Even with that little time left to go, it’s just NOT ENOUGH!!!

  4. Peter (the 2d fan)

    Hello Mike, I noticed the censored Tintin covers on the right side.
    I thought we could do a fun project with that, or just a competition. We could re-draw/re-paint the covers in a different style, just as many as we want, and the best ones get shown there.
    I understand that you want to bash Moulinsart a bit but perhaps this is a more creative way of protest.

  5. Emily

    Snowy’s Chase sounds fantastic! Everything really builds and sounds suspenseful after that! I’m far too excited to wait anouther three months!

  6. Proman

    @Mike Dutton,

    As it happens, the full North American trailer is expect this Friday (it will be attaced to Real Steel). In addition the film will play out of competiton in the Rome filme festival:

    “The trailer for Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson’s 3-D The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn (Paramount, December 21, 2011) will go out on Friday, attached to Disney/DreamWorks’ Real Steel. The performance capture film will play The Rome International Film Festival with Jamie Bell on hand on October 27; Sony will open The Adventures of Tintin in many European countries, where Herge’s comic books are better known than they are stateside, on October 26 (Italy is October 28). The film will screen in the Official Selection (out of competition) and in the Alice section of the festival. ”


  7. Mike Dutton

    My favourite part of the soundtrack so far is Pursuit of the Falcon. It sounds very much like it came directly out of Star Wars… But That’s John Williams for you!

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