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Sakharine is in the Secret of The Unicorn

I was so caught up in the great images that website had, which we’re now pretty sure is a Czech site, that I missed some cool information they had…a list of the movie’s cast that included Sakharine-not the rumored ”Rackham” character- to be the main villain. Since Google isn’t the greatest of translators, I’ve taken a few liberties in slightly changing it’s translation so that it makes sense in English. Here’s what the site had to say:

Ivan Ivanovich Sakharine (Daniel Craig): A ruthless criminal with a mysterious past and an evil plan that puts the life of Captain Haddock at stake. He is determined to get Tintin’s model of the Unicornat any cost…

Screen shot 2011-09-17 at 9.28.24 AM

This confirms it. A long time ago I asked somewhere if we had any real proof for the rumor that ”Rackham” was the main villain. We didn’t really have anything official. I think it came about because people knew Daniel Craig had a major part and could not only show up in a flash back if he was to run into Tintin in the film. So they proposed that he was Rackham’s descendant. It seems they were right about that too, since that has to be the ”mysterious past” they refer to. But we had assumed that if he was Rackham’s descendant, he would still have Rackham as a last name.

Somehow they are going to try to convince us that Rackham had a kid who was the great great great…great grandfather of a guy named Sakharine Ivan Ivanovitch. Also I’m not sure how they’ll pull off such a russian sounding name while the villain has a british accent. But few people watching the film will notice such things, and they aren’t really big deals anyway. Of course they can be explained, we just aren’t sure how. I’ll leave it as a mystery to be revealed when the movie comes out, because I’m not about to make another erroneous guess about this villain…

In the albums Sakharine is just a harmless ship collector that adds a bit of intrigue to the story when Tintin finds out somebody else has a ship exactly like his. Tintin does accuse him of having stolen his ship, one of the only times in the albums Tintin is wrong about a villain. In the movie adaptation the writers have turned Sakharine into a combination of the craftiness of the Bird brothers and the fun idea of people being or pretending to be descendants of Red Rackham. He even looks the part: he looks sly, and yet sophisticated. And he even looks a lot like Red Rackham, if you look closely in the albums.

He is a venerable villain for sure. Maybe even more so then the Bird Brothers were. I’m looking forward to see what such a character will add to the story. I’m not at all upset that they changed that part of the story.

The page also revealed a bit of info about Castafiore’s appearance. We really had no idea when she would show up.

Bianca Castafiore (Kim Stengel): Diva of opera, sometimes referred to as the “Milanese Nightingale,” that during a private performance at the Palace of Omar Ben Salaad inadvertently becomes the main weapon of Sakharine.

This should be interesting. Will she be kidnapped? That would be very much like ”Tintin and the Picaros”. I’ll admit she never was my favorite character, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with her in the movie.

Thanks Britto for pointing out the stuff I had missed on the site.


  1. Emily

    A hostage? Or an actual weapon. Her voice could force an entire army to retreat!

    I looked up Kim Stengel on youtube. Her voice is incredible. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing her in the role of Castafiore. And the little nod to Ottokar’s Sceptre with Tintin interrupting the private audience.

  2. Torronut

    I am hoping that Bianca plays the lady waiting in the phone box for the rain to go away. This would be a great lead in to future movies that include Bianca in the storyline. I remember when I was really young reading Tintin and going back to The Secret of the Unicorn to see if the lady in the phone box was Bianca. I have a feeling that I have read a credit somewhere saying someone plays ‘lady in the phone box though.’ So I could be way off. Then again, someone may have made a similar mistake to me and assumed the lady in the phone box is Bianca!

  3. Smidge

    I still don’t think it’s Sakharine. He was such a benign character in the books, and given how close everyone else looks to their original character, this alleged “Sakharine” looks a bit off (Not bald, for starters). I think it’s just a begrudged descendant of Rackham’s, and I’ll cling to it no matter what any other sites say, because it just seems like they’re speculating, too. o_O Besides, was this cast list hosted on their site? Or was it an accredited source, like IMDB? In either case, it sounds like a fun mystery of our own to solve!

  4. Marissa

    Perhaps Bianca’s appearance will be brief. And I do say that somewhat hopefully as I do want a more centred story around the Captain and am also interested in Sakharine’s villainy; I still remember reading the comics and thinking the entire time, “Surely he’ll end up being the villain in the end.” I was never convinced of anything otherwise until I reached the end of ‘Red Rackham’s Treasure’.

  5. Charith

    I’m really looking forward for the movie to come out. If Daniel Craig is in there that just means it’ll be awesome. Plus, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are amazing movie makers. I saw the trailers . The music and it is ubelievable. It’s definitely going to be one of my favorite movies. It better be a blockbuster big time!

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