Sharp-eyed regular readers will noticed that the web site has undergone a bit of revamp. The improved layout will give Stephen’s excellent blog posts the stylish setting they deserve.

Inevitably with these things there will be some rough corners that need sorting out. If you spot anything that looks wrong or simply broken, please comment below. When you do, please include information on which web browser you are using (including version number) and the URL where the problem can be found. The more detail you give the easier it will be to fix the problem.

I shall now hand back blogging duties to the ever-dedicated Stephen.

– Chris


  1. Mike Dutton

    I like what you guys have done. But if I could make one point of constructive criticism, I would have put the title of the website (The Tintinology logo) in a different place. But other than that, nice job.

  2. Stephen

    Ok, I’ll do my best to follow that. Keep me posted. I know a pretty good deal of french (I actually understood nearly all of that link 🙂 ) but I am sure I don’t know enough to understand a podcast, so I would most definitely appreciate your help translating, Thierry! Thank you!

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