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Weta and Harpercollins to release book on the art of Tintin

Nobody can read a Tintin album without marveling at the beauty of Hergé’s style. Every album is more than just a comic book: it’s a work of art. And aren’t you glad Weta kept that in mind? How many movies based on a comic book are made with the specific intention of staying true to the original artwork from the book? And what’s more, how many times do fans of such a movie get a book that explains how the animators pulled it off?

That’s what Weta and Harpercollins will give us, and I must admit this one has me more excited then the sticker books…from

From early concept illustrations to final shots from the film and everything in between, this book gives fans a rare glimpse of the creativity that goes into making a film like this a reality. The book even includes special pieces of artwork produced exclusively for this book.

The Art of The Adventures of Tintin features forewords from Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Oscar winners Joe Letteri and Richard Taylor also share their insights into the film-making experience in their introductions for this outstanding book.

Moulinsart, the official organisation that looks after the world of Tintin, has contributed an introductory chapter on the comic’s creator Georges Remi, aka Hergé, and has kindly provided examples of his inspirational artwork for reproduction in the book.

We can also expect some fascinating interviews with the guys at Weta.

Chris Guise, the author of The Art of The Adventures of Tintin, provides a unique perspective on the film, both as a lifelong Tintin fan and as the lead conceptual designer on the film. Guise interviewed many of his colleagues about the production of the movie and lets them tell their stories and inspiration behind their work in their own words.

That’s a must-have for any Tintin movie fan if I ever saw one…or in this case read about one. When can we actually get a look at it?

The Art of The Adventures of Tintin will be published by HarperCollins Publishers in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand simultaneously on 13 October in two exciting formats: a visually dynamic 200-page hardcover book and a ground-breaking digital e-book. The e-book will include wonderful additional imagery, special audio commentary from the film makers, character animations and extra content.

Whoa! Special commentaries and characters animations? Awesome! But hold on, back up a second. Did that say it would launch the book in October everywhere from America to New Zealand? The movie doesn’t even come out in these places until 2 months later! That’s awesome news! I suppose they just realized that since it’s available as an e-book they might as well let fans world-wide buy it at the same time. Still, it would be awesome if more Tintin movie merchandise becomes available in the US and other countries that don’t get the movie until December that early. The US will know who Tintin is!

One more thing: here’s a picture of the book’s cover. To be completely honest, I don’t like it much. It doesn’t look very natural, and and in my opinion we’ve seen Tintin look better. A lot may be the fault of the lighting or the bright colors. I’m not really sure. It actually has grown a little on me since I started writing this paragraph when I gave it a third and fourth look. I’m not sure what to think of it. But resting on the fact that I know from other shots that Tintin looks incredible, I’m sure that everything inside the book will be well worth it.


Good find Proman and ”Tintin Fan”! I can honestly say I found out about this at the same time you did, but only because I’m becoming obsessed with news and Google ”Tintin news” every 30 minutes…


  1. Emily

    This is one piece of merchandise I am /definitely/ spending money on. I have been hoping that there would be something to explain the artistic process of designing the movie, but I had assumed it would be a special feature in the DVD release. This is a much better idea!

    Great find, as usual!

  2. Stephen

    i am really looking forward to seeing the DVD release as well. I may have to buy a blu-ray player just to be able to watch Tintin in Blu-ray. Pretty soon I suppose I’ll have to buy one anyway…

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