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Calculus to be in Ubisoft game?

According to ”The Wall Street Journal” Calculus will be a playable character in the next Tintin game:

The game has three modes, including the co-operative, story and challenge mode, and they divide play into exploration, combat and solving puzzle phases. In the co-operative mode, live players can drop in an out of the game dynamically and play any of six characters, including Tintin, Captain Haddock, Thompson and Thompson (who act as one character), Professor Cuthbert Calculus, Bianca Castafiore and even Snowy. Each character has unique skills like Tintin who can shoot a grappling hook or opera diva Castafiore who can dispatch enemies with her windy contralto.

This is either fake or true. It could easily be fake if they simply took the list of popular Tintin characters and assumed that they would be in the game. But that seems unlikely because they give details about Castafiore’s and the Thompson’s that they would only know if they either saw it or were told. So it seems there is confirmation Calculus will at least show up in the video game this year.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Calculus will be in the movie. I’m being forced to be patient with people online who still make comments such as ”I was hoping Tintin would be in live action when I watched the trailer” and ”Where is Calculus?” years and months after us fans have answered and given good theories on these questions. For those of you who don’t know, Calculus has not been cast as far as we know. His main role in the story was to invent a shark submarine to let Tintin explore the sunken Unicorn. But it looks like the story may not focus on the finding of the Unicorn itself but of the treasure that was actually at Marlinspike or wherever they chose to put it in the movie the whole time. Almost all of ”Red Rackham’s treasure” is fun to read but would make for a kind of boring movie. After all there are no villains and they never find anything but an idol, the ship and some rum. It makes total sense to cut to the chase and leave that part out of the movie, bringing Calculus in to the sequel as possibly one of the explorers from Peru.

To what degree is it OK to expect the Bird Brothers to be in the movie because they are in the game and not believe Calculus will be? Now I’m not sure what to think. Maybe both are in the film, maybe they were just added to the ”expanded” Tintin video game for the fans sake’s. I’ll wait for the movie to come out before i make too many conclusions.



  1. Pe-ads

    Now I’m really confused… I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next trailer then!

    And as an aside, that article is terrible written. They spell 3D as “3-D”, and then “3D” later on. They also refer to Tintin as TinTin at one point, which is one of my pet hates. I wouldn’t have minded it that much, though, as long as they’d been consistent with their spelling! And yes, I am being a grammar nazi.

  2. Proman

    I really doubt that they will introduce *every* single famous character from Tintin in the first movie. After all, this wasn’t done in the books and while not save some of that anticipation for later movies?

  3. Stephen

    ha ha ha actually to be fair they did spell Tintin’s name right MOST of the time 😀 But I found another one: they refer to Hergé’s signature ”clean line drawings”…*groan*…

  4. Archibald

    Paul : it might be off-topic, but it’s great news nonetheless ! Even if I kinda knew it would happen. Tintin at Comic-Con hopefully means a new trailer in July. They’ll also probably show some clips, but there’s little chance they will find their way to internet.

    Anyway, that and being able to play all this characters in the video game – if it’s true and I believe it is – make two great news in one day !

  5. Stephen

    Great find Paul! I’ll save that great piece of news for tomorrow’s post 🙂 I’ve got to do a bit of research on what exactly this means for us fans. Aside from a possible trailer, what other kinds of things could we expect to find related to the movie at Comic-Con?

  6. Proman

    Being a Comic-con probably means that they’ll show footage not found and trailers to build buzz. I’d definitely expect them to some exclusive footage.

  7. Pe-ads

    And then decisions must be made on how much we really want to spoil the film for ourselves! I’ll probably gobble up every bit of info: they never really release enough to give away the whole plot of the movie, anyway.

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