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Only a few more days until we see Tintin on E3

Next Monday at 2:30 in Los Angeles in the Pre-E3 conference we will see our first glimpses of the Tintin Video game. If you wish, you can watch it live here: http://e3.gamespot.com/press-conference/ubisoft-e3/

Checking out the line-up for games Ubisoft will release this Monday I quickly found out that Tintin will most likely not be the biggest piece of news Ubisoft has to offer. You can read the full list from the source I’ll post at the end, but among the big ones is Assassins Creed Revelations. Another installment to the Assassin’s Creed saga should not surprise, but it certainly will sell. Other games such as Rayman Origins and a new Tom Clancy game are sure to be hits as well. Next to these grand titles, ”Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn” doesn’t look like much. So either we will all be pleasantly surprised because it’s awesome and simply doesn’t have enough publicity yet because nobody expected such a great game, or it really won’t be much.  But it’s possible Steven Spielberg will have had enough influence on Ubisoft during the making of the game that it receive the same kind of positive reviews ”Boom Blox” achieved. I could speculate more about the game, but the fact is we really know next to nothing about it so far. So I will comment more on Monday. Thank you Tom for finding out about this conference.

Source: http://e3.gamespot.com/press-conference/ubisoft-e3/



  1. Proman

    This is definitely something to look forward to. I would watch out for spoilers though, if this game is as closely tied in with the movie as I suspect it is, it might accidentially reveal more about movie’s set pieces than we want to know at this point.

    I also think that it’s possible that we’ll get a full trailer for Tintin with Transofrmers 3, which comes out June 29.

  2. Pe-ads

    I can’t see the game being that great… movie games never are. However, some have been OK (e.g. the TRON one), and I’ll probably get it if it’s any good when it’s come down in price a few months after the release date.

    And Proman, I’ll be looking for movie spoilers probably 😛 I can never resist information like that…

  3. Archibald

    I wouldn’t be that skeptical about this game. I, for one, have high hopes for this. It could be the first very good Tintin video game.

    It’s being developed at Ubisoft Montpellier (France), a studio runned by Michel Ancel, a famous and talented game designer. He was the creator of Rayman and the critically acclaimed Beyond Good and Evil. Peter Jackson already chosed him for the adaptation of his King Kong. I guess Jackson was happy with the result, since he – and Steven Spielberg – chose Ancel’s creative team again to do Tintin.

    Add to it the fact that we know the game has been in development for at least two years, and you can expect a pretty good result, I think. We’ll know more next monday, but I’m optimistic.

  4. Caleb

    @ Archibald

    I agree, and for all those reasons, I’m optomistic as well. There’s no way they’ll do a lazy job on Tintin, a name most of those people at Ubisoft Montpellier probably grew up with.

  5. Stephen

    On the subject of spoilers…I am very interested in knowing just how much information the public wants to know and what is too much. From the beginning this site has taken every last rumor and piece of confirmed info it could find to satisfy Tintin movie fans, but soon we may have so much that we will certainly know every thing there is to know about the film before we see it. How much should be revealed as news and how much should I consider spoilers? At the least I guess I should soon post comments like ”spoiler alert” at the top of the page.

  6. Pe-ads

    “Spoiler Alert” stuff would probably be good over the next few months 🙂

    I didn’t realise it was being developed by Ubisoft in-house. It’ll probably be good then, so I might get it when it comes out 😀

  7. Thierry

    Not quite a spoiler but I have some scan of the first two album of Tintin released on Tuesday May 31. I can send them to you if you want to make an article or post them on my Picasa account so you can look at them and download them if you wish. I assume you have my email from this post.
    Let me know

  8. Thierry

    Yes these one, the new format with the new cover art.
    I saw some stuff in these extra that I never saw before, it’s interesting reading, oriented for kids but nonetheless it’s interesting.

    I will post them on my Picasa Album so everybody can see them. I let you know when it’s done.

  9. Stephen

    @ Thierry: I would love to see them! You just won yourself a post, spoilers or not! 😀
    How do I access your picasa account?

  10. Thierry

    Let me work on it first and I will post a link where you can view/download the pictures.
    Thanks for the post acknowledgment.

  11. Mike Dutton

    Sorry for bringing my comic up again, but just to let people know, the first episode (consisting of the first 35 strips) is almost finished. After which, there will be a short break before Episode 2 starts.

    I don’t want to make the impression that I’m name dropping my comic on an unrelated site, but some people here like it, and I’m just announcing this to any of those who may be following it.

  12. Stephen

    Don’t worry about it Mike! Nearly all of us commenter s here are practically ”old friends” by now. I love to see the beautiful ”ligne claire” style continue after all these years. I haven’t read your comic in a while, but I’ll check it out again.

  13. Tom

    Stephen, it was viewable at first, then i got made private.
    It’s sort of 2,5D platformer & it’s for 360, PS3, Wii didn’t look if it’s pc too

  14. Archibald

    That was cool ! Hearing Spielberg and Jackson talk about Tintin and about the game. Seing Tintin, Snowy, Haddock in action.

  15. Archibald

    @Paul : watching the Ubisoft Press Conference live. They showed a teaser about 15 minutes ago. It will probably be on the internet any minute now.

  16. Pe-ads

    Looks better than I thought! From what Jackson and Spielberg said it reminds me a bit of the Lego games: unique abilities, co-op, etc.

    A couple of things we can (maybe) extract from this with regards to the movie. For a start, is the music from this game trailer the one for the film? We know that the music for the film teaser trailer isn’t, but this music could be it.

    Secondly, do they actually sink the Karaboudjan in the film? Because in the game trailer it shows Haddock saying “What have I done?!”, and then water starts to flood round the ship. Of course, in Claws the ship is said to have sunk, but perhaps it does actually sink in the film? That might mean the end of Allan, though :O

    I think, though, that in our speculations we must remember that this is a trailer for the game, not the film. Movie-based games often add in loads of extra content, just because people won’t spend £30 on a 90m game! And Jackson/Spielberg did say that the developers “added in new adventures for Tintin.” So not everything we see in trailers and the like will be in the film 🙂


  17. Mike Dutton

    Okay, even I, the gamer who suffered the awful nature of most of the previous Tintin games, have to admit that this looks absolutely stunning. It was odd to see Max Bird though…

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