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Tintin Movie Teaser Trailer Revealed!

I’m alive!!! I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it sooner! How is it the one day I know the trailer is coming out I HAD to be away from my computer for diverse reasons nearly all day? It was torture guys, torture! I see from the comments that you have all seen it already. I love the one comment that wonders if I died of shock. I laughed so hard!

Actually nearly every Tintin Movie fan on the planet must have seen this by now, but for those of you who haven’t, here are the biggest news since they announced the making of the Tintin movie all those years back: the Tintin Teaser Trailer is out!!!

Two slightly different versions were created. I prefer the one below because of a few extra seconds of footage included and the way the dramatic music starts. Believe me, I tried everything to get the YouTube link to show the video on this blog (except, apparently, whatever I need to do to get it to work). I’ve been trying for an hour! Anyway, if you hit the link below it will take you to the HD video, which is worth a full-screen watch anyhow.

Official International Tintin Trailer

Since I hope you’ll want to watch it again, check out Empire’s version here:

Time to over analyze

Sorry guys, but I just had to. I know we’ve been dying to see it all in motion, but just for analysis sake let’s go back over the whole trailer’s most notable frames:


Could Snowy possibly look any better in this image? Great way to introduce Tintin and Snowy.tintin

At the end of the video we get our clearest ever shot of Tintin’s face. It took me a bit by surprise at first, but the more I watch the trailer the more it grows on me. It looks wonderful. While in physical appearance he looks more human than Hergé’s Tintin (but come on, if they had tried to pull off his nose for this movie he would have looked totally ridiculous…) he has the same feel. He’s somewhere between being a man and a boy, but nobody knows just how old he looks. He looks heroic but at the same time not quite an adult yet. But unlike so many children’s stories that just make the villains look like complete idiots so that children can be the stars of the show, all of the formidable villains in the series respect and in a sense almost fear Tintin. Whether because of his reporter status or because of his fame in stopping crime, the villains talking at the end know who Tintin is.


The model unicorn looks so good it almost looks like a real image. Weta Digital never ceases to amaze me. Don’t miss snowy and Tintin in the reflection. Apparently Tintin isn’t finding the model ship quite the same way he does in the book. But I don’t think this is the same Unicorn you see later in the dark scene with the flashlight. My money is on this being the one Tintin gets, and the other is somebody else’s Unicorn

Tintin's street

Tintin’s street!  It looks just like his street in the books. The car really reminds me of  something Hergé would (or did) draw.


If I had to pick, this just might be my favorite part of the whole trailer. I couldn’t stop laughing!  I love this idea. This says something for how funny the Thompson ”Twins” will be in the film.

silk and thompson

Silk looks just as great as ever. This should make for a great chase scene.

Allan and guy

Here we find two characters that were never even in the same album originally: Sakharine (the guy who wanted to buy the Unicorn from Tintin) and Allan. But it seems Allan will be substituting the weaker Bird Brothers as the main villain in this story, and Sakharine made it on the Karaboudjan somehow with him as well. Another prisoner?

I am certain they put Haddock in this so little just because I said I was looking forward to seeing him in this yesterday.  This is the only time he appears, and you can barely see him. But what we can see of him looks EXACTLY like he should, so I’m happy.


The seaplane flies off to take down Tintin and Haddock!  Insert dramatic John Williams music here! (Of course, we all know the trailer music was not John William’s music, but I can’t wait to hear what he does with this scene).


The Karaboudjan in all it’s glory. (By the way the spell check loves that word. Anybody have any idea why it thinks it’s similar in any way to the word Paraboloidal? Ha ha ha…).


The unlucky guard appears to later be asked by Allan ”How could you let them escape?”. Not sure how he’ll answer to Allan, but we in the audience know it happened after Snowy bit the poor thug’s arm and then Tintin punched him half way across the ship. Go Tintin!

seaplane crash

A friend watching the trailer with me for the first time said ”Wow! That’s not how I remember that in the book, but…I like this more!” I completely agree with him.  Although we’re really stressing credibility when it comes to Tintin SURVIVING that crash, the crash itself is totally awesome. Hey, the plane did crash in the desert. Let’s let Hollywood have fun with that!

unicorn ship

The Unicorn sailing into…the desert…?

Actually, the sea itself is COVERING the desert,and the Unicorn is sailing on that. I still think that it’s just a dramatic transition between the two settings, not really a shot of the Unicorn crashing into the desert. Maybe Haddock tells the story of his ancestor while the two are walking in the desert, hence the transition. Or maybe it’s a hallucination?

dead barnaby

Look familiar anybody? This is the exact same scene that we got one of our early images from of Barnaby standing in the door. Sorry to spoil it for you guys, but it looks like Barnaby comes to leave a warning, and then gets shot from behind. He falls down right there in the doorway and Tintin races after the culprits in their awesome blue gangster car…I guess the lesson here is that Tintin should have invited Barnaby inside to have a seat instead of pointing a gun at him to let him get shot in the back…but hey, he didn’t know.

This could explain the warning sentence from the beginning. It could be Barnaby, or it could be Haddock. I think the voice could fit for both characters, but especially Haddock. I really like Tintin’s voice. I was a little worried that it would have a strong accent I didn’t like or wouldn’t match the character, but the voice matches perfectly.

The characters look great throughout the entire video. I don’t care what anybody on YouTube says, they do not look creepy or ugly like some people who love to hate anything they see. For starters the effect isn’t as bad as haters say it is in the movies that do have the Uncanny Valley effect, but the real thing here is that the images simply don’t have that. I would much rather look at these characters than, say, Andy from Toy Story 3.

It’s interesting that both in the posters as in the trailer, the subtitle was not included, but it was in Cannes.

Finally, the trailer is almost everything we could have dreamed and hoped for, and the little bit left out is simply what makes it a teaser trailer.  Anything that used to look unnatural looks fine in motion, just as we expected. I said I would give it a chance, and having seen the trailer I will definitely be going to see this in full Imax 3D when it comes out.  For being 1:o3 minutes long, it had plenty of stuff for us Tintin fans to watch and enjoy while we wait for the next piece of big news.

I think the trailer was well worth the wait.


  1. Louise A

    I agree with everything! 😀 The Unicorn crashing down into the desert could be a hallucination after the plane crash, or Haddock retelling the story of the Unicorn to Tintin as they’re hiking through the desert after the plane crash also – a visually captivating way to include the flashbacks.

    The characters look wonderful – the beauty is that they don’t have to look like realistic human beings because they are supposed to be stylised characters – but they do NOT look creepy (let’s take a moment to rewatch the Polar Express trailer and compare). I also agree that the reveal of Tintin’s face was surprising at first, but the more I watch the trailer (and I have watched it many, many times now) the more I fall in love with it. His age is ambiguous, his face shape is as rounded as it could get without turning into the football of the comics…he just looks like he will be a fantastic hero, and now I can’t see him as a 3D photo-realistic character looking any other way 😀

  2. Kalli

    Great over analyzing!
    Do we know the trailer music isn’t by John Williams?
    (I sure hope it isn’t since the glorious hero theme isn’t there and it sounds much more in the Zimmer style (which I think is easier to copy))

  3. Michael

    It seems that the US version will not have a subtitle (“Unicorn” not butch enough to sell a action movie I suppose) but the international trailer has the subtitle. Also the US version of the trailer has less Snowy (especially as the establishing shot) because they want to avoid US audiences thinking that the main character with a dog… as in Rin Tin Tin… That happens to me all the time when I chat about Tintin, I inevitably get “Oh you mean that dog?” as a response.

    This movie, and the trailer is indicative of this struggle, is going to be a hard sell to mainstream US audiences. I just hope it sells enough to get more made… I CANT WAIT FOR THIS!!! Thanks PJ and SS for taking the huge risk!

  4. Thierry


    First of I love the trailer (my kids too). I have a funny feeling that this is an “adaptation” of the comic but a very loose one. So far there is discrepancy in the trailer versus what I know from the comic:
    First, how tintin discover the Unicorn in that attic,
    Second, Sakarine in a boat with Allan, how strange?
    Third, the Bird Brothers are abscent, so if they are no Marlinsspike castle and no discovery of the jewels in there,
    Fourth, no Calculus (but it is not surprising because it is the Secret of the Unicorn, and Calculus does not appear in this comic),
    Fifth, that is it so far.
    I’m not criticizing the plot, the animation and trust me I will be going to the theather when that movie comes out but it’s just my way of “over analyzing” it.

  5. Luke


    It seems they took their preferred elements from Crab, Unicorn and Rackham and tried to build a coherent story with that. It could work.

  6. Proman

    This is, quite simply, the most beautiful and by far the most impressive looking computer animated film ever made.

    The wait for the trailer was unbearable, but now that I’ve seen this, the wait for the actual movie is going to be even more difficult hard.

    I am just so very proud of the amount of love and talent that went into the making of this film.

  7. wolfgang

    I can’t wait for the scene where Haddock and tintin escape from the Karaboujan and each guard keeps telling Alan bad news unit;l he snaps favourite scene

  8. Tintin

    I love how they have portrayed me in the trailer. Though I think the animations need a bit more work. Like the one where I leap out of the door after Barnaby is shot. Its a bit slower than my natural reflexes and is typical of what a physics engine would produce. I mean we are in the era of disbelieve now with smooth motion. Some of the movements need smoothness but I am sure they will fix it. Overall an awesome piece of work and lovely music around the Unicorn scene

  9. Picaro

    I think the attic is Marslinspike: look at the windows. Maybe Marlinspike is an abandoned castle in the beginning, but they still encounter the treasure in the basement.

    Shakarine: Maybe he’s not Shakarine, but Red Rackham’s descendant, Daniel Craig’s character. He seems to be the boss.

    The Unicorn in the desert seems to be an hallucination.

  10. Mike Dutton

    I’ve been seeing comments all over the web that are starting to make me very angry. People, having seen this trailer, are now refusing to watch it because they think Robert Zemekis is involved and that they all believe it will be a flop. They’re forgetting that this is Peter Jackson’s technology and that Spielberg is making the film, and not to mention, the film is a Spielberg film, one of the most legendary directors of our time. It’s gonna be hard to forgive Zemekis for a lot of this…

    And the two worst comments I’ve seen are “What’s a Tintin?” and “What a waste of Spielberg to create such a dumb idea for a character.” Some people are so stuck up that they can’t even research it to tell that it’s one of the most famous comic book series of all time, and not a figment of Spielberg’s imagination!

    I know some of you guys here are from America, and I do not mean this to any of you in any personal way, but America is not the greatest country in the world where things can be ignored if an American doesn’t like it. Again, I don’t want to offend anyone, but that’s how some American commentators who have never heard of Tintin behave; They act as if, should they stop reading violent superhero comics or dumb manga’s and look at a young man who uses his brain instead of his fists to get himself out of trouble, they’ll get a bad taste in their mouth, and refuse to even want to know about Tintin because of that. That is the worst kind.

    But why are they so concerned with it looking like Polar Express? Name one scene in Polar Express, Christmas Carol, or Mars Needs Moms where people get shot, punched or smash into the desert at around 100MPH! No… This film will still be huge. American parents will take their kids even if they never heard of Tintin; they’ll just think of it as an adventure film that their kids might like. I think with that, I feel a little more relaxed about the matter… Sorry about the rant, everyone. Just needed a LOT out of my system.

  11. RIanna Lauren

    Agreeing with your over-analysis. In overall I like it, but now I’m a liiitle bit concerned on how far they altered the story, and how blend-ish they blend these two together.

    We haven’t got information on who are cast as the Bird Brothers, and I was VERY worried that they weren’t going to be in it, but then there was that Barnaby-got-shot-and-blue-car-zooms-away scene, so my hope is raised a little. …Unless that’s not the Bird Brothers who shot him. We may have problems with that.

    Also, Sakharine meets Allan? o_o Weird, and so far away from the canon.

    I don’t see any bits that touches the Red Rackham’s treasure storyline. Are we still getting that in the movie? I’m also convinced that we’re never going to see a Calculus now…

    I’m also wondering on how they will portray Marlinspike. In the trailer all we get is the dark, wrecked-looking part of it. Are they going to tell us it used to be owned by the Bird Brothers? And we’re not going to see them? Oh no.

    Jamie Bell’s voice is hawt. Nuff said.

    Aside from all that, the animation is terrific. Can’t wait to see the movie!

  12. I was one of the posters who had doubts after Mars Needs Moms flopped, but I have to agree that the motion capture characters look terrific, a THOUSAND times better than say, Beowulf or The Polar Express. The whole sense of adventure from the books is there!

  13. Pe-ads

    I really cannot see the Bird Brothers being in it. They haven’t been cast, and Allan is in there. And to be quite honest, I don’t really mind. They’re mixing stuff up a LOT anyway: does the removal of two minor characters (who, IMHO were already a bit boring) do much to the film? Not really.

    And I see no reason why that bit with Sakharine is on the ship. It’s like a 1 second shot. I think he could be in his house, fighting Allan (remember when he gets knocked out?).

    Alternatively, Sakharine could be Red Rackham’s descendant. I know having Daniel Craig as Sakharine could be a bit weird, but maybe he is. After all, there is a scene at the start of Red Rackham’s Treasure where Rackham’s “descendants” come to see Haddock. They all look fairly intellectual there, so maybe Sakharine is the mastermind and Allan and his crew are the brawn?

    Also, did no-one notice the fact that the brush and plunger in the newspaper adverts are actually the Thom(p)sons’ moustaches?

  14. Pe-ads

    @Kalli and Tom

    I think the music is John Williams BUT it’s not got the actual themes. Let me take Prince Caspian as an example. The UK teaser trailer for it ( sounds nothing like the themes in the film. The proper trailer (this one’s in French: sounds more like the music of the film, but still doesn’t have any of the themes. However, the soundtrack has those themes ( Jump to 0:35 for the theme(s). It continues to the main one at about 0:40.

    So I really don’t think we have much to worry about on the music front 🙂

    I mean, check out the original Star Wars trailer: Doesn’t sound like Star Wars at all! Even the Star Wars font isn’t there! At least we got a better trailer than that one! 😛

  15. Picaro

    In fact in the album Sakharine is very similar to Red Rackham: the beard, the nose, the hair… that sinister look.

    I think that Marlinspike could be owned by Sakharine / Red Rackham descendant.

  16. Stephen

    We must remember through all of this that inevitably there were going to be changes to the canon. There are hardly any movies in all of Hollywood that follow the book’s story 100 percent! So we shouldn’t say ”oh man it’s different from the original!” as if that had taken us by surprise. What did you expect? Rather than hoping for NO changes, an impossible Hollywood demand, we should demand GOOD changes. For example, if you saw The Voyage of The Dawn Treader last year and read the book you’ll notice some plot differences. The objective changed from being a trip to find 7 lords because I promised I would to being a trip to find 7 lords with 7 swords to save Narnia. Granted, there’s a pretty big change there, but the adventure itself was very similar to what the characters did in the book. One storyline fit better in the book, but might have run slow in the movie. The other tied it all together a bit better for a movie.
    Narnia aside, my point is that sometimes a change in the story actually improves the story for a movie. There are a good many parts of both The Secret of The Unicorn as well as almost the entire story from Red Rackham’s Treasure that are great and beautiful as a comic but would, if we were honest about it, make a pretty slow movie. So it should be no surprise that it seems little or none of the second book is in the film, and parts of the previous book have been changed.
    But does that make the movie bad? Absolutely not. If anything they are adding more action and drama to the movie all in the spirit of Tintin. They’re including the best parts of the book that came before this story, so we luck out in a sense. We could have gotten a total re-write script by a director who didn’t care about the fans, but instead they took action scenes from a different Tintin album fans love to make the changes. Which one of these changes should we complain about? Swapping the Bird Brothers for Allan, a much more threatening villain? Him finding the Unicorn in a basement? (oh,no the story is ruined!). Actually like I said I think he still finds his Unicorn in the park someplace and the other one belongs to Sakharine or Barnaby. No big deal. That Calculus doesn’t appear? I see your complaints there, but keep in mind they JUST introduced haddock. Half of the fun with Calculus is his hearing problems, the other half is his arguing with haddock. Tintin and haddock have got to develop a friendship before they can introduce another big character like that. Besides, he has a major role in the next movie. We’ll see him in due time.
    The change of giving tintin a boss is only natural. If you’re going to call him a reporter the audience will want to see SOME evidence of that. Besides, he must have had one,right?
    Even if Sakharine is a villain that wouldn’t make the story bad at all. And the plane crash, the karaboudjan escape, possibly the dessert shoot out with the raiders, possible Thompson’s jeep sequence, etc all help make the movie better. I just mentioned every change I can think of that we know of so far (there’s probably others but I can’t remember them right now) . I am ok with all of them.
    So in the end the changes, while maybe not better than the comics, don’t make for a bad film. and none of them should directly insult fans (like say, giving Tintin a girlfriend, which we know will NOT happen).
    This movie is going to be great!

  17. Steven (NL)

    @ Picaro / Stephen
    I think you could be right, Sakharine = (descendant of) Red Rackham in this movie, just like captain Haddock is an heir to sir Francis Haddock. That would also give Daniel Craig a lot more to do (and actually interact with TinTin) in the movie than just some sword swaying in the flashback!

    I quote from the (well written!) over analaysis: “…My money is on this being the one Tintin gets, and the other is somebody else’s Unicorn…”
    When you look closely you’ll see that the ‘dark attic’, as someone put it is actually the interior of Marlinspike. And when you look to scene where Tintin’s image is mirrored in the glass in front of the Unicorn, you’ll also notice a street lantern and I think even the top of a market stall.

  18. Proman

    Mike Dutton,

    I know exactly what you mean by getting feelings out of your system. It is a very weird thing having to feel so much frustration on the same day we get this trailer, but, some of the things I have read are so venomous it’s hard to understand where they are coming from.

    At the same time, and I think it helps to remember, especially as we enter a phase of increased exposure for the movie, we *always* knew this would happen. People, especially those prone to trolling, always like to hate anything that’s new and daring (witness how they ridicule Spielberg And Jackson for even taking on this character – double props to them for being bold and actually making the film despite all of those useless naysayers). Remember that line from the trailer that went “unlike anything you’ve ever seen”? Well, in this case, it’s actually kind of true. We’ve never seen a project of this magnitude taken this seriously and done this good. And even if motion capture is not new as a technology, I know I’ve never seen any thing that movied and looked as good as this and had this much action. And that, too, can be a problem for some because there is no longer any point of reference they can use to attack it so they resort to ridiculous. Even some online bloggers, get really hateful because they don’t like not being in control and not knowing what they are dealing with so they switch to sceptic mode and inject heavy doses of baseless critique to feel poweful.

    The great news in all this, of course, is that the absolute majority of people seem both impressed and excited by what they’ve seen. It’s wonderful to see how much excitement the teaser has generated. I have not seen a single response from anyone who watched it in theaters and didn’t absolutely love it. This is a very good sign. Just as the fact that pretty much every concern we had at about the posters just went away.

    I believe that the most important thing for us is to remain united as fans and optimistic about the movie and let this sense for positivity spread to others, especially now that the viewers at large are making up their attitudes about this film. I think Stephen is doing an absolutely terrific job of running this site and representing that and should remain a voice of sanity and awesomeness for anyone who comes here, especially in his columns. Thanks, Stephen 🙂 !

  19. Louise A

    I aree with Picaro – if you look back at the art Sakharine actually does resemble Red Rackham quite surprisingly…

  20. Archibald

    Who do you think the hand on the left of the screen belongs to, right when Tintin runs through his door ? Mrs Finch ?

    In other news, the Tintin premiere will take place in both Bruxelles and Paris on Saturday the 22d of October. With Spielberg present at both events. Yes, it’s possible (premiere at 3 PM in Bruxelles, 9 PM in Paris).

    And, last but not least, a nice word from Peter Jackson Facebook page :

  21. Proman

    Holy crap this part is mindblowing:

    “Steven embraced this new film making very quickly, and I could see him loving the almost complete freedom he suddenly had. Steven operated the camera on Tintin himself—all the hand held, tracking and craning shots are his. But the really cool thing is seeing how his imagination and gift of story telling went into overdrive. It’s all there in the movie. Something to look forward to.”

    I’d definitely love to see Peter Jackson’s Facebook post posted here on the frontpage. Definitely something people should read.

  22. Kalli

    Thanks Britto. Good to have that solved then. It lacked a bit of the classical integrity that one would expect from John Williams.The theme wasn’t going anywhere somehow. And it had a bit more of that Zimmerian manic Taiko percussion thing than John Williams would have used.
    Strange though that they didn’t use John Williams music since he wrote most of it two years ago.

  23. Pe-ads

    As I said before, a lot of teaser trailers don’t use the actual music. And the music is by Audiomachine, apparently:

    Yeah, I’m beginning to think more and more that Sakharine is Red Rackham’s descendant. He always seemed kind of nasty in the books anyway; in the audiobooks (which I used to LOVE) he sounded rather weasly, and the beard fits that impression.

    But Salaad owning Marlinspike?! Gad Elmaleh looks perfect for him, but how could he “own the house where Tintin and Haddock find the Unicorn”? Unless one of the Unicorns is in the desert: maybe one of Haddock’s sons settled down there? That would work. Because if they move Marlinspike to Arabia, that would be weird. But so far everything has been in the spirit of the books, so I trust Spielberg and Jackson.

    Speaking of Jackson, this phrase from the interview was wonderful: “[motion capture] is live action film making in a real-time virtual world.” Really great way of putting it.

  24. Pe-ads

    Not to triple post or anything, but the cast list on IMDB appears to have been updated.

    Sebastian Roché is now listed as Pedro. I guess that fits as he was in Beowulf (according to IIMDB), but isn’t Pedro Tintin’s friend in the Mexico place (the name escapes me)? Cause that really wouldn’t fit. I guess he’ll probably be a dude on the Karoboudjan (like “Ernie” is).

    Jacquie Barnbrook is listed as “Lady in phonebox/Old lady,” and apparently she’s done some mo-cap stuff too (Christmas Carol, Mars need Moms). IIRC, she’s that lady who shelters in the phonebox with the poodle in the rain when Tintin needs to call someone. I’m really glad they kept in that scene: one of my favourites 🙂

  25. Stephen

    ha ha ha yes I absolutely love the scene with the phone booth too. I think we will all see that scene and say ”I remember that part!” between laughs 🙂 I never get tired or reading it and seeing Tintin’s face when he looks at the lady.
    Sakharine would make sense. Do we have any official confirmation that Rackham’s ancestor is a villain, or do we just assume such because we think Craig appears in more than just a flashback?
    I will post Jackson’s message. wonderful 🙂

  26. Emily


    Pedro was the guy in the red jumper who brought Tintin his food in the hold of the Karaboudjan and stupidly undid his ropes so he could eat, if I could recall correctly (my books are across state atm).

    I think you’re thinking of Pablo from Broken Ear and Picaros.

  27. Wolfgang

    @ Stephen

    In the trailer it would make sense that Rackhams ancestors would go after the unicorn models but didnt he die? Further more the way Sakarhine/rakhams ancestor threw allan towards the wall seemed like hes in charge sooo i guess we have to wait and find out

  28. Stephen

    True. If Rackham had a descendant it would have had to be a child that wasn’t on board with a woman we know nothing about. How he would know about the Unicorn story, or the treasure at all, etc But anything could be written into the story. Sakharine DOES seem to be boss there. Allan is a main villain in the Crab with the golden claws but only a second hand man for most of his adventures. But at this point we may just be speculating to the point of being ridiculous trying to figure out what will happen. It’s a lot of fun 🙂 But for now it may not get us too far.

  29. Pe-ads

    Sakharine must either not be Sakharine or be two characters at once. Because no one is listed for him on the IMDB page. So, my bet is with Rackham.

    Thanks a lot for the confirmation! Pablo and Pedro sound very familiar… I love the bit where the guy unties Tintin and Tintin clocks him round the face XD I hope they have the bit with the champagne bottle “guns” too. I need to reread the books…

  30. Rianna Lauren

    Ahh. So Omar Ben Salaad is the boss bad guy who owns Marlinspike. Great. There goes the Bird Brothers. e_e

    This means it is most likely that he is the one after the treasure (taking Bird Brother’s role) and, someone brought this up on Tintinologist, the one who confronted Allan with the “How could you let them escape?”*, instead of Sakharine. It may just be a very thin re-draw of him. Besides, Sakharine was never the bad guy in canon, and despite the interesting theories you all have with him being the evil descendant of Red Rackham, I’m more convinced that it’s Salaad. Spielberg knows better than to give a good guy an evil profile like that (I hope).

    *: I’m quite sure it wasn’t Allan’s voice. Allan’s voice had a different accent and a deeper tone at the end of the international trailer (“That yong man, what’s his name?”) and the “How could you let them escape?” accent has a bit of that foreign touch in it, and the actor who plays Salaad have a not-fully-American accent. I may be wrong, but that’s what I speculate.

  31. hey

    hey, looks great !! looks like they are gonna mix 2 of the books to exrend the lenght of the film. i believe they had to make a few plot changes in order to make a longer movie and a not too long movie. the cgi seems to look more realistic than avatar. the design of the classic world looks perfect , and tintin cant look better!

  32. Rianna Lauren

    @ Wolfgang

    No, I’m afraid. And there’s no cast announced for Sakharine, either, so it’s even more likely that it’s Salaad instead of Sakharine in that trailer. We’re only about 6 months away from the premiere, so if a character’s cast is not announced, there’s more possibility that he may not appear in the movie.

  33. Mike Dutton

    @ Rianna Lauren

    Sir Francis Haddock is not mentioned in the cast. We know Serkis is playing him too, but what if Daniel Craig is playing both Sakharine and Rackham? What if Sakharine is not even called Sakharine? What if he’s called Rackham too? I’ve heard Daniel Craig’s voice in the film, so it makes sense that way.

  34. Picaro

    Salaad is arabian, he’s not the main villain, he’s an arms dealer using the cargo from the karaboudjan.

    Sakharine and Red Rackham are the same character: a descendat of the pirate that wants the treasure. He’s the main villain (Daniel Craig)

  35. Rianna Lauren

    @ Mike
    Yes, that’s a possibility I guess. But I am quite sure that in the canon Sakharine is not a descendant of Red Rackham. And I really, reaaally hope Sakharine isn’t a bad guy. *crosses fingers*

    @ Picaro
    That’s what I told myself, looking at the canon, but then again this is the movie which, for all we know, may be altered so much that Sakharine becomes the bad guy. But if you translate this article, It says that Salaad lives in what Tintin fans recognize as Marlinspike Hall. THAT’S how far they’re changing the story.

    Gosh I really wanted to see the Bird Brothers. ;___;

  36. Picaro

    Salaad lives in Morocco where the THIRD unicorn could be inside his palace, not in Marlinspike.

    Daniel Craig obviously is a double character, that’s why he’s in the 3 main credits. I think he’s the pirate Red Rackham in the naval battle sequence, and in present day he’s his descendant RED Rackahm, a character that’s is a mix between Sakharine, the Bird Brothers and the pirate Rackham.

    The stoy have more intensity with the conforntation in present day between the 2 descendants: Haddock and Rackham.

  37. I think it’s unfair to one of the great villains of the books do not appear in the film! ;_;

    Where are Rastapopoulos, Dr. Muller, Mitshuhirato and other bad guys who faced Tintin? I don’t think necessary to invent a new villain for the film cause Hergé created these fantastic villains. And as the next film will be based on “Prisoners of the Sun”, it’s highly unlikely that the characters cited to appear… I repeat: I think it unfair to the great enemies do not appear in Tintin trilogy!

    I even see Alfred Molina as Rastapopoulos, Antonio Banderas as General Alcazar… I would like Cigars / Lotus was adapted… =(

  38. Pe-ads

    I think introducing Rastapopulos would been a bit of a stretch… he’s Allan’s master later on: I prefer it that way. And he’s not subtle enough to follow all the clues. Rastapopulos has always been more brash like “Hey, let’s steal an experimental plane and ransom a millionaire!” kind of thing.

    And perhaps Salaad is Sakharine. I really don’t know. But I think missing out the Bird Brothers is fine, at least for me. I always found them boring and not scary at all.

    I think Ernie is one of Allan’s cronies…

    However they’ve done, we can be sure that Jackson and Spielberg will make a stunning film in the spirit of the books. I always found Sakharine a bit nasty anyway: he’s pretty slimy and obsequious.

  39. Rianna Lauren

    @ Picaro
    Alright, I guess it’s possible. Do you have a link/source to what you’ve told us? The third Unicorn in Salaad’s place, Daniel Craig with 3 roles, etc.? Thank you.

    @ Britto
    If they brought in Rastapopoulos and Muller and all it would’ve been a disaster. Not because of anything, really, other than the title Secret of the Unicorn itself never involved any of them… But for the third adaptation, I do wish to see them. Perhaps Red Sea Sharks so we can see them all at once? 8D

    However all this turns out in the future, for now, I have faith in Spielberg, Jackson, and all three writers. Hoping for the best!

  40. When I spoke to Rastapopoulos and other villains, I didn’t mean that they should enter the first movie, but in some part of the trilogy. And as the second is based on “Prisoners”and the third probably in “Moon”, I think unlikely that they participate. What would be a pity …

  41. Mike Dutton

    If Tintin in Tibet is one of the movies, they will have to tell bits of The Blue Lotus. Chances of Rastapopoulos being the main villain in that one are unlikely, because Tibet has no villains, but he could be there to some extent, which would be good enough for me. 🙂

  42. Picaro

    @ Rianna

    I have no links/sources, but it seems logical beacuse Daniel Craig is a great star and his name is in the credits with Bell/Serkis so he’s playing a major role.

    We know that Salaad is played by a moroccan actor, not Craig. Craig is Red Rackham, the pirate in the flashback sequences and another role in present day. So I assume that they used the look of Sakharine to create a new character: Red Rackham, the descendant of the pirate who also wants to recover the tresure.

    I think also that the movie could begin with the naval battle, like the prologue of The Lord Of The Rings, and then go to Brussels and meeting Tintin in his house.

  43. Rianna Lauren

    @ Picaro
    Well then everything you’ve said were pure assumptions? And “Craig is Red Rackham, the pirate in the flashback sequences and another role in present day”, was it ever told officially that he also plays a role in the present day? I know it is officially told with Serkis, but Craig?

    If you have no sources then it could be Salaad owning Marlinspike, though not said directly, it could be the second Unicorn that he has or even the first for all we know, depends on how far they change the canon storyline, and the guy with Allan could be a Sakharine, could be a Salaad. It’s possible, I mean anything is possible right now if we are only to speculate from a one minute trailer, but how do you even come up with all this?
    f it’s Sakharine I’d be disappointed with how much they alter the story. Especially recreating a new character from existing ones (doesn’t include Tintin’s boss, rival, etc. Those are I’m okay with.)

    The thing is I don’t even know how people here assume Sakharine is Rackham’s evil descendant. Yes they look alike, yes it’s a (wild) possibility, but it never is that way in the canon and maybe it’s because I trust both Spielberg and Jackson and all writers so much, but if there’s no official sources stating so (especially with the part of Craig playing THREE roles), then I’m not going to think or worry so much about it.

    Just thought I’d share. Please don’t attack me. :l

  44. Picaro

    I’m only making hypothesis, not saying that I’m right.

    I think that if they get a big star like Daniel Craig they will use him in a big role, not only as a pirate in the battle sequence.

    He coul play TWO roles (not 3): Red Racham the pirate, and his descendant of the same name (Like Haddock). The look of his descendant could be similar to Sakharine.

    Salaad is played by a moroccan actor and the man in the trailer is not moroccan or looks like Omar Ben Salaad. He looks like Sakharine from the album and that character could be the principal bad guy in the movie.

    So, my theory is: Daniel Craig playing
    1. Red Rackham the pirate
    2. Red Rackham the descendant with the appeareance of the Sakharine from the albums

  45. Steven (NL)

    My thoughts exactly, Picaro, like I posted before.
    A small proof? At the end of the international trailer, the one with the extra footage at the beginning, you can clearly hear Daniel Graig’s voice, asking “That young man, what’s his name?” and the reply (from Allan?) comes “That’s Tintin”.
    Craig’s been cast as Red Rackham. But how could a 18th century pirate meet Tintin?
    Conclusion, he also lives in the present, and from what we know from the trailer it is easy to add things further up. There is a remarkable similar descendant, just like the Haddocks, with the looks of the Sakharine from the album, but embodying most of the bad guys from the original story in one.

  46. Rianna Lauren

    A hypothesis then. Understood.

    You sure that’s Craig? I thought the one who asked was Allan and the guy who answered was Ernie? I mean, Allan can’t have that voice and that accent. ;O …*is an Allan fan*

  47. Mike Dutton

    I have the feeling that the film will change a lot from the books, but with that said, yes, it may be disappointing, but I won’t let it ruin the film. People talk about being disappointed if the adaptation is too different, or if a character is doing something different, but I’m not going to hate the film for it. Why? Because it’s a film. I know people will be concerned about the film staying true to the comic, but at the same time, it is a movie first, and a comic second.

  48. Philip

    What I love about the Thompson twins in the trailer is that, like complete idiots, they have the newspaper turned upside down, and that it is really comic to see that between the cutouts for their eyes, you could imagine their mustaches in the brush and the plunger on the newspaper… If you see what details are embedded in this shot, the movie will be a feast!

  49. Aidan

    PJ has said the movie will have Golden Claws, Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure so why isn’t Calculus in the cast? He lends Tintin his shark submarine to search for the Uncorn… they can’t skip that out can they?

  50. Pe-ads


    Most people here are of the impression that Calculus nor the search for the ship will be in the film. Most likely they just find the treasure at Marlinspike (or wherever) without having to sail halfway around the world first. I always thought that was a bit of an anticlimax anyway…

  51. stephen

    Supporting the hypothesis that Craig is a new guy also named Red Rackham is the phrase found on the new official movie site linked with for the american audiences. He is clearly stated as the ”nefarious Red Rackham” right next to Tintin, the reporter who is ”thrust into a world of adventure” because of his ”relentless pursuit of a good story”.
    I don’t know about you guys, but I think it will be interesting to see a ”story-driven” Tintin. Not only did Tintin never write an article for the newspaper in any story but ”Tintin in the land of the Soviets’, he also seemed to not care about GETTING stories either. Most of the time he actually was in the newspaper. I think this was because at the time readers of Herge’s adventures reading it from the newspaper would be more interested in wild fun adventures around the world that weren’t related to how Tintin got a story, and the profession just stuck because of the first comic Herge did. To see Tintin as a REAL reporter will actually be a stranger ”change” for me than seeing a new villain. A villain essentially has the same role in a Tintin story no matter what you call him. But the whole reporter thing affects Tintin’s very definition. I’m definitely not saying it’ll go against the originals. But it will certainly be different, in a ”not bad but I’m not sure how I’ll like it” kind of way.

  52. Aidan

    I thought an underwater environment would be good for the 3D movie… and the island. Since PJ pretty much confirmed he’ll be doing Prisoners of the Sun next I thought they’d wanna introduce Calculus in this movie.
    oh well

  53. Stephen

    Introducing Calculus might be good for the story of prisoners of the sun. While I miss the idea that they were already good friends, perhaps they introduce him at the beginning along with the guys who went to the inca temple and, when he’s kidnapped, Tintin and Haddock have to go rescue him. The downside to that is that he STILL won’t be in most of the movie…

  54. Steven (NL)

    I’m quite sure that Calculus will not be in the first movie. Such an important role calls for a well known actor and we all know he’s not even cast!

    Probably they will follow the same receipe as they did for captain Haddock in the first movie: First introduce the character in some bits from another story and then continue with the title adventure. I think the 7 Crystall balls – that of course has to be included – has enough possibilities to introduce Calculus as one of the remaining scientists, or even as THE last remaining scientist, of the Sanders-Hardimuth expedition. Then Tintin and Haddock will stay in his house in stead of in Bergamot’s where they all get the nightmares and discover that Calculus is kidnapped right from under their noses. Thus making them feel personally responsible for saving him…

  55. Mike Dutton

    @ Steven (NL)

    That would be a brilliant plot. I’d go as far as to say that it would be the perfect plot for the film.

    Mind you, I would still want to see Tarragon, especially if he’s performed by Brian Blessed!

  56. jugulator

    Guys, this movie is the best animated movie you ever saw! I’m french so I already saw it last mounth. I can only encourrage you to go see it. It’s a pearl of adventure and funny stuffs and fantastic visuals…juste excellent.

  57. Fauna

    I LOVED the movie 🙂 i didn’t know who the heck Tintin was until I started taking French. The movie was phenomenal and well done (thanks to Spielburg). The only problem was it absolutely needed a girl character, even though the cartoons rarely had any girls involved. Maybe even some romance in between Tintin and a girl who shares the se age and interests would work! Tintin is such a handsome character anyway 😉 the sequel should defiantly give Tintin a girlfriend, romance is everything in the movie making world 😉 GO TINTIN!!!!

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