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New movie posters!

Empire just released not one but two incredibly awesome movie posters! They are so epic I hardly have to say anything about them. I will of course, but regardless they speak for themselves:

What’s worth mentioning?

  • Despite the lack of a subtitle, it is crystal clear that ”The Unicorn” is a ship, not a fantastical creature. The uninformed viewer will know the movie will be more like Pirates of The Caribbean in some scenes than ”My Little Pony”.
  • Snowy is not fat.
  • Tintin is not holding a gun. Spielberg made an epic movie poster without one.
  • The combination of dark shadows and blazing flames both on 16th century ships and 20th century seaplanes add the feel of mystery, action and adventure without any words needing to be said. In the first, the lighting is simply dark and mysterious, adding to the ”film noir”.
  • Tintin is obviously not really next to The Unicorn (unless the plot has been changed a lot…) in the first poster, so it may be too soon to assume that The Unicorn crashes in the desert. I think they just combined the sand and the water for dramatic effect and to add symmetry to the camels in the dessert on the left
  • Tintin himself looks incredible. If you look closely at his face I think you may actually recognize his expression and even his pose from a panel in the comics. I definitely think they made his face dark here only for dramatic effect, nothing more.
  • Hergé name is clearly mentioned before even the actor’s names. I’m sure he would appreciate that. I wonder if Moulinsart had anything to do with that…
  • The 3D format will be well worth a watch.
  • Finally, Spielberg and Jackson have done a magnificent job beginning their adverting campaign. I totally believe that even if I had never heard of Tintin I would gape in awe at these two posters. I just realized that Tintin is going to be that much more incredible and full scale than even I had imagined.

New trailer to come out tomorrow

At the end of empire’s post, they just threw in the info that the new Tintin trailer will not be released with Kung Fu Panda 2 but will actually in fact be on their site tomorrow morning! I am so excited! And after seeing these images, I am even more excited! These are definitely my favorite still images of Tintin released so far. I love every bit of them! I’m really hoping for another image of Haddock. I don’t know if I’m going to sleep tonight…


  1. Hey

    Looks amazing. This movie is coming together. And the advertising is flawless. And I might also stay up just to see the teaser tomorrow:/ or maybe not. I also love that tintin doesn’t have a smile, and looks like some kind of serious spy. Even snowy looks bad@$$.

  2. Proman

    What makes me so happy is that they totally nailed Tintin. The age, dimeanor and a sense of presence. He’s not a little kid nor is he an adult just perfect.

    I do want to say one thing – while I am shaking in excitement here waiting for the trailer and will watch it and rewatch it dozens of times over – I will also try to make it to theaters for Pirates and Kung Fu Panda to REALLY experience it on the big screen and in 3D. Only that could do it justice.

    P.S.The international site has the poster up 😉 .

  3. Pe-ads

    Yeah! I am now sooooo psyched for this! I forgot to check this site yesterday: and I’m glad I did! I have an exam today, and I wouldn’t have got any sleep 😛 But this morning I come to the site, and have TWO posters AND a teaser trailer! I can’t wait to see Tintinology’s analysis 🙂

    The Empire one and the Apple Trailers one (which seems to be the one all over YouTube) are ever so slightly different. The Empire one has the same shots, BUT at the end you hear two (presumably bad guy) voices talking about Tintin. In the Apple version, Tintin says “We can’t turn back. Not now. Not now.” The Empire one also says “In 3D” after the men speaking.

    I find it bizarre that they’d have those subtle differences, but at least it means we kind of have two trailers 😛


  4. Mike Dutton

    @ Wolfgang

    Guess they’re merging the books in a more unusual way than we’d expected. After all, look how Tintin finds the Unicorn…

  5. Mike Dutton

    I feel that the funniest part of the trailer is the Thompsons behind the newspaper. The pictures on the paper of a plunger and brush helps you distinguish which one is which. The plunger is straight, and the brush is curved slightly. Pegg is on the left, and Frost is on the right. Awesome!

  6. Wolfgang

    @ MIke Dutton

    Sakharine Vs Alan lol love to see that

    also i made the thompson newspaper scene my profile pic on facebook.
    ahh cant wait

  7. Hey

    Wow looks great! Can’t wait to see the motion capture (face motion) in action! It all looks great though! Visually it looks perfect and the animation is stunning!

  8. admin

    The international trailer (with slightly more of Tintin at the beginning) on You Tube:


    I like the extra few seconds of Tintin walking down the street. Gives a real chance to see how natural the motion-cap looks. I’m relieved it looks so good.


    P.s. Did anyone else screen grab the newspaper that T&T are hiding behind they could read it for any jokes / references? Or am I the only one that sad?

  9. Mike Dutton

    To quote what Jamie Bell said: “The problem with Motion Capture is that it hasn’t met with the right material yet, and Tintin is perfect for that.”… Come on people, is he wrong? 😀

  10. Stephen

    Ha ha ha sorry guys! I wanted to post sooner but was away all day! And as you can see in my post it took me a pretty long time to do 😀 I finally did get to sleep in the end btw 🙂

  11. I really like the poster where Tintin and Snowy are standing on top of a globe. It looks like one of those vintage 20s or 30s travel advertisement posters.

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