Tintin Movie Trailers

Tintin teaser trailer will come out this month

There is confirmation from Sony pictures that we can expect a teaser trailer this month. Also, Alberta film reviews says that it will be 1:o3 minutes long, and is G rated (thank goodness for that, we want the kids to be able to see this…). We don’t know what movie the trailer will be released with, but it should definitely be out before or with Kung Fu Panda 2 which comes out late this month. It might come out with Pirates of the Caribbean 4 as well. Both would be good choices because they are 3D films. Kung fu Panda 2 would make lots of sense because it is distributed by Paramount. There is precious little time until we see the trailer! You can bet you will find it here as soon as it comes out online too!

Thanks Britto and Proman for finding this stuff out! Keep it up!


  1. Mike Dutton

    By the way, I mentioned a few weeks ago I was starting a comic inspired by the clear line style. Well, four strips have been released on my DeviantArt account.

    Here’s the link to the teaser poster, promoting the first episode of 35 comic strips:


    You might not wish to mention this yet, or at all, as only four strips have been released, but there’s a new strip released every day at 7PM.

    Okay, it isn’t Tintin Movie related, but the clear line style I use is inspired by Tintin.

  2. Pe-ads


    I think that format looks great! I remember they did something similar a while ago (at least in the UK), where they had several albums of that size in one hardback book. They were a bit small and harder to read, but the new format with character bios and the like sounds like a lot of fun. However, why are they “young readers” albums if the print and pictures are going to be smaller?

  3. Stephen

    @Mike: Nice comic! One you have a bit more and news die down a bit (anybody remember the days when we were lucky to get Tintin movie news once a week? 🙂 ) I’ll make sure to mention it so that people know about it and can go check it out. Keep up the good work! I will be reading your strip.

  4. Proman

    Found a couple of interesting twitter posts:

    “ianloringIan Loring

    We just got the teaser for TinTin in, didn’t even know it was coming. I know nothing more other than its 1 min 12 seconds long”

    Makes me wonder if the extra 9 seconds came from the ratings warning and possibly studio logos, too.

    Then there is this one:

    “GreenwichPHGreenwich Pichouse

    Yu-Gi-Oh is now on screen @GreenwichPH, We put the #TinTin 3D trailer before the film… Looks sweet! Second performance at 3pm!”

    Say what???

    And hey, at least we know it “looks sweat”. The trailers definitely seem to be out…

  5. Picaro

    In the imdb forum of the movie someones said that he has seen the trailer in a survey:

    “Begins in a dark, attic-like room, where a kid lifts a blanket off of a glass box, inside is a scale model of a ship, then revealed to be the unicorn. then two guys are looking through a newspaper using holes that they tore out. theres some scenes with the kid punching some guy with his dog, a getaway car being watched by a guy with a gun, and that plane on the imdb picture ends up crashing. at the end of the trailer the ship is seen sailing through the desert on a tidal wave. oh, and theres some dialogue in scattered around.”

    Maybe the attic is Marlinspike/Moulinsart… I don’t understand the last image of the ship in the desert.

  6. Proman

    More twitter comments:

    “Just got to see the Tintin trailer. Was awesome. I love my job.”

    “Just saw the Tintin trailer, in 3D, in the cinema. Superb, great surprise to see that appear! Dunno if online yet.”

    The reactions seem very positive. Cannot friggin’ wait!!!

  7. Proman

    “Just done a quick check; Tintin trailer doesn’t seem to be out generally yet. Visually, it looks stunning. Very excited.”

  8. Proman

    And here is another one (Translated from Spanish):

    (El 3D de Thor es prescindible, el de TINTIN visto el trailer, todo lo contrario.)

    “The 3D Thor is dispensable, that of TINTIN seen the trailer, just the opposite. “

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