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Official Tintin movie website…in English!

The official website is out! Check it out! For now there is not much to see there, but like any official movie website we can expect it to be updated in time. Still, it’s well worth a visit. Want to go see those HD images we’ve seen a thousand times over again? There’s an image gallery. Curious about when Tintin Movie is coming out in Quatar? There is a great page showing a large amount of the international release dates for the film. North America and a few others were for some reason not included, but we know from pages like IMAX.com that Tintin will hit America and I suppose that the others will be posted in time. Make sure to ”like” the page if you’ve got a social network account of any sort. There’s a matching facebook page as well. The website also has a nice Tintin logo. Not the first one we’ve seen, but pretty cool none the less.

logo tintin

Here’s the site: http://www.tintin-movie.net/#

It’s interesting that the Japanese site actually has much more text. It has very little to do with the kind of things shown on this new site.

And of course Tintinology isn’t going anywhere. Make sure to keep checking back here for news and updates! There are so many these days…I’m glad I can keep all you Tintin fans informed.

But of course half of you seem to keep visiting this website to LEAVE news instead of find it out! Great job guys! You all do an awesome job at finding this stuff!


  1. Archibald

    The reason some of the dates are missing is because the page includes only countries where Sony will release the movie. Paramount will distribute the film in the UK, US, Asia (except India) and New Zealand.

    So this is probably the Sony website ; maybe Paramount will have a site of its own. We’ll see.

  2. Stephen

    @Britto: You are right. Paramount does distribute Dreamworks films. I had forgotten that. Oops 🙂
    @ Archibald: that’s right! I didn’t realize it was a sony page. It has an icon from Paramount in the corner but following links it’s pretty clear it’s a sony page. If Paramount get’s a site, I’ll post about it as well 🙂

  3. Pe-ads


    Ah, that makes sense. I presume Paramount will get the .com domain name then. I’m pretty sure it comes out in the UK in October half term, anyway.

  4. Archibald

    Release dates for the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New-Zealand and rest of Asia have been added to the site ! I guess there won’t be a Paramount website after all (which seems better, marketing-wise).

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