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Does anybody speak Japanese?

Britto left me a link to what could be some big news. It looks like what could be an official Tintin Movie website, including a new Tintin logo. The problem is I can’t make head or tail of it because it is entirely in Japanese. All of the text on the website is designed so that you can not high-light it, so I can’t even tell Google translator to attempt to translate it. But even if it could that kind of thing rarely works very well and it would be much better if a person could translate it. I know a lot of people read this blog. Do any of you happen to speak Japanese? Or know anybody who does? Maybe you know somebody who knows somebody who does?

If so, Tintinology would be forever in your debt if you could help us out. The page has nothing on it but a silhouette of Tintin in the background, a logo (with ”3D” under it), about a page or two of text, and links to other websites such as the Japanese version of Tintin.com or ways to ”like” the page on Facebook.  I for one would LOVE to know what the website says.  It doesn’t have to be an exact lengthy translation, just a basic summary of what it says, and if possible whether or not the site really is the first official movie site. I assume that the first page you see is a list of names of the makers of the movie and associated stuff like that. I’m particularly interested in what it says when you click on the yellow box below.

Here’s the site: http://tintin-movie.jp/

I am keeping my eyes open for similar sites in other languages but have not found anything yet. I would expect such if this really is the first official movie site outside of tintin.com’s Moulinsart blog. If it is, I have no idea why it first came out in Japanese.

Whatever this turns out to be, thanks Britto for finding this info!


  1. xenobarbarian

    Absolutely looks official to me. Here’s the first page of text translated more or less directly. I’ll look at getting the second page (if you click the yellow button) but that would take a lot more time.


    Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones series) and Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings series) present

    Steven Spielberg promises – in December 2011, there will be a special present set aside for you!

    “After waiting and hoping for 29 years, we’re finally bringing Tintin to the silver screen.
    “To live up to the story’s international scale and maintain the classic image of Tintin, we’re challenging ourselves to produce the first-ever full-digital 3D movie.
    “We’re looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with everyone in Japan.
    “I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

    Steven Spielberg, director
    The Adventures of Tintin
    * Secret of the Unicorn *

    Dec. 1 (Thu) TOHO Cinemas, Sukara-za; in theaters nationwide

  2. xenobarbarian

    Oops I forgot the button itself…


    Thoughts and hopes for “The Adventures of Tintin”
    Mr. Spielberg: First Step Toward a Dream

  3. xenobarbarian

    Second page text. Turns out it’s too much fun translating this stuff. It’s hardly professional, but this will at least give you a feel for the text.


    The worldwide bestseller that taught us that the most important thing in any age is courage: now brought to the silver screen

    Adapted from “The Adventures of Tintin”, by Belgian artist Herge. The story features the globe-hopping, thrilling, and exciting adventures of boy reporter Tintin, and his brave white fox terrier Snowy. The series, begun in 1929, was interrupted by Nazi Germany’s occupation of Belgium in 1940. However, the author Herge, wanting to encourage not only his own country, but those around the world suffering from war, started to write again. Through the stories of Tintin, he showed that curiosity and a sense of adventure are exactly what help get us through difficult times.

    Spielberg opens up this matchless curiosity and sense of adventure to the modern age!

    The thing that Spielberg feared most about making a movie adaptation of Tintin was destroying the series’ classic image. So, he turned to Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings series. Jackson, also an ardent fan of Tintin, took up the offer, and the two produced a full-digital 3D test run. On seeing it, Spielberg was confident that with Jackson, they could perfectly bring the world of Tintin to life: they had finally taken the first step toward a dream.

  4. xenobarbarian

    One more thing: it’s interesting how they chose to translate the subtitle “The Secret of the Unicorn”. I imagine some English-speaking viewers (unfamiliar with the material) might expect to be seeing magical creatures like something in Harry Potter, but in Japanese it is unambiguously the name of a ship– they use the suffix 号/go.

  5. TrueTintinFan

    I’m not really a master in Japanese but I’m learning it a little bit at a DS game. The website said the movie’s set in Belgium, further it gives information about the plot but after that I didn’t understand :S

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