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Quick Jamie Bell interview

I’ve actually quoted a bit from this before, but up until know hadn’t seen the whole video. You can watch it here. It’s short and doesn’t reveal much, but it’s still Jamie Bell on Tintin. He reveals that he is very confident that the movie will be a hit, and that they really just don’t want to let the fans down. I laughed when he was asked if he had seen any finished footage and if he could talk about a specific scene that stood out to him because he only answered about the scenes we already knew about from the empire photos (something like this: well…there’s a lot of different landscapes in the film..a scene in the ocean…in the dessert…there’s an airplane sequence that’s really fantastic…) Then he said ”this is all stuff from the book, I’m not really revealing anything, but I think for the fans who know it they will know what I’m talking about.”  I hope I can safely speak for the rest of the fans ”who know it” here saying that not one of those 3 scenes actually was in the book ”The Secret of The Unicorn”  as the title of the video suggests but were in ”The Crab With The Golden Claws” and there has got to be more footage out there they could let us see…He must have been tipped off by somebody not to reveal much to the press about the film’s other content.  Sorry, but this isn’t good news for those of us dying to see a trailer…looks like they are going to continue to be very secretive about what gets out and when. This is just a guess,but considering the movie comes out in the fall I don’t expect to see a trailer until late summer. I don’t know if I can wait that long…

There is also an interesting part where Bell is asked if the film could be ”potentially more successful than Avatar”. That would be cool, but as he himself said ”that’s a pretty high bar to break…”. Ha ha ha ha a REALLY high bar… My favorite part is the end ” We just want to create a nice family-oriented action-film with characters that feel like they’re your family”.  That’s the kind of great movie that is so uncommon today, and I’m sure that’s the kind of movie Hergé would have wanted.


  1. Proman

    Well, some sort of a trailer must premier with Super 8 (right?). Could be War Horse but if Steven is feeling particularly frisky it could be both (and both are IMAX though Super 8 is not 3D so it makes sense).

    With images released late last year I highly doubt they will tease us up until the very end.

  2. hey809

    the advertising for tintin is bad so far. we only got a few pictures that got mixed reactions. we dont even have teaser. they should release 2-4 pics and release a trailer in front of the big summer releases or even sooner. and then put it online after the weekend.they should have released atleast 5mins of footage at wondercon.

  3. Proman

    I disagree completely. This might be a good time to clear up a few misunderstandings. For one, some of the things you said could also apply to Avatar which didn’t show anything from the film up until very few months before the release. Tintin is still more than half a year away and so it seems to me that your criticism is a bit premature at this point.

    Other things don’t even make sense. Release 2-4 pics? They’ve done that (and by the way, these were *ALWAYS* going to be get some mixed reactions due to the nature of it being a new and somewhat misunderstood process – so there’s nothing suprising there). In fact they were quite wise to get those picture out early and away from the advertising proper – the goal was to make people get used to look of the chatacters so that by the time the actual trailer hits, they will ot be distracted by the style and will instead concentrate on the action. To that regard, I’d say they were successful as demonstrated by the increased degree of anticipation.

    One thing you seem to be forgetting is that, no one wants their product to PEAK months before the anticipated release date. Excitement should be increased slowly and I for one don’t think that showing footage at Wondercon (and no one really cares for this stuff anyway – besides Comicon is a uch better venue for this anyway) would this early would only cheapen what should be an event film. Many a movie failed because it cahsed all its chips too soon.

    You mentioned summer releases? What summer releases? These will be coming in the near future and you can bet that Tintin is going to be attached to the big ones like the ones we mentioned above (Super 8, Thor). These guys have a plan and I’m sure we only at the beginning stages. Soon, there’ll be toys, TV spots, tie-ins, etc.

    I know that wait can’t be difficult but I’ sure if we wait a bit more it will all pay off at the end.

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