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Anthony Horowitz to write screenplay for Tintin 2

The world-famous author and screen-writer will be writing the script for Tintin 2! This is absolutely wonderful news for those who are fans of his popular ”Alex Rider” series (me included). Anthony Horowitz is a wonderful storyteller and a master at keeping the reader interested. His own stories are full of adventure, and in the case of Alex Rider, also center around the action packed life of a teenager. He is also very experienced and is known for putting tons of research into his work. He focuses on the details,and that’s good news for a Tintin fan. Here we have the info straight from the horse’s mouth, while speaking on Richard Bacon’s radio 5 talk show:

I’m working in Hollywood at the moment, I’m writing a feature film even as we speak. I’ve been hired to write Tintin

The Secret of the Unicorn is being directed by Steven Spielberg and was written originally bySteven Moffat, of course the writer of Doctor Who in this country. He did a couple of drafts then it was taken over by Edgar Wright… they’ve got [that] coming out at Christmas and if that film is a success and works and gets an audience I’m writing the sequel to it, Prisoners of the Sun, which Peter Jackson is going to direct.

So the story of Tintin 2 has officially been chosen. We had heard rumors, especially from Peter, but this had not been confirmed until now.

Although I’ll admit that I was really hoping for ”The Calculus affair”, ”Prisoners of the Sun” is a great choice. Just like ”Secret of the Unicorn” it is a two-part series, and even among Hergé’ s other books it is considered to be a masterpiece. The story revolves around a mysterious ”curse” that puts 7 explorers into the hospital after their return from investigating some ruins in Peru and bringing artifacts back, among them an inca mummy.  One by one the explorers fall into a strange coma, and then Professor Calculus is kidnapped. Tintin and Haddock try to solve the mystery of the curse from the start, and then set off to save Calculus as well.

The book shows us just how far Tintin and Haddock will go to save a friend. They risk everything as they go through one adventure after another on their quest. In one part their train car is disconnected from the rest of the train and they slide down the mountains with no way of stopping their car. In another,they have to sneak onto a ship that says it is under quarantine with armed men on board. In the jungle they face vicious condors and crocodiles. Then they have to cross over a raging waterfall. And to top it all off, they stumble onto a secret hiding place where it turns out the ancient Incan people are still alive, where the whole gang is condemned to die at the stake, lit by the very power of the sun. It is not hard to see why this adventure was chosen to be adapted to the big screen. And I can’t think of a better person for the job to be writing the script than Anthony Horowitz.

For those of you wondering how this will tie in with ”Red Rackham’s Treasure” being the second movie (or at least the beginning of it), I’m not sure how it will play out.  It looks like they will introduce Calculus at the beginning of the movie and then kidnap him almost right afterwards. Just how much of Red Rackham’s Treasure, if any, will be in the movie? We will see. All we know is that Calculus HAS to be in Tintin 2,and we do not believe he is in Tintin 1 because he has not been cast. I think they will either tie in Red Rackham’s treasure at the very beginning of the film like they are doing with The Crab with the Golden Claws for the first movie, or take Calculus out of the ending of The Secret of The Unicorn-Red Rackham’s Treasure for Tintin 1 and have them find the treasure in the basement, then introduce him for Tintin 2 at the start of the film.  However they do it,  I’m sure they know how much the fans love Calculus and will make sure we have plenty of time to see him in the movie.

Very special thanks to Britto and Pro-man who found this information!!! I really appreciate it! Keep up the excellent work!




  1. Tom

    I guess they’ll introduce Calculus in beginning of 2nd make the first a cliffhanger so you would want go see 2nd movie 😛

  2. Stephen

    That’s what it looks like could happen. What’s weird about that idea is that finding the treasure would wind up being sort of a sub-plot inside the rest of the story, and they’ll either have to do some major changes to the story or find the treasure at the very beginning.

  3. Stephen

    Also,does it strike anybody else that the treasure in ”Red Rackham’s treasure”, for today’s modern movie age, is kind of weak? I mean in the end all they are are some jewels, and not that many at that. Even if they make sure to say they are valued millions of dollars, it’s not nearly as cool a treasure as say the gold coins from Pirates of the Caribbean or the ark of the covenant, or something like that…

  4. Mike Dutton

    This is also off topic, but soon, I’m going to start publishing a comic I’ve been working on for some time on Devant Art on the 9th of May. Is this related to Tintin in any way? Kind of, because it is drawn in the style of Clear Line, just like Tintin.

  5. Steven

    I think the complete treasure hunt is deleted from the first film. It will probably focus especially on Crab+Unicorn. Tintin and Haddock will simply find the treasure inside Marlinspike hall. Haddock then buys the castle and that’s the transistion to the 2nd movie: Haddock trying to live the life of a nobleman, wearing monocles and falling of his horse, etc.

  6. Proman

    It’ll be intetesting to see if Anthony will remain a sole writer on this project or if the guys who worked on the first film will also get involved in some way.

  7. Picaro

    I think that the Crab story will be introduced in the Unicorn narrative. Instead of Tintin kidnapped inside Marlinspike’s cellar he will be aboard the Karaboudjan, and then he encounters Haddock. They escape: atttack of the plane, desert etc… and then they find the last clue in Morocco. (Inside Omar Ben Salaad’s palace?)

    Maybe after that there’s a “time clock” racing to find the treasure in the island (Like the ending of Shooting Star). The last scenes could be finding the treasure inside Marlinspike’s cellar.

    It’s true that the treasure is a little weak, but it could be reinforce with the rivalry between haddock and Red Rackham’s descendant (Daniel Craig). Finding the treasure could be the last confrontantion of the pirate with the Captain. haddock triumphs and he’s no more an alcoholic.

  8. Stephen

    Good thinking Picaro. That seems like a great way to tie in the story. Maybe they even tie in the Thompson’s red jeep somewhere near. And Castafiore makes an appearance some place as well. Bird brother’s won’t even show up you are right, which makes sense since they have not been cast. They were pretty vague characters to begin with really…Allan is much more threatening…

  9. Steven

    (I hope some one still reads this here…)
    In the official Tintin webstore I noticed that some new small figurines have been released, based on Crab, Unicorn and Treasure. It also includes Thom(p)son in the striped bathing suite!
    As we also know that there is going to be a Meccano set for the red jeep, I strongly suspect this famous scene – perhaps amongst others – from the Black Gold is going to be featured in this movie! And that would rule that album out imho for one of the sequels.

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