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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost talk about their experience on set.

With their huge roles in the new Sci-fi film ”Paul” and the media’s renewed interest in getting a few words from them, it was inevitable that Tintin come up in an interview once again sooner or later. They made some comments on what it was like to work on set with Spielberg. Ironically this fits in well with my last post on what Spielberg had to say about working with the motion-capture set (which I later realized was literally year old news).

The stars talked about working on set with Steven:

“Steven, he did a lot of his own camera work,” Frost said. “He’d get a movement he really liked, punch the air and do a little dance. It’s intoxicating. You want to perform for him. You want to be around that kind of enthusiasm.”

They also talked about Spielberg’s new experience with the digital technology:

It was like he had a new train set,” Pegg said.”There was a genuine sense of novelty to him.”

They had a bit to say about Peter Jackson as well. Even though he mainly watched from a monitor in New Zealand,he had his part in the now finished shooting stage of the movie:

“Peter would do a bunch of rewrites at night while we were asleep,” Frost said, “and then we’d come in in the morning and be given the script.”

The stars  both worked in Motion-capture suits, and told us about that experience as well:

“It was like rehearsing a play, like when you’re a kid and you’re pretending that thing over there could be the Millennium Falcon,” Frost said. “You have to concentrate. Peter Jackson is on the monitor, Kathy Kennedy is there producing. Daniel Craig who looks amazing in a motion capture suit, by the way — is there. It’s like a big idiot’s dream.”

I know little about Nick and Simon since I personally haven’t seen any of their work,but from what I do know I get the comforting feeling that they work very well together and both have a tremendous sense of humor.  I am looking forward to seeing them as ”Thomson and Thompson”.

Also,I don’t know if anybody else already knew this info,but I don’t remember hearing anything about Kathy Kennedy producing the film.

Source: http://herocomplex.latimes.com/2011/03/14/tintin-simon-pegg-and-nick-frost-tells-tales-from-steven-spielbergs-new-tech-set/


  1. Pe-ads

    I had heard that Kathy Kennedy was producing the movie…

    Nice snippet of news, but I can’t wait for some “real” stuff: i.e. more images and a trailer 😀


  2. Louise A

    Pegg and Frost’s work is brilliant – hilarious and always pitch-perfect, which seems to be due to the great connection between the two actors; if any comedy duo could play the thom(p)sons with a sense of pairing and comedy, these two could 🙂

  3. Stephen

    I totally agree Pe-ads! I’m sorry there hasn’t been much more than this lately. New images would be great…I think some new images will come out at least by summer…but that’s just speculation…

  4. Pe-ads


    I’m not complaining! I think you and Chris do a great job of doing the blog and keeping it up to date. I’m just wishing that there was more news for you guys to report!

  5. Pe-ads


    I’m not complaining! I think you and Chris do a great job of doing the blog and keeping it up to date. I’m just wishing that there was more news for you guys to report!


  6. Tom

    Pegg & Frost are great, you have to check out Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz. It are some funny movies, I guess Paul will be funny too 😀

  7. Proman

    Aaron, I think the plan is to introduce Calculus in the next film to make it more exciting. They probably don’t want to reveal all the key characters all at once.

    Come to think of it, Yoda was introduced in the second Star Wars film too.

  8. Proman

    Stephen, that picture you got there at the top of the page is brilliant by the way. They both have s imilar expression, look at different things at one’s a little taller. Perfect.

  9. Stephen

    thanks! I really like that picture too. They are different,yet the look alike in many ways! I can’t wait to see them in the movie…

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