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Possible leak about the Tintin Videogame?

Since many of you don’t know much about me,I’ll tell you now that I am extremely optimistic,and my optimism duplicates when it comes to Tintin and the Tintin Movie. I hold news and gossip  innocent until proven guilty and I make sure to find a silver lining for every cloud. Above all,I keep my hopes high.  But I will confess if there was one thing related to this movie that I do not have high hopes for it would be it’s video game. However I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

The following may or may not be some of the first info we have had in a long time about the upcoming Ubisoft Tintin game. It may not even have ANYTHING to do with it. Time will tell. According to what I have found online,4 months before E3 a worker at Ubisoft montpelier leaked out some info about upcoming titles. I’m assuming there were more along with this picture,but this is the image of interest:

Early 2010 fits in with our first info about the making of a Tintin game.  If the title ”to be announced” really is the Tintin game,we can expect more information half way through this year. I’m hoping against hope we will have a trailer by then too. But how do we even know the game has anything to do with Tintin?

The following sketches,also found from people working at Ubisoft, could be a clue. Take a very close look at this picture:

In the top right corner of the image the word ”Dupont” can be read. I’d say it’s fairly clear. Clearer at least than whatever it says at the bottom left (I can make out Tindte ,a circled X,and either Alahli,Abahli or Alalili. I can’t find anything online that would give me more clues as to what those words mean.)

But the key is Dupont. Dupont is the French name for one of the Thompson twosome.  It would be a pretty big coincidence for that name to show up in a sketch for a video game being made my Ubisoft that mas not Tintin…so it is very possible that the sketches above really are of the Tintin Videogame. It’s like Alpha-art all over again.

What do we learn from these images?

Well for one thing we can gather from the first image that the game will be an adventure/platform game. Platform games have not been popular for a long time,especially for systems that you plug into your TV. Of course there is the notable exception of a few Nintendo titles,but even these really only bring back nostalgia from their predecessors with new looks and twists. Most people today enjoy the freedom of being able to move the camera from side to side and do more things in the game’s worlds than what the average platform game allows. However,there is one system that continues to come out with platform games frequently: the Nintendo DS. Months ago a rumor came out that this game will only come out for the DS and the Wii. Though I still don’t believe it,we can be fairly sure a DS game will come out. And anybody who has played on a Nintendo DS knows you just can’t make the same kind of game for it as you could for an Xbox 360. They are two drastically different things.

Hence it would not surprise me if they made different versions with different genres. It is not uncommon for a DS version to be totally different from other versions. I am guessing Ubisoft will only make the game a Platform game for the Nintendo DS. It is possible it be that way for all systems,but I would say that’s highly unlikely, especially since this is a movie based game. Since the sketches are obviously of a platform game,that probably means that they only apply to the DS version.

We can gather from these pictures that there will be doors that open and close, levers, and elevated parts of the floor to climb up or jump down to. We also see two characters in the same level in almost every sketch with a stick figure in it. I’m willing to bet they are Thomson and Thompson,adding to the possibility that this could be an early sketch. A drawing to the far right on the bottom looks like a character will be flung by somebody (or will throw something at somebody).  The abbreviations  at the top may stand for ”Navigate”,”Block” and the obvious ”Fight”.

Sadly,I predict that while this may be a fun game,even a great game,it most likely won’t have much to do with Tintin. Moving from left to right while searching for things,opening doors and fighting through enemies are all classics used in platform games,but have little to do with Tintin. It’s hard to see a game like Super Mario Bros without koopas or mushrooms.  But unless the movie adds a lot of new stuff they will have to add enemies for this game that just aren’t in the story. However, the extreme alternative is Tintin in Tibet,regarded by many to be a terribly boring game in which there is quite literally nothing to do but jump and dodge. Lots of things to dodge,nobody to ever hit. You actually wish Tintin was violent by the time you finish the game! Finding an intermediate stage between the two is no easy task. It may never have been their intention from the first place. And again,that is NOT necessarily a bad thing when it comes to the xperience.

I’ll definitely play it and will then decide if the game is worth it or not. Just because Tintin gets a little bit more like the hero of a platform game does not mean the game will be bad. As for what we can expect for the TV and PC,we will have to wait.

Thanks to Britto for finding this and posting this info on her blog which I read the best I can with Google translator.