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Tintin to be released in Imax 3D

This is an overdue post that keeps getting distracted by more recent news. Regardless of it being month old news , I believe it’s good news for those of us looking forward to see ”The Secret of The Unicorn” on the big screen. The screen just got a whole lot bigger.

Imax will be digitally re-mastering the upcoming movie up converting it to  the superior quality image and sound experience Imax as well as transforming it into Imax 3D.  I personally am a fan of Imax, but after doing some research online I discovered that not all share my opinion. I do not go to Imax often but the experiences I have had with it, especially in 3D, have been very good. What are the benefits and disadvantages of seeing the potential best film of 2011 on an IMAX screen?


Over the last few weeks I’ve read up on what people have to say about watching films in IMAX. There are a considerably large amount of complaints against it,and unfortunately, most are directed at films that were not originally shot using IMAX film.

The biggest complaint about watching the big IMAX screen is, ironically, that the screen is too big!  Nearly all viewers say it is much better to sit towards the back or in the dead center,or you could find yourself turning your head a lot. Don’t make the mistake of sitting in the front row. I always sit close to the back,near the middle of the row.

Another complaint is that IMAX 3D tires your eyes. Some will say this is true,other’s won’t. Personally I love the effect of things flying out from the screen and the illusion that things are closer or farther away than they really are. But the effect is not for everybody. Know your own limits on what kind of 3D is better for you. You may want to see it in good old fashioned 2D.  Again,seating is key: your eyes will do better if you aren’t watching the 3D from row number 3.

Some complain about the low quality of movies converted to IMAX that were shot on regular film,saying they are too blurry or grainy. For the most part people agree that the best IMAX movies are those that were MADE to be IMAX movies. I do not believe that Tintin will have this problem because of it’s digital nature. I’m no expert,but it should be much easier to upgrade a digital movie compared to upgrading a movie shot on film. An example of a digital film that was just released for IMAX is Disney’s new movie ”Tangled”. I have not seen this movie in IMAX so I have no idea what it’s like, and to be completely honest, I don’t plan to. The same process will be used on Pixar’s upcoming film ”Cars 2”

And then there is the age old problem that IMAX is expensive. Depending on where you go,it can be more than some would be willing to pay. But come on! We’ve been waiting forever for this movie! I’m willing to save a few dollars now to pay for the best experience possible. Now…is IMAX really the bext experience?


While some don’t like it, many will agree that it is very impressive to watch a movie on the IMAX screen.   The standard IMAX screen is  22 × 16.1 m,but can be larger! Rather than the screen being in the center of the wall, the screen practically IS the wall. This adds to the illusion that you are actually in the movie rather than just a mere witness of the events.  I think seeing the movie in Imax will pay off when it comes to watching those wide shots of the Sahara dessert or of the Unicorn sailing across the sea. It is truly an incredible experience to watch a movie on an IMAX screen.

The 3D makes the effect that much better. Imax has been offering an excellent 3D for years and continues to offer one of the best 3D experiences. Imax is known for making things look like they are popping out of the screen due to the screen’s huge size.

The IMAX sound experience culminates the effect. I have heard no complaints whatsoever about the incredible quality of the sound,the perfect synchronization with the image frame by frame,and the excellent positioning of the surround sound that especially helps make the 3D effect more believable. Keeping in mind that John Williams is doing the soundtrack for the Tintin Movie,I recommend watching the movie where you will be able to hear the experience best.

You still have time to decide how you will watch the movie. But best I can tell, watching the Secret of the Unicorn in IMAX Digital 3D will be more than worth it. I’ve been waiting for this movie for over 2 years now,and I am very excited that it will be available on one of the best experiences in the movie business,if not the best experience. I am constantly amazed at how well this movie is coming along. Tintin movie news just keeps getting better and better. I hope the fans will be pleased.

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  1. Glenn Mercer

    Help! I am sending this via comments because I can’t find another way to contact you. I have been trying to buy a copy of the map in your store, but the purchase process seems to be broken; I have tried both Firefox and another browser, but each time I hit the Google Checkout icon it goes to a blank page. Can you email me when the store is fixed or tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

  2. Pe-ads

    I kinda guessed it would be in 3D. As you said, I don’t really think the “conversion” thing applies: it was shot with mo-cap cameras, and is digital, so it’s not really converting the film. And I don’t think it’ll be grainy either, as it’s VERY high quality digital.

  3. Proman

    Pe-ads, the “news” aspect of this article is not the fact that it’s going to be shown in 3D, we knew as much from the very beginning, but the fact that the movie will be released in IMAX.

    And don’t have any conversion fears. There has not been a feature non-doc film yet released that had been shot enitely with IMAX cameras and most just had a sequence or two. Those films also, weren’t digital like Tintin and looked just fine when released in IMAX.

    P.S. It looks like this site’s been RIPPED OFF:


  4. Stephen

    Well,it’s possible that they read the article and copied the idea of the post,but they are as free to post the info as anybody else. And I really don’t care if they mention ”Lego Tintin” or what wish could be. Seriously,I’m a huge Lego fan and would love to see Lego Tintin more than almost any other Tintin movie merchandise,even if it doesn’t come out until Tintin 2. Whatever it takes to spread the idea 🙂 Other merchandise I’d love to see come out on the market would be a series of action figures (which I would be shocked to see NOT come out), and although this might be pushing what to hope for,a real replica of The Unicorn ship like the one in the book/movie. They actually made one many years ago when the book came out for collectors. I saw it in a museum and have wanted something like it ever since 🙂

  5. Wolfgang

    Well think about all producers these days think that 3D is the greatest thing since…….air. I think that 3D is a strain on the eyes…..but its not my desicision btw when is the trailer coming out i need to see this thing

  6. Stephen

    Oh,the day we get a release date on that WILL be the greatest thing since air! If any of you find any news on that,please let me know! That will most certainly be covered here!

  7. Emily

    I’ve been trolling lots of video sites for a first glimpse of the trailer, and so far nothing. But from what I’ve gathered on Moulinstart’s Tintin Facebook page, they’re still rendering Snowy’s fur and such. So it’s still being worked on.

    In news of IMAX, I don’t think we have any IMAX cinemas in my state of Australia. I’m going to search around, but most likely it will come to one of the smaller digital theatres. Which is sad. I want that full experieince. ):

  8. Dinesh

    Mars Needs Moms, a 3D movie created with mo-cap, just flopped hugely at the box office. What will this mean for the Tintin movie? Mo-cap has its problems, such as the dead-eye syndrome and the ‘uncanny valley’ problem. And the higher prices of 3d tickets also seem to be a problem. I hope the filmmakers will be able to reassure us.

  9. Stephen

    Oooh Dinesh,you are right. Keep in mind that that movie is Robert Zimeckis…and there will be a considerable difference between what we get from Peter Jackson than what we get from him. However you are right about the expensive price and the strange look. Tickets aren’t getting and cheaper,and we will just have to see if people like the look of the movie. One of my greatest worries is that people will consider it a movie that’s ”just for kids” when they see the animation,and that American’s who ”don’t know what a Tintin is” won’t give the thing a second glance. Hopefully they will make up for that in the propaganda.

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