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Empire Tintin Issue

A very quick update as I’m away for a long weekend in couple minutes.

The Empire magazine December issue has Tintin on the front, the two stills we have already seen plus an image of Tintin, Haddock & co in the desert (from Crab with the Golden Claws), an image of the Thompsons with Silk (the thief from Unicorn) and Tintin greeting Barnaby (who I cannot place off the top of my head). Additionally there are several behind the scenes photos and six pages of articles.

First impressions of the new images pretty much my reaction to the first two – parts of them look great (the Thompsons in particular) but the figures of Tintin, Haddock and Snowy in the desert look off somehow. Their shape or stances is just a little too cartoony for my taste.

Once I’ve had some time to read and digest the images over the weekend I’ll post more detailed thoughts. In the meantime, if you spot these images on the web, post the links in the comments below so that fans around the world can also see them.

Back soon, have a great weekend.


  1. Steven

    Barnaby is the man working for the Bird brothers to obtain the models of the Unicorn.

    Can’t waith to hold the magazine in my hands, but it has to be shipped overseas first… ;-(

  2. Proman

    Again, I think that the “cartoony” aspect will justify itself once we see the characters in motion. And in 3D! Don’t underestimate the importance depth can play in our perception of things like that. It’s good that it’s there. Tintin has plenty of slapstick and exaggerated poses/movements. I can’t imagine the characters without at least some cartooniness.

    And I would also like to join the chorus of people above and humbly request that anyone with the issue and a scanner posts a few images online. Thanks!

  3. :)

    Well now! Some kind soul on tumblr has taken photos of the magazine. They’re not scan-quality, but as someone living far from the UK with no other way to see the article anytime soon this is much appreciated. My curiosity has been satisfied, at least for a little bit :). With thanks to the uploader and Empire. Here is the link.

  4. Steven Gielen

    B.t.w., my main issue with the CGI Tintin is that he is too young!
    He looks like a boy of 10-11 y.o. in stead of 16(-18) what he’s supposed to be.

  5. Pe-ads

    I will hopefully scan next week and send the pictures to Chris (if he doesn’t mind hosting and I can find his contact details!) I will probably be too busy over the weekend to do it, though.

    Oh, and Barnaby is the guy who tries to buy one of the Unicorns, and who gets shot by the Bird Brothers.

    The only disturbing thing about the articles was no mention of Professor Calculus (except for in the bit about characters in general).

    Oh, and I’m guessing the Crab scenes will be flashbacks from the way some things are worded…


  6. Archibald

    And the scans have arrived :

    I did not do the scans myself. There are parts of the article missings, but if no one has posted the entire article before I receive my issue (probably next week), I’ll do it myself.

    I think these stills look great by the way.

  7. Emily

    @Pe-ads, I actually think that Calculus will be in the next movie. This film is based on Crab and Unicorn. The next one will be Rackham and whichever book Jackson chooses. Or that’s what I’ve been lead to believe…

    And Proman! Those are some good finds! I’m even more excited than before!

  8. Emily

    Also! In regards to the link with Barnaby: I certainly hope that the test with Snowy and Jackson dressed as Haddock ends up on the DVD release!

  9. Mike Dutton

    This is what I have to say about this film. I will try and be as professional as possible. Here we go:

    Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson have a lot on their shoulders at the moment. Tintin is one of the most famous comic book series in the world, and to bring the adventures to the big screen is no easy task. Not only that, but since Empire Magazine released the photos on the 4th, many people have had mixed reactions about this film judging by what they’ve seen on the still pictures. Well, I’ve talked about this a lot lately, but here’s my argument about the film as a whole… It looks fantastic. It isn’t just another movie about Tintin, it’s something else.

    When people complain about the photos, it’s not really worth it. These shots are snapped directly from moving footage, and unless you see these sequences in motion, there’s no doubt that they’re going to look a little goofy. Any photo does.
    To those who say that Tintin is not a franchise, that’s both true and false. The books are of their own canon, while the movies, television shows, theatre performances, and video games, are certainly a franchise.

    There’s the books, and there’s Tintin in the media, and media products are certainly of a franchise. To say that Tintin never was a franchise is almost the same as saying that the media products don’t exist. The thing is, these films may not be necessary, but even if they fail in the box office, they won’t taint the wonders of Hergé’s books, certainly not. They will live forever for certain. Nobody can deny, however, that unnecessary or not, the opportunity to see the boy reporter on the big screen is certainly worth it.

    I will also defend the style of Snowy. A lot of people complained that he looks awful. He doesn’t. When you have the magazine in hand, as I do, you can see the details better. He looks like a real dog, but is also instantly recognisable as Snowy. On top of that, the characters look like the characters from the books. The magazine has a picture of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as their characters from ‘Paul’, and then we see the Thompsons in the Tintin section. I couldn’t tell it was them in any way, because of how much they look like their characters. That was what Spielberg and Jackson were going for, so how can the fact that they pulled it off be a bad thing. It isn’t about creating characters on the computers that simply resemble the characters a bit, it’s about taking comic book images, turning them into real people, but making them immediately recognisable as the heroes of Hergé’s work.

    To those still unsatisfied with the pay off, I’m sorry, but Spielberg and Jackson have done it. The original 60’s films were good popcorn films, but they looked more like they put make-up on the characters and expected people to accept that they were the characters. In this movie, they ARE the characters, and anyone who is prepared to deny that fact are either lying, or just don’t have the passion for Tintin that the directors have.

    Anybody can get into the Tintin films at any age, and it is not a top priority for people to read the books from childhood in order to understand the charm and soul of the books. Spielberg may have found out about Tintin only 30 years ago, but when Hergé died, and the rights for the film returned to Moulinsart, he came back to do it again at a later date. If he didn’t have that passion, he would have left it to another director, or the film may never have been made. He wouldn’t have taken it back so he could throw some money into a blender to make a rubbish film. He puts a hell of a lot of effort into what he does, and so far, with this movie, he’s done just that. This is Steven Spielberg we’re talking about, not Uwe Boll.

    And as for the white/black sock argument, read ‘Golden Claws’ and ‘Unicorn’. Tintin wears black socks. It’s not about giving the character the standard image from the series, it’s making him the image from those books. People who deny this are already believing that it’s about the character’s appearances rather than the film itself, and that’s not it at all. If you wish to judge something by pictures only, go and visit an art gallery. There’s more to it than character images. There’s the acting, the story, and not to mention, the music; remember they have John Williams making the score for this film too? See? There’s more to it than character design.

    Each picture has been perfect, and they have delivered everything we wanted. But there’s so much more to see, so why walk away, saying it’s going to bomb? Give the movie a chance. We’ve seen barely a quarter of what the directors have worked so hard on. It’s not Hollywood making money, it’s two passionate directors fighting to make a thrilling picture, which I’m sure we all agree is more than can be said for Hollywood these days.

    As you can see, I look beyond the borders of the screen. I know what more there is to wait for. And from what I’ve seen, I will defend this movie to the death until it’s been released, and only then will I decide if my defence has been worth it. I’m sure it will have. So if you’re sceptical, always remember: “The best is yet to come”.

  10. Pe-ads

    @Mike Dutton:

    A short answer to a long post: I heartily agree.


    According to the article, the first film is based on Claws, Unicorn, and Rackham. I guess they might have the second movie being the rest, but I’m not so sure. I got the impression from the article (as I’ve said before), that it was the Unicorn books with Claws flashbacks. But then that’s my interpretation.

    I guess we’ll have to wait for a trailer/more info 🙁

  11. Stephen

    I love the look of Silk and the Thompsons! They are perfect in every way…Mutton you are absolutely right,the socks are not white,they are black. That just goes to show to what degree they are putting every last detail into this movie. It really doesn’t look like Calculus will be in in this first movie though…too bad. Of course we can’t know for sure, but it would surprise me that they would show Silk before they would show Calculus. Then again,there aren’t any other frames revealed that are from Red Rackham’s treasure so maybe it shouldn’t surprise us to not find Calculus in the stills revealed. As long as Calculus makes it into either this movie or the next,I’ll be happy. It would be a very serious error on the writers part to cut such a character out. Since his part hasn’t even been cast as far as we know,I would bet that we will see him in the film’s sequel. I still want to see how they transform Daniel Craig into Red Rackham 😀 I will be checking this website every day for more information on the movie.

  12. Emily

    @Mike Dutton:

    Here here! I agree 100% with everything you’ve said.


    I hope it is as you say and it’s a focus on Unicorn/Rackham with flashbacks to Crab, otherwise trying to stuff 3 books into one film is a little ambitious. But perhaps Spielberg and Jackson pull it off? We’ll just have to wait and see. I shall remain stubbornly optimistic about this until the film is out in cinemas. 🙂

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