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First Tintin Movie Images

The first two stills for Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, have been released.


An iconic scene from The Crab with the Golden Claws


Is this Tintin meeting Haddock for the first time?

Both images have been revealed by Empire Magazine and the December issue (available 4th November) will have more comments and news from the cast. Including this:

So what can we expect from the story? Here’s what Spielberg told us. “The first part of the film, which is the most mysterious part, certainly owes much to not only film noir but the whole German Brechtian theatre — some of our night scenes and our action scenes are very contrasty. But at the same time the movie is a hell of an adventure.”

The images follow a weekend-long teaser that slowly released close-ups of their cover. A full version of which is now available.


This image was specially created for the magazine and is not from the film.

All images are copyright to someone, though who the hell knows because Empire doesn’t say. So please credit Empire magazine if you reproduce them.


  1. Pe-ads

    Wow. Wow. Wow!

    I am sooooo going to rush into the village on Thursday and get this magazine…

    Oh, and thanks for the bonus pictures as well: they look great! I wouldn’t have thought of clicking on the banner…

    And if you read the article it says that Simon Pegg will be Thompson and Nick Frost will be Thomson. I hope they don’t pronounce the ‘p’, though: they did in the audio books and it sounded stupid when he said the classic line “Thompson with a ‘p’ as in psychology”, whilst pronouncing the ‘p’ :S

    The IMDB page appears to have updated actor info as well…

    At the bottom of the article on the movie, it says the UK release date will be OCTOBER 26th! w00t! That means it’ll be a half-term film, not a Christmas one, though. And Spielberg mentions a 3rd or 4th film.

  2. Mike Dutton

    People are already complaining that the CG looks too “Polar-Express-ish”, and the characters have “dead-eyes”, and are already screaming about how horrible the film looks and how horrible the film will be.

    What those people fail to realise is that this film is not Avatar, and was never meant to be Avatar from the start: it was meant to be Tintin. Now I remember a Peter Jackson interview where he said the characters will look like people, but real Hergé people. He isn’t wrong. They may not look perfect, but they look more like Hergé’s characters than the previous films did. They look great.

    As for judging how horrible the film will be, that’s an unfair statement, because no trailers have been released yet. People are entitled to their opinions, but to go to such extremes as to condemn the film after glimpsing at three photographs (which are probably incomplete) is absurd. At least wait for a trailer before judging anything.

    As I said, I think they look great, but I’m waiting for a trailer before I say anything.

  3. Proman

    Let the morons, have their moment of stupidity… There look phenomenal… better than we deserve.

    Look at Tintin’s face on the higher resolution version of the cover!

    Look at how much he looks like an earnest real boy and yet how true they have stayed to the character. They have retainted that simplicity of his look and made him real. Same for Haddock. So much character, so much grounding in the real world. And yet exactly as he should be.

    This should be a gorgeous film to see in motion.

    Can’t wait!

  4. Proman

    I would like to remind everyone of an earlier Spielberg quote:

    “We’ll be casting actors to play these characters, with all their performance choices accurately captured and applied to amazingly organic dimensional versions of Herge’s line drawings – the effect is startling,” said Spielberg. “Herge’s characters have been reborn as living beings, expressing emotion and displaying a soul which goes far beyond anything we’ve seen to date with computer animated characters. The use of capturing the performance of actors on a stage, allows Peter and I to direct these films just as we would with any other film we were making – they won’t have the feel of animation – they will have the style of live action films.”

  5. Pe-ads

    I agree wholeheartedly with you, Proman.

    The only thing I’m not liking so far is Snowy, and perhaps Captain Haddock’s expression a bit. But then, Captain Haddock is probably drunk on his picture, and there is one picture of Snowy front on. So I can’t really judge, and I realise that.

    I also hope that we’ll get some pictures of the Thom(p)sons in the magazine… and of course Silk, Allan, etc., though mainly the twins.

  6. @ Mike Dutton: I agree entirely about waiting to see the finished film, but the producers have put these images out there, and I think people are entitled to say if they find them poor or wanting.

    At the moment (and based solely on the three available images) I’d say that while they are impressive as CGI creations compared to other films, they don’t, to me at least, evoked the characters which Hergé drew, they haven’t found a 3D style which replicates the look of the books, and they don’t measure up to the live action movies or even the stop-motion “Crab” in those terms. They *do* look cold and lifeless, they do look awkward (what’s happened to Captain Haddock’s arms and shoulders on the life-boat?), and scenery doesn’t remind me of clear line art.

    That’s not to say they won’t work on their own terms, that the movie won’t be sensational, that the efffects work will be brilliant; it’s just a response to the assertion by the producer/ directors that the movie will be as if the books have leapt from page to screen, and I don’t think they do (so far).

  7. Proman

    Jock, I think you are missing the point there. While I do agree that people are entitled to their opinions, the simple truth is that the internet is full of people who don’t really have any opinions per se and are just waiting to for something new to hate. There hasn’t been a film in the age of the internet that had not been been premptively put through dirt, regardless of actual quality.

    To that extent, I do not think that Mike Dutto (and he is welcome to correct me on this) was addressing reasonable people who may have criticisms. I think that he’s talking about those few voices that are already condemning the film to failure and/or are making profane statements. There is a world of difference there. There is no need to take those things seriously or personally, because, as I’ve said before, these people are not looking to be pleased.

    All of that said, I do not share your critique at all. I can only see it as problem of false expectations. When the project was announced, we *knew* that creators were going for a new approach. We knew the characters would be rendered as people. And I think that, to that extent, these images are phenomenal. The thing is, I understand that you really cannot make a three dimensional person out of Tintin without altering the look at least somewhat. I mean, just try to visualize Tintin as drawn by Herge as and actual human being and you’ll probably know what I mean. The paradox of course, is that that even with those altearations, to me, the end result looks more faithful than any life action movie before. It’s subjective, of course but allow me to make a claim that I am a very very tough critic when it comes to isses like that.
    Honestly, I do not find Tintin’s look and his eyes to be anywhere close to lifeless. When I see at him I just see a young boy (and I get shivers just think that behind it all there’s Jamie Bell). I love Haddock too.

    In fact, I must have spent at least 5 hours before is looked at the image again, and I was amazed by how clearly it stayed in my mind. I also think that, in general a lot of people, need TimeoutException to adjust to the new look. It’s understandble that some mighht be in shock, if you will, because everything is so new and so, specific you know? Over the more extreme reactions would become as lot less so.

    And just think, so many people were extatic for the like of “How To Train You Dragon” and those film’s visuals do not even begin to compare. Nobody talked about lifelessness then and I am sure that it will not be an issue in the actual movie either.

    Don’t understimate the importance of seeing those characters in motion.
    too. You’d be amazed how much of an effect it could make. I also believe that having actual high resolution pictures, and not scans will make a difference too. Even seeing the images in the actual magazine might make a difference too. Remember those close-ups and how real they looked? That’s what I want to see more of! High definition images. That quality simply doesn’t come through in the teases Empire offered us so far.

    In the meantime though, let’s give the images the chance to sink in first. Who knows, they might become second nature (if not the first nature 😉 in no time. Just as they might launch radical new trends in boys haircuts…

  8. Pe-ads

    I agree with Proman that Tintin can never really be 3D and not be changed. I think the most accurate Tintin we’re ever going to get on film is in the original Stop-Motion ones.

    And yes, perhaps these pictures don’t really reflect the Ligne Claire look: perhaps the film won’t. But what I think everyone has to understand is that this film and its visuals are two directors’ takes on the books, combined with the actors’ takes on the characters.

    Heck, Haddock could have a Scottish accent, or be a Yorkshireman. I personally imagine him sounding a bit more Irish, and being sillier than gruff, but that’s just my opinion.

    It’s like when Jackson did The Lord of the Rings: all the die-hard fans were like ‘What on earth? Legolas would never do that!’ And quite a few rejected the film(s).

    I hope with the new Tintin the fans will be more forgiving, or, even better, understanding, of the films and (maybe) different art style. One thing can be said, though: they look a heck of a lot better than the old live-action movies!

  9. Emily

    @Libby and hagendavid. Have you even read the books? He often wears black socks! In most of the first books he wore black socks. If anything, they ARE the basics. And besides, what a petty thing to pick on.

    At first I was confused. I was expecting the characters to look like 3D models of their actual comic-book appearances. But the more I look at them, the more I like them.

    I agree with Pe-ads, it’s all about interpretation. I did film adaptations from novels at uni and it has made me more understanding of the processes of adapting books into film. Directors don’t have any obligation whatsoever to be ‘faithful’ to a book simply because it is not a matter of fidelity. These are two completely different mediums, even if the comics were very visual. Movie makers have a lot of other mediums inside the movie itself to work with, such as diagetic and non-diagetic sound, framing devices, etc. And they also have to work with the expectations of audiences. Now-a-days when people go to see an adventure movie, they expect action and edge-of-the-seat experiences that may not have been in the actual book.

    We should all be a little forgiving of this. There are other ways of analysing an adaptation without resorting to, ‘it wasn’t faithful’, ‘it was a betrayal of the comics’ etc. I’m interested to see how they’ve changed the scenes to better caprture the meaning of the story within a new medium, rather than to see how much like the books they’re going to be. Because let’s be honest, they’re not going to be a thing like the books. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be good.

    Besides. Capturing Herge’s clear line style would be so difficult in live action/3D film. Heck, we saw how much it failed in cartoon form with the Belvision movies and Nelvana’s series. It’s just too hard to animate. Let’s be realistic here.

  10. hagendavid

    How rude, Emily.
    Yes, I have read the books and am entitled to my petty opinion, as you are too. I didn’t do film adaptations at uni, but I can tell you that the iconic look of Tintin is absolutely important and mix-matching his “look” shows a lack of integrity. I don’t recall EVER seeing Tintin wearing black socks with his iconic blue jumper and that’s what unforgivable. I agree that we’ve only seen two stills from the film and shouldn’t pass judgment until we see the final output, but when that single image looks “off”…that gives me concern.
    I am quite comfortable with all the books (even the early ones) and certainly have seen Tintin wearing black socks with suit jacket and tie (as in the original logo that this movie poster was modeled upon) and with his early yellow shirt. If you put him in his blue jumper, you should give him white socks. You wouldn’t give Superman a green cape or Charlie Brown a blue shirt.
    There was a visually brilliant film, The Fall (2006) which I thought captured the Herge “look” with large areas of color and fantastical characters. I hope we see more before October, 2011.

  11. Emily

    @hagendavid. At the end of ‘Secret of the Unicorn’ and all throughout ‘Red Rackham’s Treasure’ Tintin is wearing his blue jumper and black socks. Which makes sense for them to put it into the film, as that is half of the movie itself.

  12. hey

    i was impressed by the cgi, but was surprised of what a great balance of realism and keeping herges artwork style spielberg did. i am very pleased with these images. they definitely photoreal. cant wait for trailer.

  13. hey

    will also like to add that tintin didnt wear the same cloths everytime. there are moments when he doesnt have his iconic cloths. so him having black socks isnt a big deal.

  14. Patric

    Peter Jackson was right wehn he said they’d look like real Herge people. THey lookexactly as you’d imagine them if they were real.

    oh and Tintin wears black socks in The Shooting Star, i think he wears them in other books too but i’m not sure which ones

  15. Brian Lussier

    Is it me, or does Captain Haddock kinda look like a po’d version of producer Peter Jackson? Anyway, I think the images are really cool and they look great. And although I tend to agree that Snowy doesn’t look quite right, look at the detail on that boat: it’s pretty amazing!

  16. Irina

    I’ve always admired the work of Mr. Peter Jackson and Mr. Steven Spielberg, but I have been a great fan of Tintin and especially Haddock all my life, and now I’m very disappointed with the images shown here. I thought and had read that the film would be following Herge’s outstanding line drawings -‘de klare lijn’ as we call it in Holland and Belgium!- and colouring and would transform it in a 3D world. But what we see now looks like a Hollywood plastic kitsch interpretation of European cultrural heritage.
    As we saw happening to our poor friend Winnie the Pooh, who was brutally McDonaldized by that Disney factory. Shame… What a waste of such a beautiful chance, that Mr. Spielberg had to wait for so long.
    Ok I’ll wait for the trailer for my final jugdment.

    Irina Tournesol

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