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First Images of Tintin Movie Online – Sort Of

In what can only be described as a teaser campaign, Empire magazine has tiny, close up fragments of the first images from the Tintin movie.


They seem to be releasing one a day. every few hours. The first five six are up and there are space for seven more. So we can expect the first full images on the 8th of November or there about Monday.

The best guess for what the images show:

  • ???
  • Snowy’s Fur
  • ???
  • Tintin’s Jumper
  • A Sock

What Does This Tell Us

Not a lot except that the movie will use incredibly real looking textures. Which suggests there will be nothing cartoony about this animation. I expect to see a world that has Herge’s distinctive style but with an amazing level of detail.

It looks like the long wait for the first images will be worth it.


Sharp eyed Proman has spotted that they are going up faster than one a day and that new objects are added to the background images. See comments for more details.


  1. Proman

    Two comments:

    The pictures are being released at faster rate than one a day. I wouldn’t be suprised if the whole thing is up before Monday. Also, not the background changes as well – initially the camera and the telescope weren’t there.

    Also, I simply cannot wrap my brain around these being real shots from the movie. I have no doubt that qualitywise, they are representative and have no doubt Spielberg will deliver a fantastic looking masterpiece. It is possible however that the shots are just clues. Otherwise… oh boy.

  2. Proman

    Quick update: it’s definitely from their cover according this comment on the official Twitter page of Empire magazine (you may have to scroll down to see it):

    “Tomorrow we begin to reveal our next cover. It’s so exclusive I get shivers just thinking about it. What could it be? ”

  3. Gabriel

    1 could be a sandy/rocky background, based on the background of the shoe image.

    3 looks like the shadow of Tintin’s hand on his brown trousers.

    The quality of these segments looks mind blowing! Can’t wait for the whole image — I am refreshing every few minutes!

  4. Gabriel

    My guess is the bottle is actually one of the rum bottles from the shipwreck… judging from the shape, and also the lack of a label.

  5. Pe-ads


    Saw the title of this in my Live Bookmarks Feeds: ‘First Pictures of Tintin M…’. I’m like oh my days! Then it’s this 😉

    This is an awesome way to do it, though. And tomorrow, when the cover IS Tintin (it WILL be!), I will probably buy Empire…

  6. Stephen

    WOW! That is so incredibly detailed! I can’t wait to see a real image all put together. I noticed that Tint’n nose is slightly more human than his real nose is…making him look more like an actor. I don’t know quite what that will mean about the shape of his head,but I think you are right to assume this will not just be some cartoonish looking movie. It looks so…professional. I love it 🙂

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