Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg

How Simon Pegg Choose Spielberg over Tarantino

Apparently, Simon Pegg (Thompson or possibly Thomson) ‘agonised over Tarantino rejection‘ when the filming dates for Tintin and Inglourious Basterds clashed.

The story is pretty thin and originated from the News of the World (not the world’s most reliable paper). I would link to the original sources but the NotW is part of Murdoch empire and now behind a pay-wall.

Burke & Hare

In better and more reliable news, Simon Pegg Andy Serkis (Capt. Haddock) are starring together in the new comedy, Burke & Hare.

Edit: And Paul

Thanks to Tom for reminding me. Pegg and Nick Frost are teaming up for Paul, a comedy adventure where a couple of SF fans find an alien.

Video: Exclusive: Paul – Trailer

Sorry about the annoying 20 second advert before the 1 minute trailer but I can’t get rid of it.


  1. Tom

    the paul movie seems funny too,

    btw: he’s also playing a big role in Mission Impossible IV which comes out around same time as Tintin movie?

  2. Paul

    Very interesting story! I wonder who would have gotten the role if not Pegg…

    And I would love if they talked more about the script, story and characters instead of the same old talk about the effects.

  3. Proman

    OK, looking at the picture again I am 98% sure, it is in fact going to be Tintin. This is the biggest Tintin film news of the year.

  4. Archibald

    Cool, but at the same time so frustrating. My guesses, from left to right : background, Snowy, Tintin’s pants and Tintin’s sweater.

    I can’t wait for the whole thing !

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