1. Stephen

    If it can be made for PS3,Xbox 360 and PC will be just as doable. Anyway,I wouldn’t pay much atention to it yet,at least if the first article is as accurate in it’s researching and information as it is it’s spelling…(James Cameroon? Bloom Box?? πŸ˜€ ) And I just don’t believe no portable version will come out. My guess is that the second page is right and there will be different versions for different systems. I happen to have a Wii and a PC so I am all for both πŸ™‚ A wii game with lots of movement seems only fair for a character as dynamic as tintin.

  2. Mike Dutton

    Though I did make that review of Tintin in Tibet in the past, I must admit that I don’t really have high hopes for this game. It’ll most likely be nothing but another average movie based game.

  3. Archibald

    Maybe it will not be another everage movie based game. Actually, I have pretty high hopes for tthis one. It is developed in Ubisoft Montpellier, by the same team who did Beyond Good & Evil (a very good game, directed by the talented Michel Ancel).

    Peter Jackson probably went with that studio, because it was the same who did the tie-in game for his King Kong in 2005 ; and he was probably happy with the final result and chose to trust Ubisoft Montepellier again.

    King Kong was directed by Michel Ancel himself, but it looks like Tintin will not be, unfortunately. Ancel is busy on Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Rayman 4, and will probably serve as a producer here

    Anyway, I have a PS3, and this game will be mine come late 2011.

  4. Pe-ads

    Sounds cool. May buy it if it comes out on PC and looks exceptionally good, but I don’t really have enough cash to buy PC games, as I tend to spend my money on other things.

  5. Stephen

    well,I think there is a big difference between King Kong’s first person shooter game and whatever Tintin will be,but I’m looking forward to being able to control Tintin in a graphic environment that doesn’t look like it came straight off of a Nintendo Gameboy. That’s an exaggeration,but if it really is closely tied into the plot of the movie,we know the plot will be good. Being the Tintin fanatic I am,I will buy it whether it ranks up in the charts or if it goes on sale for 5 bucks in a year (oooh…in that case I will probably buy many of them …)

  6. Tom

    I hope we see an announcement of the game on E3 2010 :).
    Who knows spielberg might reveal picture of tintin movie there .. he was on e3 last year at least

  7. Proman

    It’s too early for pictures. However, the movie logo is already here (can you already tell I’m excited for this movie πŸ˜‰ ?

    Yes the logo is here and it’s absolutely class. It’s vintage looking and completely falls in line with those comments about “Timeless Europe” we heard earlier.

    I have to say, I really love how it places the emphasis on Tintin’s name and almost seems to scream in bold red letters.

    I am really excited for what Spielberg cooks up for us.

    See for yourself here, mates:


  8. Proman

    Sorry Tom but your logo, while a good (really) tribute is a bit off. I recommend just flipping the official one in Photoshop.

  9. Stephen

    Excited about the new logo! It really looks just like the real one but red. The rest of the world will recognize Tintin’s bold name in red letter by next Christmas!
    Hey Chris,I noticed on this webpage that Proman left a link to that there are several names in the ”cast” section below that you don’t have on the side of your page with the others. In case you are interested in updating or adding another post on the cast,the ”new” names are Cary Elwes,Tony Curran and Sebastian RochΓ©. I’m not one to talk but I’ve never heard of any of them. Apparently Cary was on ”A Christmas Carol”, tony was on 3 episodes of 24 and the movie Ondine,and Sebastian was on What We Do is Secret and also on 24 for 2 episodes. I just got this stuff by clicking on their names,you can check how reliable it all is. Between this and the Logo,you may just have something new to post about.

  10. Mike Dutton

    What bothers me about this Tintin movie is one thing: They seem to be hiding some cast members. After all, This movie is said to tell Secret of the Unicorn AND Red Rackham’s Treasure, among others for consistency (the introduction of the captain, for example). However, I do admit that there is no real confirmation that Red Rackham’s Treasure isn’t the second film, but with Peter Jackson debating on what his next movie will be, it leads me to assume that Red Rackham’s Treasure will not be the sequel, and that the two-part story will be wrapped up in one single film. I have no problem with this at all; they must assume there is a chance that the film will not be a success, and they will not include a cliffhanger for their first film. Like I said, my problem is that some characters haven’t been cast (or perhaps have, just not yet revealed to the public). Characters like Professor Calculus, Ivan Sakharine, and the Bird Brothers have not been confirmed to be evenfeatured in the film. Not to mention, there are the two fictional characters made especially for the film. Has that idea been forgotten, scrapped, or is it going ahead? Without a fully confirmed cast list, there’s no way to find out!
    Still, whatever they may be, it is clear that this film is going to stand out. With a logo like that, and with the vision Spielberg and Jackson have, it’s hard to imagine what the film will look like. But as a Tintin fan, I will still go see it, even if it ultimately fails at the box-office. I don’t see how that can happen, but we must nevertheless be realistic. Still, if anyone has any information at all on the rest of the cast (ie. the characters I have mentioned), I would be thankful if you were to let us all in on it.

  11. Proman

    Stephen, the cast names you’ve noticed are anything but new. In fact they have been announced and appeared on IMDb many many months ago. The great thing about this cast is that it is international (I for one am excited about Gad Elmaleh, among others). You can see the longer version of the cast + crew here:


    Note here, that Spielberg and Co. aren’t going for huge stars here but rather for character actors and performers. This is really encouraging.

    By the way, I cannot belive you don’t recognize Cary Elwes. He is the main hero in Princess Bride and Robin Hood: Men In Tights, for starters. I suggest checking out the pictures on the IMDb site. A lot of names are really quite familiar.

    By the way, if you go on the official site of the actress who plays (Bianca Castafiore) you will see that she is a real opera singer πŸ™‚ ! And there’s also a short comment about her participation in the film here:


    She is currently in post-production for the upcoming motion-capture animated film The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn with director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson scheduled for release in December, 2011. She will portray the role of Bianca Castafiore opposite Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis. Her many entrepreneurial endeavors can be found at http://www.KimStengel.com.

  12. Stephen

    thanks,my mistake. Looking at the list I noticed the lady in the phonebox is on it. I love that part of the book! I can’t wait to see it.

  13. Stephen

    I’ve looked into what seems to have become ”The Casting Calculus Affair” and I can only find one site that recently had any idea who might play him. Of course it is just rumors but at
    at the very end they mention how Toby Jones will ”most likely play professor Calculus”. Another page
    put a link to the post in a post with little information we didn’t already know. I find no other pages online and I don’t know where the first page got it’s info. But I do know that Toby Jones has been cast in the movie as Aristides Silk,the pickpocket. I noticed that there are a few other parts not mentioned as well,like the Bird Brothers for example. Could actors be playing multiple parts perhaps? It wouldn’t be a new idea. All you have to do is watch ”A Christmas Carol” or better yet,”The Polar Express” to find movies where one actor played almost half the cast. Spielberg obviously isn’t going to that extreme,but he does have the opportunity to pay one actor to do several roles and with motion capture it hardly makes any sense to pay for as many actors as he used to have to if less could do the job just as well or better. Maybe Calculus and Silk are both the same guy. Maybe the Bird brothers,if they are in the movie,are being played by anybody on the IMDB list and they just haven’t told us. I could easily be wrong,but that is my guess. If I find anything else I’ll post it here.

  14. Random Person

    I hope this game is a 3rd person shooter cause a lot of the tintin comics have guns in them so I think a 3rd person shooter (like SOCOM of mass effect) would be fun

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