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New Tintin Photos Not So New After All

It turns out the new photos from the filming of the Tintin movie I reported on the other day are not so new after all.

According to regular readers Sam and Proman, these have been out for a while and originally appeared on Somehow I had missed then when they first came out and despite having looked twice, I still cannot find their original appearance.

Note: The photos below are copyright to someone, probably the production company behind The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn or Moulinsart.

Tintin Movie filming (c)

Tintin Movie filming (c)
Tintin Movie filming (c)


  1. admin


    I saw you credited them to Do you have a link to the original page they came from on I always like to link back to the source of anything I carry.

  2. Haus

    Haus, maybe you can post the details on your block so that they can be linked to from this site? Thos eo fus hungry for any bits of info would appreciate.

  3. Mike Dutton

    There’s a new video with Simon Pegg on Youtube. He says in the short discussion that Jamie Bell will make a great Tintin, and also says that Daniel is great as a “camp” sort of villain. This kind of gives us an idea of what Red Rackham will be like in the film. While not much to go on, it’s still new information, something this site REALLY needs.

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