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New Photos! Jamie Bell on set with Snowy

Two new photos from the filming of Tintin have surfaced.


This shot (reportedly) shows Jamie Bell with another, unidentified actor and members of the crew. Snowy is simply a piece of cardboard on the end of a broomstick and just there so that the actors have something to react to when filming the scene.

Actually, that should be capturing, not filming, the scenes. There is no film or even video involved in this process.

The strange, wet-suit style, costumes the actors are wearing are covered with markers. These markers are tracked by sensors placed all over the room and their location are precisely recorded hundreds of times a second and stored to a computer. This data is then used in the CGI animation process allowing the director to create any style of image they want but based on the real movement of actors.

There is a second photo over at As Aventuras De Tintim, a Brazilian Tintin blog: EXCLUSIVO: Novas imagens do set de Tintim. I cannot find these images anywhere in the mainstream yet so this is a real scoop for them.


  1. Proman

    Yeah, these images are anything BUT new. I think I’ve seen these almost a year ago even before the first official images. So it’s not really an exclusive.

    And David, yep – that’s what the technology demands. You’ll notice that IMDb doesn’t credit a cinematographer – just a virtual camera operator.

  2. Stephen

    I am not one hundred percent sure,but the unidentified actor looks like he could be Andy Serkis. I am curious why the two characters are crouching the way they are. I can’t wait to see the movie!

  3. Adam

    Exactly , where are the god damn actual movie stills! I guess they are all still being precessed and rendered in some huge room filled with computers, you’d think, it being tintin a comic over how many years old they might take the old fashioned method of making a movie. I mean just looking at least pics make me think how joyus the film set would be devoid of all props, extras and mmmmmoh yeah set!

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