Bob Garcia – Victim of Moulinsart

Thanks to Boing Boing picking up a two month old article in the Daily Telegraph, Moulinsart’s persecution of Tintin fan Bob Garcia has become a hot topic.

Bob Garcia published two short books about Tintin that included copyrighted images that Mr Garcia used under the concept of Fair Dealing / Use. Moulinsart sued and initially lost, the judge upheld Garcia’s claim that the use of these copyrighted works was acceptable academic practice. However, Moulinsart appealed, Garcia lost and was presented with a £35,000 bill.

Unable to pay the bill and facing bankruptcy, Bob Garcia hoped to make some accommodation with Moulinsart and at first it look promising with Moulinsart making a statement on the situation. “We had the intention to find a solution. It is now discussed between lawyers”. According to Garcia, Moulinsart’s lawyers have never made any attempt at contact.

Since then the bills have continued to pile up for Mr Garcia. Just before Christmas he received a bill for €8000 from his lawyers.

To get a taste of Bob’s work, watch this short video of him being interviewed about the book. It is worth watching even if you don’t speak French, just to see the sort of images that Moulinsart think are a breach of copyright.

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  1. Stephen

    Apparently ”enough” money is a relative term. These guys are worse then police men who pull people over just because they feel like giving somebody a ticket and making a lot of money off of somebody at the same time for a minor unintentional accident done by somebody who didn’t even think they were breaking the law. If this is what they do to a guy for a couple images in a book I can hardly imagine what will happen next year when the movie comes out and Tintin is suddenly a very very popular icon being mentioned everywhere…

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