Help! Please Examine this Map Carefully


(c) Tintinology. Please click for a much larger version

I’m in the process of updating the Travels of a Boy Reporter map showing everywhere Tintin visited in his adventures. The updates are mostly technical and related to ensuring we our printers can produce the sharpest possible images. However this has involved re-entering all the text on the map and that means some typos might of slipped in.

Please examine the map looking for typos, spelling mistakes and other stupid gaffs.

If you find one, please tell me by commenting below. There will a free gift for anyone who finds a new mistake.

Many thanks and watch out for a special last minute Christmas sale in the next few days.


  1. Dave

    I thought it was always a bugger that Herge never drew Tintin being in Australia even though one – just one – more frame at the end of ‘Flight 714’ (with the plane touching down in Sydney) would have been magnificent. Ah well…
    So close, yet so far!

  2. It is a shame, he was just a few hundreds of miles away.

    There has been a fan-made Tintin book, Tintin in Australia. I’ve never read it and it, of course, is an illegal use of Moulinsart’s intellectual property.

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