Winners of the 21st Century Tintin Competition

Last week I asked for suitable titles for a 21st Century Tintin book and you have all amazed me with the quality of the entries. Many of you even put forward plot outlines which unfortunately I’ve had to remove from the web site for copyright reasons.

Picking just three entries that capture the nature of Tintin and the 21st Century has been hard. I’ve not used any formal criteria for picking the winners, I’ve simply gone for those titles that jump out to me.

The winners will received a free copy of Herge: The Man Who Created Tintin courtesy of Oxford University Press.

The Winners

Most Optimistic

Tintin’s adventures were frequently at the cutting edge of technology and unfailing optimistic about about the future. This entry captures both of these ideas.

Tintin on Mars

Congratulations Alex Razos

Most Geeky

In the 21st Century, the geeks run the world and geeks clever self-referential humour about the internet. The winning entry nails this.

Flight 404

Well done tweeter @PBX.

However we had another really good, geeky entry so I’m going to award special mystery bonus prize to tweeter @jamiepullman for this little gem.

Tintin and Wolfram Alphart

If you’re a little confused by this, check out this website.

Most Satirical

If I told you why the next winner had won I would probably get in trouble for both copyright infringement and libel. But if you have been following recent events relating to Moulinsart and noticing some changes around the web site, you will have a fair idea why this title wins.

The Moulinsart Conspiracy

Congratulations Dave.

Thanks Everyone

Thank you to everyone who entered. Judging the entries has been a lot of fun. I will be contacting the winners shortly and sending them their prizes.