Discount Tintin Merchandise

Our friends at Shop Tintin are doing a special promotion of discounted Tintin Merchandise in the run up to Christmas.

24 Days of Tintin

For 24 days, one day per Tintin Album, they are doing a special Tintin merchandise promotion that lasts for just 24 hours. As I write this, they are on Day 5 – The Blue Lotus and are offering a 30% discount of a package of the fascimile edition of The Blue Lotus, a great figurine and a Tintin jigsaw.

These are real “blink and you’ll miss them” promotions with genuine discounts. If you’ve had your eye on some Tintin merchandise or you are wondering about a christmas gift for the Tintin fan in you life, you need to keep an eye on the shop’s blog. Each day, there is a new post with details of a new special offer.

Travels of a Boy Reporter

Tintinology has been helping Shop Tintin with the Tintin merchandise promotion by putting together a bit of trivia about each book and a special extra treat: A map of Tintin’s journey in the featured book. Unlike the normal Travels of a Boy Reporter map, these map only feature a single book. Around Europe and the Red Sea, areas where Tintin travelled extensively, this make the individual journey much easier to see as the example below shows.

King Ottokar’s Sceptre


All Tintin’s Adventures in the Region


You can also follow news of the 24 Days of Tintin promotion on Twitter. @ShopTintin tweets about each new discount as it is announced and also carries the latest news about Tintin and Tintin merchandise.