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Competition! 21st Century Tintin Titles

Win a Copy of Herge: The Man Who Created Tintin

I have three copies of the new biography Herge: The Man Who Created Tintin to give away in a very simple competition:

If Herge was still writing today, what would his next Tintin book be called?

The best suggestions for 21st Century Tintin titles will get a free copy of the biography. They can be silly or serious, I don’t mind. The winners will simply whichever ones I think are best.

To enter, you can put your suggestion in a comment below or send it via Twitter. Just use the hash tag #21cTintin. If you are a winner, I will contact you via a Twitter or email to get your postal address.

A special thanks to Emily at Oxford University Press for supplying the books.

The competition starts now and will run until the end of the week. So plenty of time to get thinking that ultimate 21st Century Tintin title.

EDIT: Copyright Concerns

We have had some wonderful entries and many of you have written plot summaries to go with the titles. Thank you everyone for your imagination and hard work.

However this puts Tintinology in a dangerous place regarding copyright. The plot outlines can be considered derivative works and are not covered by fair usage. To avoid having the 800 pound gorilla of Moulinsart legal team jumping on my head, I have edited out everything except the titles.

Thank you for everyone who has gone over and above the call of duty to write these wonderful and amusing plot outlines but we have to respect the law of copyright.


  1. Mike Dutton

    The Adventures of Tintin


    Comment Cut for Legal Reasons – Tintinology

    I hope it doesn’t sound to silly…

  2. From everything I know of Herge and his themes, he takes current events that are both pertinent to the world, his nation and himself, and satirizes them in his cartoons. With that in mind, I think these would be his recent books:

    Tintin in the Middle East
    Comment Cut for Legal Reasons – Tintinology

    The Tumen River Crisis
    Comment Cut for Legal Reasons – Tintinology

    Tintin in the Big Apple
    Comment Cut for Legal Reasons – Tintinology

  3. rufinasca

    the matsuda incidnet sounded really good til it got to the gun smuggling part. shold have had them planting hidden messeges in video games or had tintin et al get sucked into a 3D game world. but otherwise i was REALLY wishing i could see that one!

  4. Alex Razos

    This one is a little off the subject but would have been great to see.

    Tintin: The Thompson Files

    Comment Cut for Legal Reasons – Tintinology

  5. Dave


    Comment Cut for Legal Reasons – Tintinology … seeing Nick Rodwell – AKA Rastopopolous – in the judges seat.

    Me thinks this won’t be published…

  6. Christian

    The Adventures of Tintin: The Red Continent

    (I’ve heard rumours of Herge planning to create a Tintin adventure set in Australia. I would have loved to see that eventuate. Sadly it was not to be.)

  7. Tanja Cilia

    Tintin and the Maltese Knight Times

    Tintin and the Black Forest Gateaux

    Tintin and the Diamonds of Never

    Tintin and the Film Stripe

    Tintin and all the King’s Horses

    Tintin on a Slow Boat to China

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