Moulinsart Using Legal Muscle (Again)

On the blog of Pierre Assouline (author of Herge: The Man who Created Tintin) there is news of Moulinsart using their legal muscle to push a small publisher to bankruptcy.

As everything is in French and I’m relying on a Google Translation, I cannot sure of the facts of the case. What appears to have happened is that Bob Garcia, writer and Jazz Musician, published some work that included images of copyright images of Tintin. Moulinsart sued and initially lost but won on appeal.

Without seeing the work concerned, it is impossible to see whether this action is justified. But the Nick Rodwell and the company have a track record of heavily enforcing their copyright and trying to go beyond what they are legally entitled to (see Bad Press for Moulinsart, Moulinsart Washing Dirty Laundry in Public, Fan Site Killed by Legal Threats and Moulinsart Versus Art).

Source: Moulinsart l’a tué, presque


  1. Marc Lepaire

    For information : Bob Garcia published 5 Tintin studies.
    The book “Jules Verne et Hergé d’un mythe à l’autre” doesn’t contain one picture of Hergé’s work. But the jugement ask Bob Garcia to fire out the pictures of Hergé from this book !!!!
    Sorry for my poor english, I hope to be clear enough.
    Bob Garcia is asked to put off Tintin’s images from a book which doesn’t contain any Tintin’s picture…

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