Begium Day Three: Disaster!

Our trip to Belgium has ground to a halt and I’m stuck in a hotel room.

Last night, I injured my knee. This is a repeat of an injury from about six months ago and that left me unable to walk any distance for several weeks. However this time it doesn’t seem as bad but walking across the room to the bathroom is still a major exercise.

This has wrecked our plans and it now seems unlikely I will be fit enough to visit the Herge museum tomorrow. The museum is shut on Mondays and we go home on Tuesday so there will be no chance to visit it even if my knee vastly improves.

I’m rather annoyed about this.

Mostly likely, the next two days of my life will be spent in a hotel room and, if I’m lucky, a nearby bar.


  1. admin

    Thanks guys. After a day’s rest my knee is feeling better and I can almost straighted my leg. Plan more rest tomorrow and hopefully a bit of shopping / site seeing on Monday.

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