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Jackson on the Tintin Movies

Peter Jackson was at the San Diego Comic Convention, talking about a lot of things including Tintin.

Jackson’s work on Tintin is still in early stages but he insists that the films are being made by people who are true Tintin fans. He also said that the design of the film was intended to be as true to creator Herge’s original designs as possible but with added textures. Otherwise, he indicated that they might as well just do a live-action version, which neither he nor Steven Spielberg (who is directing the first film) wanted.

Source: SDCC: Peter Jackson, James Cameron Fight For Cinema’s Future</p

Different blogs have picked up different comment from the event. Chud is reporting:

Jackson said that he was still trying to figure out which book he wanted to adapt, and that he would probably be rereading the entire Tintin series to make his decision.

That said, Jackson mentioned that he was currently leaning towards either The Seven Crystal Balls or Prisoners of the Sun. It’s likely that he would actually adapt both, as Prisoners of the Sun is the sequel to The Seven Crystal Balls. The story involves an Incan curse brought on by the discovery of a Peruvian mummy.


As the first film will combine The Crab with the Golden Claws and The Secret of the Unicorn into one story, would Jackson really do anything other than Red Rackham’s Treasure? Failing to do so would miss the opportunity to introduce the character of Professor Calculus whose first appearance is in Red Rackham’s Treasure. It would also beg the question ‘What is the Secret of the Unicorn?’ if it is not a map for Tintin & Haddock to follow? Are they going to skip the whole adventure to the Caribbean and have Tintin solve the puzzle whilst imprisoned in Marlinspike’s cellar?

However, if Jackson is doing Red Rackham’s Treasure he had better get a move on. With multi-part films (Lord of the Rings, for example) the release dates of the films need to be relatively close, no more than a year apart, other audiences will lose interest in the project. With Secret of the Unicorn coming out in late 2011, a release date of summer or late 2012 for the second film is logical. This means the script needs to be written and the cast scheduled for motion capture.

UPDATE: More information and quotes.

As for the second movie, he reveals that production is pencilled in for the second half of 2010, a year before the first one’s release. “I’ve got to get through The Hobbit first, then we’ll move onto that. At the moment we’re keeping our options open, but I am very partial to The Seven Crystal Balls/ Prisoners Of The Sun. I’m going to read them all again before deciding which to have a go at.”

The EW interview quoted above adds some details. The first Tintin film, directed by Steven Spielberg, is currently at the first-cut stage. It will take two years to do all the animation and rendering needed for the final product. (The film has to be edited first because no one wants to pay for expensive rendering on shots that won’t end up in the final cut.) Peter drops the remark that he hasn’t decided which Tintin books to include in the second film, and that he and Spielberg would like to do a longer series if the first films succeed.

Source: Comic-Con news, and why there’s still no casting for The Hobbit


  1. Pe-ads

    Are you entirely sure about the whole Crab with the Golden Claws/Secret of the Unicorn thing? I thought it was merely parts of The Crab with the Golden Claws tied in with Secret of the Unicorn/Red Rackham’s Treasure. If they don’t include the Carribean adventure bit i’ll be really disappointed because
    (a) They’ll either not have Calculus (awful) or introduce him in some other, rubbish way and
    (b) They’ll miss out the freakin’ shark submarine! It’s almost as icnoic as the series itself, and by far the coolest invention in it. I mean, if kids see a trailer with a giant shark submarine they are sooo gonna want to watch that film!


  2. admin

    The information came from Empire Magazine’s Spielberg special and came from the man himself. I can’t find my copy at the moment but he said the first film will include elements from Crab with the Golden Claws and most of Secret of the Unicorn.

    My guess is that they will include the bits from Crab that introduce Capt Haddock and work in some sort of connection between First Mate Allen and the Bird Brothers.

    It does seem very unlikely that the second film won’t be Red Rackham’s Treasure. It really would miss out the best bits of the story.

  3. Sammy

    Is the movie gonna be traditionally animated as in 2D?? I hope so because it would look so wierd and unnatural if the characters became 3D, and it just wouldn’t be the same…. It’s like seeing South Park in 3D… You know what I mean?

    So TinTin as 2D = YES!
    TinTin as 3D = Hell NO!

  4. admin

    @Sammy – Yes Tintin will be 3D.

    From what they have said, the look of the film will be different from the books and the animated series. So the 3D will not look so wrong.

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