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Jackson on the Tintin Movies

Peter Jackson was at the San Diego Comic Convention, talking about a lot of things including Tintin. Jackson’s work on Tintin is still in early stages but he insists that the films are being made by people who are true … Continue reading

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Magritte + Herge

I snagged this wonderful mash-up of Magritte imagery and Herge’s Thom(p)son from the ever excellent The Ephemerist. See When Giants Meet for more information .

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Slave of Tintin

Found on Flickr: “Esclave de Tintin” Oddly, it is not the only picture of Tintin with a cat o’ nine tails.

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Herge Draws Tintin

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Tintin on the Front Line of Racism

The early Tintin adventures, particularly Tintin in the Congo, were racist. Though the mind set they incorporated was common throughout the European and colonial powers. What redeemed Herge and his work was his ability to recognise and overcome his own … Continue reading

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Ever Wanted Tintin’s Shark Submarine? Here is the Next Best Thing

It is inspired by dolphins, not sharks, but apart from that, it is perfect. More Photos: Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarines

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What Should a Tintin Fan See in Brussels?

Thanks to my wonderful partner, I’m going to Brussels sometime soon (probably around September). This will be my first visit to the city and obviously I will be looking at a lot Tintin related stuff such as The Herge Museum … Continue reading

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Tintin, Tibet, Timelord

This beautiful image of Tintin taking tea with a Timelord in Tibet is by Neill Cameron who is putting together an A-to-Z of popular culture. It has a distinctive British slant (I’m not sure many people outside the UK will … Continue reading

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