Herge, Ligne Claire (Clear Line)

Tintin Museum Hijacked!


This fantastic reworking of the Herge Museum comes from the famous Dutch Tintin blog of Popokabaka, arguably one of the biggest tintin collectors in Europe. He writes daily about fraud on tintin auctions and his weird life as a collector. Having no Dutch I’m using Google Translator to read the blog.

Many thanks to Raymond for bringing this to my attentions.

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  1. charles


    i couldn’t find your e-mail,

    but anyway, I’m Charles, I’m from Belgium, and I was checking the web for some information about the Tintin movie.
    When I read about peter jackson, motion capture and the licorne, i remembered a scene from a tv-show…


    probably a coincidence, but still funny !

    Nice site by the way !

    Charles Van den Bogaert

    ps: I’ve visited the HergĂ© museum (I study in Louvain-la-Neuve), and it’s good, but not great…
    It’s really more a HergĂ© museum than a Tintin museum.

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