Of Thanks and Typos

I would just like to thank everyone who has commented, emailed, tweeted or spoken to me about the Travels of a Boy Reporter. However, a few people need to be mentioned specifically.

  • The Ephemerist is a great blog covering comics from a European perspective. A blog evert comics fan should reading.
  • Our friends at the Tintin blog need a big mention and if you are after any sort of Tintin related merchandise, have a look at Shop Tintin as well.
  • Robot 6, part of Comic Book Resources, covers a wide range of subject matter.
  • The folks on Metafilter, a community driven blog that covers all things geek and much more.
  • From Canada, the travel blog Off the Map covers everything related to exploring the world.
  • Finally, Comicopia, a Spanish language comics blog.

Many thanks to all these and any I have missed.

Also a big thank you reader Steve and ComfySofa from MetaFilter for spotting some typos on the map. These are about to be fixed along with a few other minor flaws before the map goes to the printers. If you check-out the map’s version number (next to the copyright) you will see it currently says 0.95. I’m currently on 0.97 and version 1.00 will be the first batch from the printers. The online and downloadable versions of the map will be updated in the next few days.