Bad Press for Moulinsart

The Forbidden Planet blog is reporting that Moulinsart, the copyright holders for Herge’s work, are stirring up a lot of bad feeling and hostility by aggressively targeting Tintin fan clubs in Europe.

.. the Belgian-Dutch Hergé Genootschap is supposed to have been presented with a bill of no less than 35.000 EUR (or about 600 EUR per member), while the Francophone Les Amis de Hergé was asked for 12.000 EUR. In both cases the money is supposed to be owed for unlawful use of copyrighted material, more particularly Hergé’s artwork.

Read How to lose friends and alienate people for the full story.

EDIT: And there appears to be more,,,

Casterman, the publishers of Tintin, and Moulinsart seem to be having some sort of argument. The source of this is in French so I’m a stuffed but here is a very brief, English mention of it: Hearing The Adults Argue Late At Night. Here is a link to a Google Translation of the original

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  1. Dave

    Moulinsart. What can I say about these b@stards? This organisation is nothing but greedy, pathetic, controlling and whinging. I absolutely love Tintin so much so that I have a few bits and pieces of gear associated with him. I cannot afford alot of it as Moulinsart have charged ridiculous prices on alot of their gear. You just need to check out the shops that sell it. They claim that it is for quality. Joke. Considering nearly everything is made in China and out of plastic moulds I am still waiting for a legitimate reason.
    Our Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, looks a bit like Tintin. A cartoon was published in the paper of him with the ex-prime minister. Moulinsart threatened the paper with copyright breaches. It was a simple satirist cartoon! I am worried that they will cash in big time with the movie coming out and only the rich can afford their products. My wish is that others will flood the market with dodgy imports and Moulinsart wake up to the fact that they are greedy. I feel sorry for these Tintin clubs. They (and I) am proud to have a love for a brilliant piece of work by a brilliant man. Money doesn’t even come into the joy of reading.
    Herge will be rolling in his grave to know that greedy b@stards are cashing in on his creation. Love you Tintin and Herge – hate you Moulinsart.

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