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Someone has chopped up a copy of Flight 714 and used it to decorate a notebook. One part of me hates the idea of cutting any book, let alone a Tintin book, to pieces is wrong but another part of me thinks this is great. I want a notebook like that. There is a shot of the inside covers here: the adventures of tin tin and us


  1. Pe-ads

    There’s also Tintin and the Picaros as well: Look at the giant head [that wasn’t the ‘push the eye’ one was it? 😛 ], and also the Captain Haddock whisky drinking sequence.


  2. Pe-ads

    However, though, it is awesome. I was thinking of scanning in frames and printing them out to make a montage with character/book scenes. However my scanner doesn’t work so that’ll have to wait.


  3. if it makes you feel any better, the book that he used to make this with was from a thrift store and it was in kind of sad condition. it was a three-in-one book with flight 714, tintin and the picaros, and the castafiore emerald- but he didn’t use very much from the castafiore emerald part because it was mainly scenes of them talking over a mystery in the mansion.
    thanks for featuring it! ^.^

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