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VGRetro is a series of vidCasts reviewing old computer games and episode 11 features a review of Tintin in Tibet for the Sega Mega Drive. I had no idea there had been Tintin videos games before though no doubt there will be for the new films. I’m not going to give too much away but here is the brief summary from the web site “Tintin: It had great books, but an awfully bad game… “


  1. Matt

    You can easily find and download this game on PC now – I played through the whole game a few months ago and found it pretty fun. The levels get much better as you get further into the game.

  2. Stephen

    I found this game a while back and couldn’t even figure out the controls on the PC.I didn’t even finish level one 🙂
    Also,there is another game with the rocket from destination moon with worse graphics where you dodge asteroids.I honestly have to admit that in my opinion,the game reviewed above is BETTER than the destination moon game…that’s sad.Really sad.
    But in case you are interested,here is the link to the wikipedia article.Other games I’ve heard of but not played are Tintin and the prisoners of the sun and Destination Adventure,a playstation game and from what I’ve seen the most interesting of the existing games,though I haven’t played it.
    I can’t wait for the Ubisoft game.I really hope they do a good job.

  3. Now that you speak of video games, please, can anybody help me?
    I have the Tintin video game of Prisoners of the Sun, but unfortunately, I haven´t got the instructions. I have started playing this game during the holidays, but I have only reached until where Tintin is in the boat looking for professeur Tournesol. I really don’t know what I must do for wining the game, I’ll tried all the possible, but I haven’t succeded. I started playing from scratch, I sort of had to guess what I had to do. Please, if anybody knows this game and has the instructions, could please send them to me? I will be very thankful if anybody did so. Thank you very much.

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