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Tintin Rebooted

A great fan video of Tintin, imagined in the style of the Bourne Identity / Casino Royal gritty action films.

It reminds me of this clip for Gandhi II from Weird Al Yonkovic’s film UHF.

Thanks to Inferior Design for spotting this.


  1. Pe-ads

    Didn’t get much because of the language barrier, but the visuals were hilarious. Especially the bit where Tintin gets the gun. Brilliant!


  2. hexorl

    Tintin : Why, Zorino, why ?
    Zorino : Because you left me at the temple of the sun, to go in Tibet to search for Tchang !
    Tintin : Noooooooo ……!!!!!!!

    ahaha, so funny, and kitsch ! (and really bad actors ;D)

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