Ligne Claire (Clear Line)

Rainbow Orchid

Herge’s legacy of boy’s own adventures and bold, colourful artwork lives on in Rainbow Orchid. Originally a web comic, the story is now being produced in three volumes by Egmont, but you can read all the full story online (start here).

Set in the 1920s or 30s, it follows Julius Chancer, in a convoluted plot to find the legendary Rainbow Orchid. Along the way the plot twists and turns, introducing a wide range of characters who both help and hinder the hero on his quest. Garen Ewing, the writer and artist, has produced a fantastic work in the Ligne Claire style. The colours are perfect for the web, bright & bold, and yet he still captures details and nuances, especially in the detailed backgrounds. I cannot wait to see how this translates in to print.

rainbow orchid

The book will be out on the 4th August and can be pre-ordered from Amazon UK. Hopefully there will be a US release later.

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