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Simon Pegg on Tintin

Simon Pegg has been interviewed in SFX Magazine about the new Star Trek movie, his new film Paul and, of course, Tintin.

You’re dressed in what looks like a bizarre scuba-diving outfit with a helmet on, with a camera and a light pointed at your face the whole time. And you’ve got dots all over your face! So me, Nick [Frost], Jamie Bell and Daniel Craig were all doing scenes together, taking it very seriously – although it’s a light-hearted adventure, you have to take it seriously – and we just looked ridiculous. We were in this massive grey space called The Volume that represents an area of the studio that can be rendered digitally. Once you enter The Volume you see yourself on the monitor as your character. ….

And Peter Jackson was directing us on iChat, from New Zealand, so Steven would come out and go “Great… Now try it this way” and then you’d hear this other voice go “Hello guys, it’s Peter!” And he’d be coming over the tannoy like God….

… It’s so funny to talk to [Spielberg] about that, and ET and Raiders… to have that level of access to someone of whom I’m such a huge fan is such a privilege. Nick and I left the room that day and jumped up and down in the corridor. We couldn’t believe that we’d had this talk.

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