Herge, Ligne Claire (Clear Line)

Blake & Mortimer

Definitely a comic for fans of Tintin. Blake & Mortimer was one of the first stories to appear in the Tintin Magazine after World War II and its style and adventure based story-lines have a lot in common with Herge’s work. This is not surprising as Edgar P. Jacobs, the creator was Belgian and met Herge whilst creating scenery for a stage adaptation of Cigars of the Pharaoh. The two became friends and Jacobs was hired to help Herge reformat his early work into a book friendly format.


The page above is taken from The Yellow “M” (La Marque Jaune). Set in a carefully and accurate depiction of London, complete with pea-souper fog.

Thanks to raphaelclancy on Twitter for reminding me of Blake & Mortimer.


  1. Pe-ads

    Blake and Mortimer is awesome! Cinebook is translating and publishing them in English. So far they’ve done The Great Pyramid vol.1 and 2, The Yellow M, The Francis-Blake Affair, and The Strange Encounter. The series, however, differs from Tintin in that other authors have written officially recognised books. In fact, one is coming out in France in May!
    Also, I knew Jacobs was influential in Herge’s life, but I thought I heard/saw somewhere that he was Herge’s cousin. Maybe I’m wrong.


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